It’s time to make the invite. Everyone has their own style, but I’ll make some suggestions here, and tell you that my tried and true way to invite is through email. It works well for me, our guests seem to respond right away, and then I move on to planning the party.

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– Actual paper invite. Snail mail.
– Pick up the phone. Leave a message.
– Email invite. Hopefully you’ll get a response.
– Evite. Invitation through the Internet.
– Casual invite. In passing or knock on their door.

After you invite your guests to dinner, you are committed. Try not to back out unless there is an emergency. But we all have to realize that schedules do change. If you have to reschedule, learn to be gracious on both ends. Choose a new date, or on the receiving end, realize that changes happen and go with the flow.

Life = Flexibility

Maybe you are feeling as if you are in a rut when it comes to inviting. How about inviting people you’ve never thought of inviting? Sometimes we kind of look at who we think we’re most comfortable with, and it never occurs to us to invite people that we only half know, or don’t know at all. I am trying to practice what I am preaching here. This last Saturday night we had 3 brand new guests into our home. It was wonderful!

The photos in this post are from a neighbor’s luncheon that I held in my home, where I actually went around to the neighbor’s homes, knocked on their doors, and my daughter and I personally made the invite.

What is your easiest way to make an invitation to a dinner party?