Dine it Forward – KitchenAid 7-Qt Stand Mixer Giveaway


Happy 4th of July week, friends. Today I’m giving away a 7-quart KitchenAid Stand Mixer to celebrate summer, and to inspire you to get into your kitchens to whip up some delicious recipes for your family and friends!

What exactly does “dine it forward” mean? Keep on reading …

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Dine it Forward KitchenAid 7-Qt Stand Mixer Giveaway

Best kitchen investment.

Today’s KitchenAid® Pro Line® Series 7-Qt Bowl Lift Stand Mixer that we are giving away, is the backbone of KA mixers, giving you YEARS of dependable mixing, which to me says you can pass this baby down to your kids and grandkids!

I use all three of my attachments that come with it: The Powerknead™ Spiral Dough Hook, the Flat Beater, and the Stainless Steel Wire Whip. I also love that you can mix dough for up to 14 dozen cookies! (Have you tried my Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough recipe?! It’s the perfect example of “dine it forward.”)

Getting a stand mixer is not only one of the best investments for your kitchen as far as durability, efficiency, and longevity of a small appliance, but you’re also investing in your family and friends.

4 spectacular colors.

Here’s the gorgeous colors that you can choose from, if you’re the lucky winner today:

-Candy Apple Red
-Frosted Pearl White
-Medallion Silver
-Onyx Black

Dine it forward.

When you cook for others, I like to call it “Dine it Foward.”

You bake, cook, and give back to others through love and food.

Answer to win:

Here’s your chance – just answer this question and follow the rafflecopter if you want more chances to win! Good luck!

When you think of dining it forward, what’s your favorite “mixer recipe” to share with others?

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US residents only, contest ends 7/7/14 at 11:59 PM PT.

KitchenAid sponsored this post today, providing the giveaway item to the winner. As always, all opinions are my own. I use my KitchenAid almost daily and am a firm believer in their product!

324 comments on “Dine it Forward – KitchenAid 7-Qt Stand Mixer Giveaway”

  1. I love sharing chocolate chip cookies since they’re a guaranteed favorite!

  2. Chocolate chip cookie dough – freeze in balls for fresh baked cookies anytime!

  3. Chicken Enchiladas!

  4. I love cooking for others. My favorite mixer recipe…hmmm… cinnamon rolls (I’m too lazy to knead by hand)

  5. Dine it forward all the way! I love to use a mixer for chocolate chip cookies.

  6. I (would – I currently use the food processor) use the mixer for a lovely brioche dough that becomes decadent pecan rolls to share!

  7. cinnamon swirl bread!

  8. Pork with Sweet Onion Marmellata. One of my favorite dishes to make, and share. Oh my, YUM!

  9. Healthy breakfast muffins, easy to grab and go

  10. A big batch of garlic mashed potatoes or homemade pizza with the dough made in my Kitchen Aid mixer!

  11. My dine it forward mixer recipe would be homemade cinnamon rolls and sticky buns topped with homemade frosting. I love making dozens of these and giving them to friends and family. This huge mixer would make this task easier. Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  12. I’ve made many things for my office-cookies, bundt cakes, and one of my favorites, tres leches cake!

  13. i would use it for a brownie dessert, brownies topped with ice cream!

  14. Homemade rolls. Who can pass up homemade rolls or even bread?

  15. My favorite mixer recipe is currently your root beer cake with root beer frosting! A hit with the neighbors, co-workers loved it and it’s perfect for summer. Everyone who had some asked for the recipe! :)

  16. A loaf of bread would be my recipe. There is something so essential and comforting about homemade bread.

  17. I love love love making “Friendship Bread” and giving it to my neighbors and friends

  18. Cookies for sure, they always put a smile on peoples’ faces and they are portable, no plate, spoon, fork or knife needed!

  19. Either cookies, or shredded chicken. Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t know that the KitchenAid stand mixer is great for shredding a lot of chicken quickly!

  20. Homemade bread. Love to wrap loaves in kitchen towels to give away.

  21. I’ve never had a stand mixer, so usually bake small batches of the favorite cookie of the person to whom I’m delivering. Today it’s peanut butter cookies for a new mother of twins!

  22. My ‘go-to’ recipes are: chocolate chip cookies. I make really great chocolate chip cookies because I add things most people don’t. The crowds go wild!

    I also make and share a lot of cake pops and cupcakes.

