Happy December 1st, Friends!

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You probably read this post (Apple Pie in a Jar) and this post (Apple Charlottes) and this post (canning cherries), on cannning, so you know that I have a stash of canning jars.

Dressing up your table for the holidays is where you can let your style come through, but it doesn’t have to be expensive at all. In fact, I’m always giving the advice of looking around your house and finding something you already have to decorate with.

Don’t go out and buy something new every time you entertain!

My ideas for a simple yet elegant table:

1. Have fun.

2. Use a fun festive table cloth (green, gold, silver, gray, red)

3. Turn quart-sized jar upside down with pine cones inside.

4. Add a tea light on top.

5. Spruce the table up with Dollar Store beads and extra pine cones.

With a table like this, you don’t even need a centerpiece. Use 2 or 3 canning jars and you’re set!

Remember the goal of entertaining is to not make people strain, looking around a huge centerpiece. You don’t want to hinder conversation, you want to encourage it!

What’s your quick and easy “go to” Christmas centerpiece?