Duluth Trading Co. Father’s Day Giveaway

Duluth Trading Co. Father's Day Giveaway

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Father’s Day is coming up! Are you ready? The generous people at Duluth Trading Company are hosting a $100 giveaway – so start your shopping list now, just in case you win.

Over the years, a friend of mine has sent me gifts from Duluth Trading Company, and the one thing I get the most comments on is my green travel bag. I love its look, and its roominess. My husband has one of Duluth’s amazing lined flannel shirts, that our teen daughter quickly “borrowed.” Plus I have nifty socks, running pullovers, soft sweatshirts, and so much more from Duluth. Our family LOVES Duluth!

Duluth Trading Co. Father's Day Giveaway

You can win.

Today ONE RE reader will win $100 to shop at the DTC website for you, or for your dad for Father’s Day. Or, maybe for your children to give to their father. The gift giving can work however you see fit!

Duluth Trading Co. Father's Day Giveaway

So many options.

Here are a few things I liked. Duluth’s Fire Hose Pants are famous for their comfort, multiple deep pockets, and durability. Their Freedom Of Movement (F.O.M.) shirts are handsomely cut and roomy for guys who do physical work. Their Longtail T’s keep your man modest when he’s doing all that outdoor bending! There are so many items, such as hats, bags, tools, underwear, work items, watches, … basically very cool man stuff. And don’t forget to peek at the women’s items, just for future reference!

And a few more ideas …

Duluth Trading Co. Father's Day Giveaway


Duluth Trading’s “No Bull Guarantee” is one of the best in the industry, with no time limits or penalties on returns or exchanges.


Be sure to head on over to the Duluth WhatchamaBlog for some Father’s Day inspiration, including humorous e-cards, favorite quotes from dad and Father’s Day gift ideas.

Free shipping:

DTC is offering FREE shipping on orders of $50 or more right now too.

How to enter:

To enter to win this giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment sharing a special moment you spent together with your dad. Leaving a comment about the father of your kids or just a really good guy in your life counts, too.

Also follow the Rafflecopter instructions for more chances to win! (10 total.)

My dad:

Here’s a fun memory of fishing with my Dad, Rogue River Chinook Salmon, fresh from the Pacific Ocean!

Fishing Rogue River, OR

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will only be open for entries until 11:59 p.m. (EDT) Monday, June 9, so I can get the gift card to you in time for Father’s Day. Winner will be notified by email and must respond within 48 hours of being chosen or a new winner will be selected. This giveaway is sponsored by Duluth Trading Company.

124 comments on “Duluth Trading Co. Father’s Day Giveaway”

  1. Every other year my father and I attend a garden symposium which has been a special time we share together solely.

  2. Lately, I have enjoyed the time spent with my Dad as we care for my Mom after a bad fall. He is so sweet with her, and yet we know he needs some help so the caregiver doesn’t wear out :)

  3. My husband and I met up in the Boundary Waters area in northern Minnesota. We were on a group camp out and used Duluth packs for our gear. They were huge!

  4. Love the ideas and recommendations… although added $120 to cart and the free shipping didn’t show up. Is there a coupon code? Appreciate it!!!

  5. NEvermind! Figured it out. Such a great idea! Very excited to try their products!! Thanks again!

  6. My husband is a hard worker and he spends all of his free time with me and the kids.

  7. I have never heard of Duluth. Their clothes look fun and comfy! Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway!

  8. My husband takes our kids on every roller coaster at every amusement park we’ve visited. He wants them to be fearless adventurers–and they are, thanks to him.

  9. My father and I are both die-hard college basketball fans. We make it a point to go to games together when we can, and when we’re apart, we always Skype when our favorite team (UNC!) is playing. In 2009, he surprised me with tickets to the Final Four, where our team won it all! It is nice to have a special bond with my dad that my siblings don’t share.

  10. My dad DID NOT like any type of sport whatsoever. However, he was front and center for every baseball, basketball, volleyball game and track meet I participated in as a kid. He even was there for high school football games since I played in the band. He was such a wonderful and supportive father. I miss and love you Dad!!!

  11. Watching my Dad stay by my baby’s side for nearly a month while he battled in the NICU. He is an amazing man; an exceptional role model; and everything I strive to be!