  23. Food is such a wonderful “no-reason-at-all” goodwill gift to bring over to neighbors or co-workers. My favorite is cheesecake or sugar cake.

  24. Muffins are so easy to share….my favorite to share are Rhubarb Buttermilk Muffins with a cinnamon sugar topping!

  25. hmmmmmm that’s a toughie! I would say our vegan chocolate cake that is to die for!!!

  26. I love to make my mom’s homemade whipped cream to put over simple summer berries. Or eat the whipped cream plain :)

  27. Skinny tastes crab cakes can be a one bowl meal, and something guests/friends typically love. Yum!

  28. zucchini bread – to help use up the abundance!

  29. I would share bread and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

  30. I love to share cheesecake.

  31. I love making my make ahead mashed potatoes. Everyone who eats them, loves them

  32. Chocolate chip cookies or lasagna

  33. i think its great. i like to bake cookies.

  34. I’m known for my cookies: choc chip or snickerdoodles!

  35. I like to make my lemon squares because they are the most requested!!

  36. I love giving out my Banana Bread!!!

  37. I would love to make a huge batch of biscuit dough and take fresh biscuits and gravy down to my neighborhood fire station!

  38. I love making meringue pies for guests (and as gifts) and couldn’t do it without a great mixer.

  39. I love to make cupcakes for others to enjoy!

  40. Brownies are the best for eating and for sharing.

  41. Some kind of homemade bread or rolls are always fun.

  42. I like to make Miss Laura’s Cinnamon Coffee Cake for others. It is the best!! (She was a lady who attended our church). Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. My oatmeal craisin cookie recipe begs to be shared with others :)

  44. It is a recipe for kitchen sink cookies and Mexican appetizer pie dip.

  45. Cupcakes. Everyone loves them and you can’t help but smile when you see them.

  46. Cookies! Who doesn’t love them???

  47. Baked pumpkin spice donuts! Those are a standard around these parts.

  48. Homemade pizza dough! I am too lazy to knead that by hand!

  49. Our favorite “mixer recipe”…to share? Hmmm…it would have to be some kind of meringue/pavlova recipe…lemon meringue pie to peppermint meringues…depending on the season!

  50. Homemade cinnamon-pecan rolls!

  51. My fave mixer recipe to share is Lauren’s Latest pizza dough recipe, it has never failed to impress me!

  52. Bread of any kind, but particularly Double Chocolate Banana Bread, from Smitten Kitchen. I can not tell you how good this is – my husband tells EVERYBODY about it, and insists they get some to try.
    Also, my extremely delicious chocolate chip cookies.

  53. Lemon Braid. So yummy!

  54. Marbled Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies never fail!! My office especially loves when I bring these treats in :)

  55. I would have to say cheesecake:-)

  56. Definitely banana bread!

  57. Texas Sheet cake for dessert. Mmmmm!!!

  58. Monster Cookies!!!

  59. Snickerdoodle Cookies!

    Or, that shredding hot chicken is SO easily done in the kitchenaid.

  60. I enjoy cooking for others but am leary of eating from other kitchens. My kitchen aid is my favorite thing when it comes to making and kneading bread.

  61. My chocolate chip cookies made me ground oatmeal and milk, dark, and semi-sweet chocolate chips!

  62. My favorite mixer recipe to share with others is divinity candy.

  63. I love to make cupcakes and then hand them out all day to the mailman, UPS driver, convenience store clerks, etc. I call it “random acts of cupcakeness” :)

  64. Cookies are my favorite.

  65. I love the idea of dine it forward. My favorite recipe to share is for gluten free pumpkin bread. Delicious and easy!

  66. My favorite recipe to share is classic chocolate chip cookies… can’t go wrong with a classic ;)

  67. I love to mix up double chocolate chip cookies!

  68. I like to share my cheesecake recipe.

  69. CHEESECAKE! I could eat it all day everyday. Well…. Maybe not, but I would like to!

  70. Whole wheat pasta dough.

  71. Sunshine. Lemon Bread recipe

  72. Lauren’s Latest pizza dough recipe!

  73. My families pumpkin bread , we make it every holiday season and pass it out to our friends and neighbors! :)

  74. I like lemon cheesecake mousse.

  75. Right now, I would say cinnamon oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Perfect for ice cream sandwiches!

  76. sugar cookies are effortless! :)

  77. Kale salad. So we have usually one thing healthy at get together. I also try to bring a smile and some hands to help wash dishes.

