Dessert Imperfection!

No one knew about my dessert imperfection last week – except for my husband and me.

I’ll start with the details of the evening.

The chimes were making beautiful sounds, in the breezy, cool air, as fun, lively music was playing in the background.

The table was set with standard white dishes and we added easy accent colors that tied in with the flowers in bloom in our yard, like one of our favorites, daisies.

The menu was planned around fresh lettuce from our garden and strawberries from our bountiful beds.

My husband and I spent over an hour together in the kitchen before the guests arrived. I was cooking chicken, he was taking fresh herbs from our garden and making his savory dipping oil for dill bread, brought by one of our guests.

The guests arrived and the most enjoyable evening took place. We were all weary from a well-worn, exhausting, tiring week. We needed each other!

Conversation flowed around the side yard patio as we enjoyed appetizers in the beautiful garden setting.

Each appetizer was brought by our guests, making getting together less complicated and allowing us to get to the heart of the matter: conversations with great friends.

What started off as a planned, early Father’s Day dinner – soon became an intimate adult dinner party. Two of our oldest boys are heading off to Mexico on a mission trip this next week, and will not be with their dads on Father’s Day (read last year’s Mexican Perspective post, here).

The idea was great to have an early celebration – but in reality, our very social kids all ended up going to end-of-school-year parties and events on this night, leaving all the adults home alone!

We changed our energetic music to a more dinner-party, classical sound as we indulged in a delicious meal (I may do a separate post on the menu!)

We mixed it up this time – the four guys sat down at one end, and the four ladies at the other. Our conversation was different this way – but good.

Then it was time for dessert (individual strawberry pies).

No one knows this except for my husband and me, but one of these ramekins was dropped right out of the oven before the guests arrived! You can’t even tell (I fixed it by pushing the crust back down – and Haggis came to lick up the aftermath) and neither could the guests.

It showed that one of the most important rules of entertaining is to never apologize for a mistake – I kept the secret quiet, and of course I served myself this particular ramekin.

Apologizing takes the fun out of the evening and calls attention to imperfections that people otherwise would never notice.

By the end of the evening, kids were dropped back by our house and our quiet, intimate dinner party ended. It was a lovely 3 hours full of adult time, much needed by all.

The next morning, I wandered out to the back patio to find well-used cloth napkins in disarray on the table, along with crumbs from the night before – signs of an awesome night, indeed!

(Head on over to CWO and read my Father’s Day column, here. Thank you Darlene and Bonnie, for asking me to be a guest CWO columnist this summer! Above photos: beautiful photography taken by my talented husband this past week, in our back yard & garden & at our dinner party!)

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  1. Having your children around is always a joy, but honestly those adult dinners are a wonderful reprieve from our daily life! I agree, no need to take a way from a positive evening by revealing a mistake!
    Your pictures are fabulous and the fresh herbs are beautiful!!

  2. Sandy, I just love the way you write a post…and your pictures are always AMAZING!!!


  3. Sandy-
    What a beautiful post and a refreshing site! It is wonderful to find a laid back Christian voice with fantastic food. I can’t wait to read more of what you have here.


  4. Hi Sandy,
    I’ve been lurking for quite some time :). May I just say that I LOVE reading your blog. Sometimes I wish I could jump through the screen into some of your pictures and visit with you and your family :). Thank you for the all the time you spend sharing your entertaining with us. I can only aspire to be the gracious hostess you are. God Bless!

  5. Sandy, the key to your inspiration is that you show us we don’t have to be perfect, and you aren’t afraid to tell about your own mistakes. Sometimes we go through life thinking we’re the only ones who make them.