  12. Let’s talk about my 88 year old grandfather, who is teaching his great-grandchildren to help him in the garden. They put out eight rows of onions last week! (Among other things)

    Some people do everything with great love. He is one of those people.

  13. Our Dad taught us that men can cook too. He would make pancakes every Saturday for the whole family and they were so tasty. Now his Grandchildren make pancakes for him!

  14. My Dad used to take me on nature hikes when my Mom worked on the weekend. She doesn’t care for the outdoors, so it was always a special treat! : )

  15. My dad used to take us camping all the time when we were younger, it was always a great time.

  16. I remember sitting in the porch swing and sharing the chocolate bunny that I had won for getting the least amount of eggs. My Dad and I loved chocolate!

  17. My dad and always bowled,together on Sundays growing up

  18. I am a school teacher and every year the day before school started, I would be in teacher meetings. My husband would always do a back to school canoe outing that day with the kids. They so enjoyed that special time together.

  19. I have been fortunate enough to be able to go on some once in a lifetime trips with my father. It was just the two of us and each trip was fascinating and so enjoyable.

  20. My fave times with my dad are family road trips or any long drive – we’ve done lots of cross-country trips. He’s a total road warrior and growing up as a driving family means I’m not scared to take my kids on long, LONG trips. Plus, he plays the guitar constantly. Love my dad!

  21. I have been so blessed to have had the absolute best father and now the absolute best husband in the world! Two guys that would do ANYTHING for their kids!!

  22. Going for a ride in my aunt and uncle’s sports car over a dusty mountain pass, stopping to enjoy a sack lunch on the way.

  23. My dad always challenged us with long 25 & 50 mile long bike rides for fun on the weekends. He taught me not to be afraid to try and fix things for myself. And that it was ok to get my hands dirty, he’s been gone for nine years now…I sure miss him! Now I have fun teaching my daughter all the things he shared with me.

  24. A favorite memory of mine is when my dad would bring us ice fishing on Lake Mille Lacs in Northern Mn…..he had a 6 person ice house and he would make wonderful meals and we would play card and dice games, and oh yeah ….fish!

  25. the day our son was born was on fathers day and he will be 8 and after i had my son the father said he was sorry for ever upseting me and cried i myself got a present that day was so so sweet i was like so surprised and our son was suppose to be a girl but as you can see sometimes doctors are wrong he was so happy

  26. My Dad taught all of us children how to fish. The best summer days were spent on a lake just fishing with our Dad.

  27. My husband opened his home and heart to love not only me, but my three children when we married. This is his first Father’s Day as a Stepdad!

  28. My dad took me on a trip to Northern Ireland after I graduated from college. We had so much fun and I met some relatives there, too.

  29. Helping my Dad fix the countless number of cars that past through our garage. Some were his but many were his friends’ cars that he’d fix on the weekends.

  30. When I was in college, I was famous for locking my keys in my vintage (old!) VW bug, so my dad stashed an extra key in my engine to free himself from emergency calls. I was so happy he’d done that when of course the next time I’d locked my keys in the car that I got the emergency key out and upon re-entry threw the extra key in the glove box and went on my way. I thought I was so smart.

    Of course at the very next stop I did the “expected” and locked my keys in the car AGAIN -WITH THE EXTRA KEY STILL STASHED IN THE GLOVE COMPARTMENT WHILE BEING PARKED IN A NO-PARKING TOW ZONE (!!!!!). Finally I bit the bullet and called my dear Dad who lectured me fervently then had to laugh at his (still) klutzy daughter. He brought me an extra key and could only shake his head in disbelief while rolling his eyes. My now college kiddo loves that story!

  31. My Dad was an avid camper and fisherman. Every year we would camp for family vacation. And when I say camp, I mean the REAL way. We often went to Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan and camped in Superior National Forest with no amenities with the exception of an occasional vault toilet. We slept on the ground in a tent, rain or shine. Mom would haul water from the lake and boil it. I remember Dad telling us he would take $50 for the whole week and that was mostly gas money! We ate a lot of canned meats and eggs. What wonderful, wonderful memories!