  78. My favorite recipes to dine it forward is a soft pretzel recipe!

  79. I love making cookies and especially when I can share them. My favorite recipe is dark chocolate cherry cookies. http://dawns-recipes.blogspot.com/2009/11/these-have-to-be-my-all-time-favorite.html

  80. I make a triple batch of banana bread to share. I’ve been using the same recipe since I was 15!

  81. Definitely something chocolate like brownies or Texas Sheet Cake!!

  82. everything cookies

  83. You can’t go wrong with sharing Chicago Public Scool style cookies. My family loves them!!

  84. Scotcheroo Banana Bread!

  85. Chocolate Kahlua bundt cake!

  86. Definitely a dessert, probably cheesecake.

  87. My favorite recipe to share is Caramel Heath Crunch Cheesecake!

  88. Pancakes! I love making hot fluffy delicious pancakes, You can seriously eat them anytime, breakfast, lunch or dinner!

  89. Bread, of any kind…who can resist warm, right out of the oven bread with dinner?!?

  90. My favorite mixer recipe to share are blueberry-lemon cream tarts! Made them for my husband when we first began dating, and now we’re married! ; )

  91. Mississippi Sin Dip!

  92. Peanut butter cookies!

  93. Rolls!

  94. My favorite dine it forward recipe is for dish pan cookies. It’s a recipe I got from my ex mother in law years ago.

  95. My Blondie Butterscotch Brownies!!!!

  96. I am a bread lover. I like the pizza dough recipe. I did not have one.

  97. My favorite mixer recipe has always been chocolate chip cookies, i used to use my grandmothers mixer then it stopped workin after 15 years of use!

  98. Lauren’s pizza dough! So quick and easy. Awesome for make-your-own pizza parties!

  99. My favorite recipe is the orange brownie mix we always make around Halloween. It has become a favorite recipe, so now I make it year-round.

  100. I make banana chocolate chip bundt cake

  101. My favorite recipe to share with others is “Brown Wild Rice Bread”

  102. I would mix up home made pizza dough
    for pizza ,or I would also like to make bread dough
    for making some different kinds of bread.I would love to own a KitchenAid so I could Dine it forward.

  103. I have an antipasto recipe that I always share. People usually want the recipe, so I keep some cards handy :)

  104. Zucchini bread — everyone always asks for my recipe (actually my grandma’s) because it’s very moist.

  105. My granddaughter comes over and loves to make cookie dough to put in the freezer so when her brothers visit they can pop a few in the oven and always have fresh baked cookies .i would love to share making cookie with her in a new kitchen aid mixer…. Thanks for a chance

  106. Cookies are usually always appreciated.

  107. I make a batch of Snickerdoodle bars. Really easy with the help of the mixer and people RAVE about them. I like how happy something so simple makes people.

  108. Espresso walnut brownies :)

  109. I love to share cupcakes with my homemade chocolate buttercream icing! YUM!

  110. Cookies….cookies….they are always expected during the holidays. I wouldnt get thru the door without them!

  111. chocolate chip cookie dough.
    cookies are so easy and everybody likes them.

  112. Apparently I’m not alone in this… COOKIES. I love being able to offer a plate of cookies with coffee or tea for casual visits.

  113. My cookies!! Every where I go or any time any one comes over, they ask for my special cookies!!

  114. triple chocolate chip cookies are the best!

  115. Would have to be cookies

  116. I love to share my chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!!

  117. Key Lime Pie!

  118. Pizza dough is my new fav to make. I’m experimenting with different flours & next is gluten free……we’ll see how that goes!

  119. Cinnamon Rolls :)

  120. Whole wheat roasted banana bread

  121. Coconut Cake

  122. Coconut cream triple layer pound cake is a winner every time. Gotta have a good mixer to bake a great cake!

  123. We have a wonderful oatmeal choc chip cookie recipe that we love to share!

  124. DEFINITELY cookies!!! What a great give away!!

  125. I make brownies or banana bread to give away.

  126. I am a cake girl, so I usually make an old-fashion pound cake! My mixer died after 25 years of dining it forward! Hard to bake with a hand mixer!!!

  127. It most definitely would have to be banana walnut bread. Dining it forward to generations to come in our family tree.