  6. Hi Sandy,
    I’m so jealous no kids and great adult conversation for 3 hours! ;) My husband informed me today that we have to host an event for an intern at his firm in a couple of weeks. She is married with a four year old daughter and we thought we would invite some of the other associates with children for a family BBQ. Do you have any suggestions??? It has been so hot here that I’m not sure if we would do anything outside. Cheers, Amy

  7. Such beautiful photos you’ve included in this post!

    Our strawberries are just beginning to turn red, and guess who’s had ALL of them so far? (Bridget). That sneaky little tot gets off whenever she can and snaps up anything with a hint of red. That’s okay … I’ve grown rather fond of the freshly-shelled peas.

    Those desserts, by the way, look scrumptious!

  8. Excellent advice! THANKS!!! :) No need to draw unnecessary attention to the negative, ever. :)

    Bless You this weekend sweet Sandy!!!

  9. BTW, your hubby’s photography is stunning!
    Loved this post. A nice reminder to not have to explain every mistake I make.

  10. Your strawberries have arrived! :) They look beautiful – your post brought tears to my eyes for just the simple, joy of good times shared together!

  11. Sandy,
    I LOVE that you go and get things out of your garden. Oh how I wish I could do that…unfortunately I don’t have the yard or the place for a garden, but it is something I would love, maybe one day….. if I can figure out how to keep the deer out….

    Everything looks absolutely lovely!


  12. The meal and the conversation all sound wonderful. We are entertaining on Saturday night. Outside! Baked Ziti with Cranberry Salad and home made dressing with Cheddar Ranch Bread and ice cream with strawberries for dessert…I’m still thinking on the appetizer…..

  13. That is one amazing meal! And your patio is gorgeous (the little peek was so fun!)…

    Lovely post and inspiring event, disaster and all!




  14. Wow! What an amazing meal you served! And yes, never, ever apologize! I’ve always liked Julia Child’s observation that what your guests can’t see won’t hurt them!

  15. I’m bad for that ~ pointing out my mistakes or just discussing with my husband how the dish tastes different from the last time we had it. Stuff like that. And it’s not like I’m focusing on that or drawing attention to the food because no one’s said anything about it yet (ie. fishing for compliments!!), it just seems to always happen.

    I’m really looking forward to the upcoming posts you mentioned. And the giveaway. I’m gonna get me one of your aprons yet!!!

  16. Really beautiful photos! I’m working on creating a real strawberry bed this year in my garden. Thanks for the inspiration. The pies look wonderful.

  17. What a beautiful blog post! Thanks for sharing. The pictures were so pretty – loved the close ups. You are a wonderful entertainer and it is such a blessing to have you share it with us as well as your dinner guests. I get so much inspiration and creative energy from bloggy friends, it’s truly a joy.

    Thanks again!
    Duckabush Blog

  18. That sounds like a fun evening. I agree why point an error no one will notice.

  19. Thank you for the dill bread link. I thought I’d scoured the whole site and written down all your recipes. Sorry I missed it. I hope I didn’t sound bossy! That was always a fun little saying at our house. Thanks again. I’ll be making dill bread very soon.

  20. It sounds like a wonderful evening. I giggled at your mistake, with food almost anything can be fixed. More than once I’ve burned the edged of a cake (you’d think I’d learn) and had to trim it a bit before frosting. Never waste the burnt crumbs either, LOL!


  21. I loved this post. You are an amazing entertainer. I cannot wait to have my house finished so that I can once again begin to entertain.

    I would truly love to live near you!!

  22. Sandy, I know you must get a jillion of these, but I am giving you and award for the fine art of living. Stop by and see how you influence and bless people!

  23. Hey Jennifer – I linked back to the dill bread so you can see the recipe!

    No secrets on this blog – and it’s full of love and sharing lots of recipes and ideas!


  24. So fun! What a great evening. I love your point about apologizing, it is so true! When I do that, it really takes away from the sweet conversations that are to be had when you have friends near. (I wish our strawberries looked like that!)

  25. I was wondering if your friend would share her dill bread recipe? I’ve read about it many times and would love to make it and the dipping oil. My mom always told me happy time is sharing time. Do you agree?

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