Delegating Flowers – and Traditional Ice Cream on a 4th of July!

Yes, we’re having our annual 4th of July party tonight – and guess who’s bringing the flowers?

When I think of delegating for a party, I don’t just think of food and drinks. I think of flowers!

So when my friend Jeannie asked if she could bring the flowers for the tables today, I immediately said, Yes!

And then when she asked if she could bring her recipe of Texas Sheet Cake (yes, Jeannie is a Texas girl through and through) – I again said, Yes!

As we entertain about 40 people in our home tonight, to celebrate our country’s birthday, again my heart is thankful for our great friends and for the freedom that we have. I’m thankful for all the hands helping me prepare the meal (power of delegation)! And I’m also thankful for traditions from my family, which I can carry on.

Now don’t get me wrong – when you read “40 people” you immediately think “a lot of work!”

Remember many aspects of a party can be delegated to others!

For generations now, my family has welcomed summer by making homemade ice cream. I remember watching my dad and my grandpa taking turns cranking the handle, as we girls would take turns sitting on the cold machine.

The tradition of pulling out the paddle, when the ice cream is finished, and giving it to the kids to scrape and lick – reminds me of my sisters and me fighting over it.

Last year we made vanilla ice cream at our party (recipe, here), and tonight we’ll be savoring the cool, creamy flavor again.

God Bless America and God Bless the cooks!

8 comments on “Delegating Flowers – and Traditional Ice Cream on a 4th of July!”

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  2. OH, we are a homemade ice cream family too! Although we gave up our hand crank for an electric quite a few years ago. YUM!

  3. Hope you had a WONDERFUL Fourth of July!! The flowers were absolutely beautiful (and I loved the vases!) and that picture of the flag is just perfect. The colours are so crisp and so true… awesome.

    My in-laws make homemade ice cream at our house when they visit in winter. YUMMMMM! I’m not really big into ice cream, but I sure do love their homemade stuff!

  4. Happy 4th! Sounds like a wonderful party!

  5. Texas sheet cake? I live in Texas and do not know of such.. recipe?

  6. I have one more gig tonight…wish me luck. I’m getting tired.

  7. Oh Yum!! Can I lick too?
    We are having a quiet cold dinner tonight. BLTs and salads. Then Tyler and I will go up on the roof to watch fireworks over the lake :-}

  8. Happy Fourth of July Coughlin Family! From our home to yours…
    love j and fam

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