  128. Pies, pies and more pies.

  129. I like to make a big shortbread round and everyone breaks pieces off of it.

  130. Love the idea of Dine it Forward. Our family has always (for as long as I can remember) made and gifted nut rolls and banana nut bread to friends and neighbors. This year we expanded to include sour cream coffee cake.

  131. I’ll say raspberry cheesecake.

  132. My favorite recipe for making with a Kitchenaid stand mixer would have to be shortbread because my recipe calls for a very thick batter. The Kitchenaid would save sooo much effort!

  133. I like to make bread and the recipes always make multiple loaves – perfect for sharing!

  134. Cookies!!!

  135. Johannisbeer-Marzipan Schnecken und Zimtschnecken und Mohnschnecken und Hefegebäck jeder Art!!!! Ich liuebe Hefeteig!!!!

  136. Homemade pizza and chocolate chip cookies

  137. Chocolate chip cookies yumm

  138. chocolate chip cookies

  139. Ginger snap cookies!

  140. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

  141. my delish..banana tropical nut bread..awesome..with a bit of lime mango, pineapple and coconut.

  142. I like to share my stuffed shells and pound cake recipes!

  143. Cinnamon Raisin bread is my favorite mixer recipe.

  144. My grandma’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

  145. oatmeal butterscotch bar cookies or chocolate chip bar cookies, quick easy, no scooping involved and delicious!

  146. I absolutely love to make red velvet cake.

  147. I love baking cakes of any flavor. Especially birthday cakes for family and friends.

  148. Making my delicious Carrot Cake that everyone begs me to make!

  149. Pound Cake

  150. I love to share breads! One of my favoites to make is brioche of any kind!

  151. I have a great chocolate chip cookie recipe that always gets compliments!

  152. I love to bake and I’ve never had a standmixer so it would be great to win this! I love making banana nut bread and cookies.

  153. I love to make large batches of cookies and give them away, especially molasses and ranger cookies!

  154. chocolate chip cookies

  155. Banana Chocolate Chip Bread-simple and delicious!

  156. Sugar cookies. Yum!

  157. French Silk Pie!

  158. I love to bake desserts so that is always a given but my mixer gets a regular workout with potatoes. I have burnt up more hand mixers than I care to think about and now my stand mixer has a glitch in it. Ugh!

  159. Cake, cake and more cake. Maybe a brown butter pumpkin cake with salted caramel frosting. Swoon!

  160. My favorite “mixer recipe” is any kind of cookie I can pass out to friends!

  161. Banana bread. I just made a batch of them into cupcakes for my daughter’s group for after riding lessons snack.

  162. I love sharing big batches of cookies! Always a hit!!

  163. I share a family chocolate cake & buttercream icing recipe!

  164. my moms nachos

  165. our taco recipe

  166. My taco dip is delish and everyone loves it. Or cookies. lol

  167. That would be my favorite Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies!

  168. A good peanut butter cookie mix. I like mine with dark chocolate chips. My favorite to make!

  169. Oh cheesecake…always my cheesecake…:)

  170. banana bread

  171. Boiled fruit cakes, which I make for family and neighbours every Christmas and Easter.

  172. I love to make my homemade Cinnamon Raisin Coffee Rolls in my mixer. They are sweet, cinnmony (sp?) and oh so good!

  173. I love to make my homemade Cinnamon Raisin Coffee Rolls in my mixer. They are sweet, cinnmony (sp?) and oh so good! (Corrected email address)

  174. Sour cream and onion mashed potatoes, they are a favorite at my house and have been every single time I’ve had the opportunity to dine it forward to family and friends.

  175. I loved using Kitchenaid mixer because it helps me finished mixing my cheese chiffon cake the recipe which handed by my auntie from generation to generation….when after cooking and I achieve the quality and taste of the chiffon I feel like I’m a professional shift….

  176. I would have to say pizza dough or cinnamon rolls!

  177. Favorite sharing recipe are dips / salads. Yah, easy, but they always work.

  178. Dining it forward with peanut butter mousse pie. Deeeeeeelish! :-) :-)

  179. Lemon bars!

  180. Holiday recipes- passed on from my gram, teaching my boys, so they can teach their own children. Love tradition!

  181. handmade brownies from scratch

  182. Pizzelle – an Italian waffle cookie. Thank heaven for KA.

  183. I LOVE Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

  184. Homemade cinnamon rolls with a buttercream frosting

  185. Oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, buttermilk bread, cinnamon rolls!

  186. Gingerbread!

  187. Batches of cookies and homemade bread….my current bowl usually overflows!

  188. I would say homemade pita bread or naan.

  189. I like to make cookies. There are a few summer things we do where the main dish is provided and it is bring something to share that goes with. When that happens, if I am using my mixer, it will be to make cookies!

