I love how simple an invite can be to a dinner party. My friend recently sent this darling email to our family and one other (her son and family).

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She was saying that they were open, and that they wanted to accommodate our schedule.

How lovely! (Our friend is sort-of a Mom figure to me. Wise and a wonderful mentor. So she calls herself “Mom.”)

Dinner at Mom’s
Saturday night
RSVP soon….
or Sunday?

And we JUMPED at the chance to go to dinner with them, because she is the Hostess with the Mostest!

Sometimes we can use humor and creativity when we invite others into our homes, can’t we? I’m glad. And for this invite we chose Sunday.

Oh, and the results of the invite? An amazing hot summer’s night with dinner outside with an incredible view and great people – the adults at one table and the kids at the other – with the food so delicious, I had to go back for seconds.

And then fresh peach pie …

Do you have a hard time doing the actual “invite” when you want to have guests over, or do you just pick up the phone and call or email?