  32. My husband was a hands on kinda Dad raising our four kids and is now a hands on Granpa! Love him!

  33. My favorite memory of my dad teaching me how to change a tire. I was a sassy 16 year old and he ignored all of that and worked with me with love and patience. Bittersweet memory as he died when I was just 23. Would love another memory…

  34. i remember my dad and i going camping every other weekend.
    my parents were divorced so these rare moments were good.

  35. I loved fishing with my dad….I do remember one time we were fishing in Eastern WAshington and I named my fishing pole Jonah…the peacefulness of the lake was wonderful, until I dropped poor Jonah in the water and lost it! lol

  36. My dad used to take us camping every summer to the beach. I have the best memories of our summer trips together and looked forward to our trips every year. Now I take my kids camping and they love it just as much!

  37. My dad has a great sense of humor. When I was little he would hide behind the sofa and jump out just to “scare” my sister and me.

  38. My dad was always one of those guys who do something on a whim. We went to Canada to sight see on a weekend. We would hike trails in Ohio, then trout fish. We would go mushroom hunting every year. We would travel miles to find a good fishing spot. He would take us to the four wheel drive club.

  39. This is perfect! We are so lucky..we live just 80 miles from Duluth! It is our favorite place to go…even in the middle of winter snowstorms for our kids ballgames in high school and college! Memories..my dad..so many. I remember when I was a kid he would come in early in the morning and say..get up..it’s a beautiful day! When I had small children, he would take me to some “fun” shop (usually flowers or antiques) and watch my toddlers so I could look. Not because it was where he wanted to be, but he knew I would love it! Then he start canoe trips to the BWCA with the sons & son-in-laws, then grandsons. Jacob and Adam started when the was 6. Now the tradition has continued with my husband and kids..23 years later, it still continues! And of course..a great stop to Canal Park in Duluth on the way through!

  40. My husband is a great dad! He changed jobs (even moved us to another state) so he could have more time with us, always makes time for the kids after a full day of work and working around the house. Right now he’s on a daddy-daughter date with our youngest daughter!

  41. My family gathered at Eagle Crest Resort in Central Oregon in July 2008 to celebrate my Dad’s 80th birthday. I am the third oldest of eleven children, and we spent time around the dining table sharing stories and laughing until we cried! My Dad passed away six months later. I absolutely cherish that final family reunion.

  42. Just shared a wonderful lunch with my dad, siblings and grandkids to celebrate his participation in the Normandy invasion. He is 95 and a veteran of the Big Red One. We are so fortunate to have him yet.

  43. My dad is so funny and has a great sense of humor. We love spending time together watching old shows of famous comedians such as Jonathan Winters, Red Skeleton, and Johnny Carson. Precious memories!!

  44. My husband has always been so considerate, supportive, and helpful. When I was working on a master’s degree, he would ride bikes, play games, cook french fries, and just entertain the children while I was in class.

  45. My Dad is a great guy. He married my Mom, she had 3 kids, he had 1! And then they adopted another together. He is always there for all of s.

  46. I love spending weekends working in the yard with my stepdad and mom. He is so handy and always teaching me something new.

  47. I have a great memory of my dad taking me fishing on a boat and we were caught in a terrible storm but its a great memory anyway.

  48. I have a great memory of my dad and I taking a walk together in a forest preserve near our home. I was about 12 and this was 50 years ago. I have kept and pressed an oak leaf from that time. I love and treasure this memory because, as oldest of six kids, I didn’t have that many times with just my dad all to myself!! He’s a special guy and he’s still doing well at age 87!!! This give-a-way prize would be a nice way to say “I love you, dad!”

  49. From the time I was about 5 years old I washed my dad’s truck with him every Saturday …and appreciate what he taught me about caring for my vehicle.

  50. My husband is such a wonderful Dad. Just this afternoon when I was feeling under the weather he took the girls for a trip to the park, and he is plotting a special memory making adventure for our whole family this winter!

  51. My Husband is amazing with our children, we have suffered many challenges in the last few years and he has always tried to carry on and succeed.

  52. When I was a kid, every father’s day we would go to Wildwood New Jersey and spend a long weekend enjoying the boardwalk and rides. My Dad would let me play all the games and our favorite was getting a slice of pizza and cotton candy on the boardwalk. The bumper cards were fun too!