  190. Christmas Trifle Pudding in a giant bowl!

  191. Cookies, Cakes, We also use my mixer with the paddle to shredded cooked chicken to make cat food for my son’s cat who is alergic tp grains in most cat food

  192. Homemade Chocolate Chip cookies!!!

  193. For families with new babies or other needs, I like to make a mexican casserole with just beans, cheese and beef, and serve the toppings on the side, so everybody can add just what they want.

  194. I love baking and sharing an old fashioned Buttermilk Pie. Delicious!

  195. Chocolate chip cookies are universally loved, and are so comforting and homey, plus, they are a cinch to make!

  196. Chocolate chip cookies, or red velvet crinkle cookies!

  197. My favorite recipe is soft gingerbread cookies. I would love to win the mixer, i always loved cooking and baking.

  198. chocolate chip cookies

  199. Bread or cookies. I love sweets and comfort food and I feel like a loaf of quick bread or cookies presented in a cute way is just the right thing sometimes.

  200. A delicious carrot cake!

  201. Email address or mailing address. I’ve already left a comment, but then it responded I needed a working email……It words, but starting to think their are communication issues…..probably on my part….but I hope you find my comment, it’s a very nice and truthful comment. LOVE MY KITCHEN AID and LOVE TO make PASTA with the pasta attachments. What can you not use the Kitchen Aid for? My family wished I’d bought the Pasta Attachments years ago when I bought my kitchen Aid. Bought my daughter one when the graduated from college, and my son graduates in about a year, he will need one also. It’s a kitchen bare necessity that should purchased or given as a gift to ALL new first time home or apt occupancy. Sorry just didn’t know how to word that right, but hopefully you understand what I meant.

  202. Even though it’s summer I think of a large pot of homemade vegetable soup and cornbread. There’s nothing like vegetable soup to say you’re cared about.

  203. When you think of dining it forward, what’s your favorite “mixer recipe” to share with others? Mine favorite is: bake a cake, and everyone will smile and joy and most of all: loved it, baked with love <3

  204. My favorite recipe made with stand mixer is home made ciabbata buns….

  205. Simple homemade butter:)!

  206. cookies! or bread!

  207. I love sharing my pizza roll-ups mixer recipe.

  208. Homemade ice cream party

  209. Homemade carrot cake is my favorite never fail dessert.

  210. Puddings!! Dirt cake banana cream and just vanilla!!

  211. Cookies!

  212. Rosemary focaccia, there is always plenty to share.

  213. Caramel Brownies!

  214. I don’t know yet, since I’ve never owned or used a stand mixer! Maybe meringues?

  215. My chocolate cake with either my chocolate buttercream or regular buttercream frosting.

  216. I would definitely use this for my delicious shortbread recipe! It makes a very thick dough, so much so that it has to be spread into the pan. Blending the ingredients w/o a stand mixer would be torture for my shoulder which I had to have rotator cuff surgery on after making too much shortbread & other cookies for several teas I prepared a couple years ago!
    KitchenAid products are famous for being well made & durable. I would definitely be able to pass it along to a daughter or granddaughter when I no longer need it.

  217. cookies or cheesecake

  218. I love to bake cookies and muffins for other people to enjoy!

  219. I like the concept of dining it forward and I love to bake a lot especially cupcakes or pies or breads.
    I just made a banana, fig and walnut bread this morning.

  220. Carrot cake. Great giveaway! My 15yr old daughter loves to bake and has a kitchen aid mixer on her wish list. :)

  221. Chocolate Cake

  222. I like to share a recipe/dish that is a little different than the usual. For instance, of the many zucchini bread recipes I’ve tasted, none are like my Mom’s recipe. I also have a few fool-proof/fail-safe recipes that I’m confident would be appreciated.

