Many people give up on entertaining because it’s just too stressful and sometimes things go bad. I always tell myself that through my efforts, flaws and mistakes (there’s always something), I will enjoy the fruits of my hard work.

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Mistakes are covered up when we sit down the with the ones we love.

My daughter and I cooked our strawberry pie recipe together in individual ramekins (recipe on page 49 in my new book), and no one knew that we dropped 2 of them as they came out of the oven. We scooped up the crust and pressed it back into 2 dishes, then proceeded with our recipe.

At that point I told Abby, don’t worry – no one will ever know.

On this day I taught my daughter that you carry on when things go wrong. You don’t freak out and you come up with a Plan B. If we had tossed out these 2 servings, we would have been short 2 for our dinner party.

How do you deal with entertaining mistakes and flaws?

(We flagged these 2 dishes with toothpicks, eating them ourselves.)

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