What do you have in your house that you want to get rid of?

How can you repurpose it as a gift for a friend?

My friend Jeannie was spring cleaning her bedroom when she decided to get rid of her 30-year-old carpenter’s box/ magazine rack that she’d had for years. Her husband was taking it out to the trash when she had the brilliant idea of turning it into a succulents box for a friend’s birthday.

Which would be me! I was the lucky recipient of this very cool gift for my outdoor entertaining area.

And just look at the name! :)

In Jeannie-fashion, she painted on the side, Reluctant Entertainer, and using her master gardener’s green thumb, she planted beautiful succulents in the box.

How to build a succulents box
1. Find something old, maybe with meaning, that you can repurpose.
2. Stencil or paint on the outside.
3. Drill large holes in the bottom for drainage.
4. Fill the box with good soil.
5. Fill with 4 kinds of succulents.

The succulents will grow and fill in over the years and need no care over the winter months. Easy!

Jeannie sent her husband over to deliver the birthday gift.

Which now sits on our back patio for our family and guests to enjoy.

I love thinking “outside the box.” There’s really no excuse, even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, with all the new books, TV shows, magazine DIY’s, and probably the most popular now – Pinterest. All creative ideas on repurposing and reusing what you have.

Are you growing succulents, and if so, inside your home or outside?

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