  223. Whipping some delicious buttercream frosting for fun cupcakes!

  224. Love to make homemade bread with it and I love the attachments!!

  225. Chocolate chip bars! Using my kitchen aid mixer makes everything go faster!

  226. key lime cheesecake

  227. Pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies in the fall!

  228. I love to make death by chocolate always a huge hit.

  229. Pumpkin cake…I’m ready for fall!

  230. Pizza Dough. For grilled pizza, of course! Topped with fresh tomato and basil is always a hit!

  231. smore brownies

  232. I love making tiramisu.

  233. My Sour Cream Swirl Coffee Cake is always requested. I’ve been asked for the recipe but the same people that ask for that recipe seem to always ask me to make it. Funny.

  234. Thanks for the chance to win! I love to make cookies!

  235. My favorite mixer recipe is bagels!

  236. my favorite mixer recipe is oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

  237. I have two recipes that are “Most Requested”. I am asked to bring Bailey’s Chocolate Chip Cheesecake to many gatherings. The other recipe is Chocolate Chip Muffins, which are a staple in our house – there is almost always a supply in the fridge.

  238. Cheesecake brownies!

  239. When I think of dining it forward, my favorite “mixer recipe” to share with others is my Dad’s basic recipe for bread….you can add to it to make it sweet or savory and really stretch it to enhance any meal!

  240. cookies.

  241. I love making Domino Cookies to share with other people, they always get eaten up!!

  242. I love to bake! So I would make cookies…especially love Chocolate Peanut Butter Globs….delicious!

  243. Some homemade banana bread!

  244. Chocolate Torte – not too sweet, juuuuust right

  245. My husband and I love to make delicious home made whipped cream with amaretto to go with our vanilla bean cheesecakes!

  246. Banana Bread!

  247. I love to bake healthy, allergy friends sweets using unrefined and low calorie sweeteners to nourish friends and colleagues (and sometimes not so healthy ones, too- we all need some ol’ fashioned sugar from time to time).

  248. Pound Cake! Good plain, with ice cream or with chopped fresh summer fruit and whip cream on top

  249. My daughter and I have been experimenting with chocolate chip cookies, which is always fun and delicious. I think we’re almost there…

  250. I like to share desserts, so it I would say a chocolate cake!

  251. I like to share a recipe of a cheese bread tradicional from where I’m from, in South America!

  252. My recipe is so simple but I love making chicken salad in the mixer. It gets the chicken smooth and mixed together perfectly!

  253. I always share my grandmother’s snickerdoodle recipe

  254. Paula dean’s eclair cake is one of my favorites

  255. i love to share coffee cake or banana bread :)

  256. I need one of these mixers for my monster cookies that my children and all their friends love. I have broken 3 or 4 hand mixers so far on the batter since it is so thick and it makes so much.

  257. I love make cookies for other people.

  258. I use my kitchenaid for baking mostly but I do love to shred cooked chicken breasts with it which I can then use for so many recipes.

  259. The all time favorite is the chocolate cake recipe on the back of the Hershey’s cocoa can. Everybody loves it even those who prefer white, vanilla cake. A stand mixer would make it much easier to prepare.

  260. Chocolate Chip cookies, they go with anything

  261. Pound cake!

  262. I love using my mixer for making meringue!

  263. I love to cook many meals for our family and friends, like spaghetti and meatballs or beef and lamb kabobs, marinated in two different ways along w/vegetables and rice, ribs and chicken bbq’d w/a special sauce and coleslaw, potato and pasta salads. Baking is a must fresh cookies and cakes and in the summer fruit pies.

  264. I like to make batches of baked oatmeal OR banana muffins (yes, I use a mixer even though you shouldn’t) or blueberry muffins for new moms – everyone always brings dinner but those starving morning moments are great to have something yummy & homemade.

  265. Gluten-free chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

  266. I love to do pizza parties – everyone gets to pick their own toppings, and get creative – some amazing combinations come out of this!

  267. i was always a baker of cakes, cookies, pies, etc……..people always loved my homemade from scratch cakes for all occasions including weddings (which there was never any left of a three tier, lol) or my special cookies esp christmas time, or my flaky pies! sadly had to give it up due to carpal tunnel and damage to my hands, but, if i were fortunately to win this great prize, which i have wanted for over 30 years, i could get back into baking, which i would love to do!! so thanks for the chance :)

  268. I think of my basic vanilla layer cake that I make all the time.

  269. I love sharing my chocolate mint brownies.

  270. Cookies are the perfect way to “dine it forward”!

  271. My kids and I love to make waffles in the morning..and since I have moved we have had to use a hand mixer..awful!! Would love love love to win a stand mixer!

