Dinner Party Reflections: How do you Remember Them?

I really wanted to reflect back to this dinner party today, even though it was a few summers back. I was going through my photos on my computer and I ran across it, and the memories.

I had to smile.

My centerpiece was so simple! Little vases and Black-eyed Susans from the front yard.

But what I remember most about this party (our friends brought the entire meal) was that our daughter played her violin, and our friend Minor got up to help her turn the pages.

I remember how we all floated in the pool before it was time to eat.

I remember really good food, but to be honest, I don’t remember exactly what we ate!

Which reinforces what I include in my new book, how the guests will often remember the night because of the ambience, the conversation, the time together … they may never remember the food.

I’m glad that I found these pictures. It made me happy to remember the time we had as a family with dear friends, on a hot summer’s night.

Do you take pictures at dinner parties, or what’s your way of capturing memories of times together with friends?

13 comments on “Dinner Party Reflections: How do you Remember Them?”

  1. Yeah I take a lot of photos, I also note down some points in my journal when it’s something I really want to remember. I also blog about them sometimes, we’ve had so many great evenings with friends this summer to remember. But I agree completely about not remembering the food.

  2. This one had me thinking . Yes…the atmosphere/people can totally make the event….however, sometimes if there is some phenomenal food….I am still thinking about it days later. LOL! Last fall I hosted an “Eat Local” dinner here, and asked everyone to bring only food prepared with local ingredients. The whole evening was just lovely with our fire crackling and lots of great conversation about the cost of eating local….but I mostly remember the beautiful, delicious food that everyone brought….right down to the wine. I guess this was the best of both worlds…I remember the wonderful evening with friends…and the fantastic food!

    Your new blog layout is beautiful.

  3. We love to entertain and do it often but am tired of being the host. My friends are always asking when can we come over again. Any ideas on how to solicit a return invite.

    • How about just saying, “let’s set a date when we can come to your house this time?” I’ll brig 1/2 of the meal! Or something like that …

      Reciprocation is a hard one at times.

  4. I always intend to take pictures but sometimes the evening gets by me without them.

    Your new blog look is really great although it took me a bit to figure out where to click to leave a comment. Congrats to you and the designer.


  5. I’m definitely a picture-taker. I love to capture moments with special people in our lives. My sister’s family from Egypt was staying with us last week, along with their dear Egyptian friends, whom I’ve heard so much about but have never met. We talked and laughed all evening long out on the deck, like we had known eachother forever. I snapped a few photos throughout the evening and find myself bringing them up on my computer almost daily now, just to savor a bit longer that special time together. The food was great, but it was the time together that I’ll cherish most.

  6. I do take photographs!!! But we also sit down afterwards (usually with the kids) and go over all the funny things that were said. And sometimes my daughter writes them down. She posts a list on facebook called “Sanders Family Fun Quotes” so our friends, and all of us can enjoy the fun again. She has been doing this for a while and I think she is up to #34 or something close to that. She also does it for camping trips, birthdays, and family nights.

  7. Love the website layout first of all!

    Secondly, this is what stresses me out about dinner parties… because I can handle the food part. I’m confident in what I prepare to eat. It’s the other stuff. The atmosphere, that has me stressed out. Your book looks lovely!

  8. Sometimes I take pictures, sometimes I forget…usually the latter (C:

  9. I never remember to take pics at dinner parties… Seems I am always running like a chicken with its head cut off and never think of it… I will have to start doing that… at my own and at others I attend. Hoping to get your book shortly… :o)

  10. There is almost always a camera at every event we go to. I love looking back and remembering fun times. And you’re right, usually it’s not the food that’s remembered but the activities or the fun moments that happened.

  11. WOW! I love your new blog layout! Beautiful!

  12. I like this post. I think you are 100% correct… it’s the times we share. Not much else matters.

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