Don’t knock yourself out – Wreath Party!

Balcony Girls Wreath Party

When Astrid wrote me and asked me this question, I thought I’d share with you. Her question went like this:

Dear Sandy, The last time I hosted any party was two years ago- or was it three?! I’m thinking of hosting a moms get together/party on a week day morning in early December. There would be lots of preschool (and some slightly older) age children. I was thinking of turning it into a wreath decorating/redecorating party but I’m honestly not sure if that’s a good idea. The party would last 2-3 hours. What are your thoughts?

Here are a few of my ideas on having some fun with your mom-friends!

Easy Wreath Party – for Kids and Moms
1. 2-3 hours is perfect.
2. Provide refreshments, but don’t be afraid to ask the other moms to help out! In fact, if you provide the wreath materials, have the moms bring the food!
3. Focus on mom time – building relationships.
4. Keep the wreath making to adults only. Just let the kids run and have kid time!
5. Ask the moms to pitch in $5, if that would help your budget for the wreaths.
6. Keep chaos down. Have the wreath making table set up in the garage, but leave the garage door open so you have access to the kids.

To sum it up, plan ahead, don’t go overboard with food, keep the focus on Christmas and your mom friends, have toys and fun available for the kids!

Less stress makes for more fun during the holidays. Keep it simple, with your mind focused on what really matters: Relationships!

I did have several wreath parties in my home (top picture of my friend Ulla and my Balcony Girls group years ago). The garage worked perfectly every time, although I know not everyone has a garage. Designate an area that you don’t mind getting dirty, or that you can sweep up easily! And basements can work just as well!

Oh, and guess what Astrid ended up changing her party to? An Advent Calendar Party – check it out!

Have you thought of hosting a wreath making party, or any kind of party for some of your mom-friends?

4 comments on “Don’t knock yourself out – Wreath Party!”

  1. That’s a great idea!!

  2. Sounds like a fun party for moms and kids!

  3. I’m so glad I hosted the party. Next year I think I’ll attempt a wreath-making party. :)

  4. Cute party idea! I’ve been thinking of hosting a simple get-together for families with cookies & milk — with kids decorating sugar cookies, or families decorating simple gingerbread houses together.

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