  272. I love this! I serve funeral meals at my church and that’s what I consider my “Dine it Forward” is. It’s my passion to feed these people that are emotionally tired and are usually are ready to enjoy a meal again. I always make the main dish and if I have time I love to make homemade yeast rolls for them. This would be so much easier than mixing big batches of bread dough by hand! Your large batch chocolate chip cookie dough would be perfect too!

  273. I love to make Nutella cookies for gatherings with friends and family!!

  274. cheescake all kinds you need that smoothness that only kitchenaide can accomplish! yum….yum…..

  275. A cheesecake recipe:)

  276. My pops’s recipe for an amazing made from scratch bean dip that is versatile enough to fill a tortilla (with or without added veggies) for a quick protein rich snack, or serve warm or cold as a dip. It freezes well and makes a huge batch to share.

  277. I love to make anykind of cake

  278. I love sharing trays of enchiladas or large containers of soups!

  279. peanut butter caramel cluster brownies.

  280. Fudge brownies with extra chocolate chips and cayenne pepper.

  281. I have always wanted to try homemade marshmallows! I would also make oatmeal cookies.

  282. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies- They’re so simple, but so yummy and can feed a crowd.

  283. Buttercream frosting for big batches of cupcakes!

  284. If I owned this Kitchen Aid Mixer, I would use it to make New York Style Cheesecake! Keeping my fingers crossed that I win.

  285. Buttermilk Pie!

  286. Chocolate walnut cookies. They have very few ingredients which makes them easy to make for my friends and family with food restrictions and yet they are completely delicious.

  287. I like to make lemon squares in a stand mixer.

  288. A great coffee cake they are easy & everyone loves them

  289. I like to share my chocolate chip pan cookies!

  290. Would use it for making chocolate chip cookies!

  291. I always share my angelfood cake its amazing and easy.

  292. I love to shred chicken in the mixer, mostly when I make chicken salad!

  293. My favorite mixer recipe to share is homemade bread.

  294. Sherry Cake my boyfriend asks me to make this for every family holiday!

  295. My go to mixer recipe to share is zucchini bread with lemon, yogurt and rosemary. Sounds weird but it’s amazing.

  296. Angel food cake.

  297. My great aunt’s ginger snap cookies.

  298. I make an outstanding chocolate cake that is always a hit. It’s big so it needs to be shared. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  299. Brown butter chocolate chip cookies!

  300. I have this awesome chocolate cake recipe that’s super easy to make and always turns out delicious! Skip the cake mix and bake from scratch!

  301. I am usually making a muffin or quick bread to give to someone. Blueberry and Banana are the favorites.

  302. Butter Horn Rolls

  303. I make peanut butter cookies..

  304. Hearty breads and delicate cookies!

  305. I usually make a muffins or a quick bread, because they can be breakfast or a snack. I have a yummy banana bread recipe from a cousin I use often. My mom has this mixer and wow does it make it easier for the kids to help/ dump in ingredients than my tilt head version– so much less spilled out! Thanks for the chance to win one!!

  306. Sourdough Bread

  307. Cookies for sure, probably my confetti sprinkle cookies :)

  308. Amish friendship bread. I make a starter and it multiplies. Each week i have enough starter to pass on with the recipe to 2 friends and make 2 loaves for my family.

  309. The most delicious Raspberry swirl cheesecake with chocolate graham cracker crust and a raspberry syrup.

  310. I bake lots and lots of cupcakes (and a fair number of cheescakes, too) and share with colleagues, friends, associates, etc. Gives me the opportunity to try a variety of new recipes.

  311. There is just something special about dinner rolls… Buttery, fresh dinner rolls.

  312. I make the best Cinnamon Rolls w/ Brown Sugar icing. I would share it.

  313. Classic white dinner rolls.
    It’s incredible how something so simple can amaze an entire party!
    Fresh rolls, hot out of the oven, are the best!!

  314. Chocolate Chip Cookies!

  315. Vanilla Bean Cheesecake!

  316. mini peach cheesecakes, so good and easy to make!

  317. Chocolate chip/oatmeal/walnut cookie bars…a long-time favorite of my kids.

  318. My favorite dine-it-forward mixer recipe is chocolate chip cookies.

  319. Banana Chocolate Cookies!

  320. My favorite mixer recipe to share with others are gingersnap cookies. Everyone loves them.

  321. Gingersnaps

  322. Homemade Bread and chokolate cake

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