Many women get so stressed out over entertaining because they don’t know who to invite. Again, my book explores this matter, but I will say that inviting for a dinner party is sometimes an art (but not always). It depends on what your goal is. Are you inviting to meet new friends? Or maybe you are inviting to introduce friends to other friends. People may be coming to dinner because you’ve invited them knowing they are lonely.

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These “after-the-dinner” pictures in this post are from a recent dinner party: Six people, two different places where we comfortably sat and got to know one another better. A small intimate dinner party is the best way to get started, if you are reluctant entertainer.

How to invite?
You do not want to spend too much time and energy and get all tied up in knots regarding who to invite. Keep it simple. Get a notebook and write it down … and read this section in my book because I think you will find the tips to be really helpful.

How big do you want your dinner party?
Think about personalities. Who goes with who?
Be thinking of positive interactions and who will be blessed by coming?

When you’re feeling wishy-washy with your invites, here’s a quote from my book that might help:

Don’t budge from your original plan until you become a more seasoned hostess. Then you can let hospitality flow and be creative in last-minute changes. -RE

How do you feel you do when it comes to invites? Do you stress over it?

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