Don’t Stress over the Centerpiece!

Thanksgiving is here – this week! And if you’re like me, you’re thinking ahead and planning out the details!

It’s essential, in my mind, to be organized and ready for the day – so you can enjoy the day!

Last year we kept it simple, as we observed the holiday out of town. The year before that, we had a small gathering in our home.

This year, it will be very simple again.

Thinking ahead to the centerpiece …

Keep it Inexpensive
A few years ago I remember going to our friend’s home up north. On Thanksgiving morning, when all the preparation and work had been done, our two families went for a long walk.

The goal of the walk was for the kids to find items to put on the table, and make their own centerpiece!

I wish I had pictures of how they put it together with branches and pinecones, but it was priceless – and beautiful!

Make it Creative Fun
My daughter and I created an inexpensive centerpiece just this last weekend for our dinner party. Driving by some freshly-fallen leaves, we stopped the car and picked the leaves that we wanted to use.

Dry out the leaves

Snip off the stem

Line a large vase with leaves

Turn a goblet, upside down, in the center of the vase

Put a candle in the center

It was fun to recreate those memories from almost 10 years ago, keeping it inexpensive and using what we had!

So don’t forget the easy sweet potatoes, here, and to keep a positive attitude, when you’re cooking your turkey, and the reason why we’re gathering in the first place.

Not only are we celebrating Thanksgiving, we’re celebrating Togetherness!

11 comments on “Don’t Stress over the Centerpiece!”

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  2. This is great thanks, I’ve just been for a walk in the woods where my office is at lunch break. I collected a few leaves but they’re nowhere near the gorgeous colour of yours, may need to do some more scouting around.

    I did manage to collect some acorns and pine cones which I’m going to add to the orange halves and orange slices I’ve had drying out for a few days. I love the way you used an upside down wine glass – will be copying that for sure – thanks!

  3. I’m so into DIY centerpieces, this is lovely! So much fun to take simple elements and create something beautiful. As always you’re an expert at this! Have a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving~

  4. wishing you a special Thanksgiving!
    sandy toe

  5. Thats great! I love centerpieces and how you used natural elements its great! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I love your blog. It is refreshing and down to earth. I’m excited to hear and see all your Christmas ideas . Relax and Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend.

  7. That is SO cool! And colorful! And elegant!

  8. Very pretty!! Using what I have in new ways is always satisfying.
    Blessings to you and yours this Thanksgiving Sandy.
    We are blessed to be counted among your friends.
    Do drive safe! Hugs for each ooooo

  9. I love this, as most everything you do/write (except, the really hard stuff that involves, you know, cooking in 2 or more steps) Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

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