I really wanted to reflect back to this dinner party today, even though it was a few summers back. I was going through my photos on my computer and I ran across it, and the memories.

I had to smile.

My centerpiece was so simple! Little vases and Black-eyed Susans from the front yard.

But what I remember most about this party (our friends brought the entire meal) was that our daughter played her violin, and our friend Minor got up to help her turn the pages.

I remember how we all floated in the pool before it was time to eat.

I remember really good food, but to be honest, I don’t remember exactly what we ate!

Which reinforces what I include in my new book, how the guests will often remember the night because of the ambience, the conversation, the time together … they may never remember the food.

I’m glad that I found these pictures. It made me happy to remember the time we had as a family with dear friends, on a hot summer’s night.

Do you take pictures at dinner parties, or what’s your way of capturing memories of times together with friends?

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