  53. My dad taught my brothers and I all about cars and how to fix them. Once he saw that I was interested in learning, he included me as well even though I was a girl. As adults, we have taught his grandchildren how to fix cars, as well.

  54. My late Father was such a wonderful cook. Every holiday brings back so many thoughts of the wonderful family meals we had!

  55. My husband is the best dad I have ever known, better than even my own.

  56. I would love this gift card for my hubby. He’s a great dad and he just loves the commercials this company puts out and all the “manly” products!

  57. One of the greatest men I have ever known was my uncle Bill. My biological father was abusive and dropped me off on my aunt & uncle’s doorstep when I was just 13. They took care of me from day one and treated me like I was their own. My uncle was a big softie who made me special treats ( homemade biscuits and chocolate syrup), taught me how to swing a hammer, and made sure I knew the importance of forgiveness. I loved him with all of my heart and will miss him for the rest of my days.

  58. My daughters father is an amazing man. He is very family oriented and love spending time with his daughter. She is a daddy’s girl and she really looks up to her dad. I remember when she was learning how to walk she would always walk to her dad with a big smile on her face. He does a lot of outdoor activities with her and wouldn’t change a thing. I didn’t have a father in y life growing up so its amazing seeing the bond they share together. I take lots of pictures and cherish every moment.

  59. I have a wonderful dad. I think my favorite times with him have always been working moments. Doing yard work, washing the car, etc. He has always been on the sidelines cheering me on. I love that man.

  60. My favorite day with my dad was going down the Rogue River on Hellgate jetboat.

  61. My kids father loves them so much that I wish that all kids had such a wonderful dad.

  62. I was recalling today how we would spend Saturday’s working together as a family – doing chores and then sitting down for a nice, well deserved dinner! Dad loved to have us working as a family and then grilling out.

  63. Dad decided, when I was a teenager, that he wanted to learn how to make homemade pasta, so we spent many a rainy Saturday in Southern Oregon cutting fresh pasta and draping it everywhere to dry!

  64. My husband made the decision to finish out his college degree two years ago to show our children the importance of education and to also better our situation financially. He’s on track to graduate at the end of 2015. It’s been difficult for him, as he works full time, and goes to school at night and on weekends, taking 9+ hours per semester, but he’s determined. He’s a great father and great inspiration.

  65. My husband is the best father to our three kids. Two are adopted – they are my great-niece and -nephew and he didn’t hesitate for even one second when I asked if they could come live with us because they were not in a good situation before. We went from one two year old to two 2 year olds and a 1 year old in the blink of an eye and he’s been just amazing to all three of them. Now we have two 7 year olds and a 6 year old and we have just the best time together.

  66. My Father~so many good memories,we were Family,everything we
    ever did was all together.My Father spent all vacations with us,we went to cottages,baseball games,fishing,circuses.I no longer have my Dad but all of the best memories a child could ever have.I married a man just like my Father,and he carries out the same qualities as my Dad.I would have to say my daughter is just as lucky as I was,because she has a Great Dad.

  67. My dad is always there for me. Growing up, he took our family to so many cool places.

  68. My dad is gone now, but he was an absolutely awesome father. My favorite memory of him is always making waffles sunday morning for my mom and I before we went to church. Sure do miss that guy!

  69. I remember my dad used to make mickey mouse pancakes for me when I was a kid :)

  70. The love of my life and I go on lots of hikes and share my backpack – I think he would love one of the firehose packs!

  71. My dad and I would run together every morning before school. It was a special time.

  72. My pop LOVED to cook! He would cook up a storm, and sing while he was doing it. My bedroom was closest to the kitchen and I would most often wake up to the smell of fried potatoes and him singing away. Great memories! He taught us kids and many in-laws how to cook – better than any cooking show. Thanks!

  73. My husband is an amazing dad to our five kids. He loves to spend time with them all. He encourages them to walk with God, work hard, and play together as a family. We are blessed to have him!!!

    Lynn G.

  74. I remember sitting around the fireplace as a child with my bothers and sister listening to my dad read Where the Red Fern Grows.

  75. I always loved playing games with my dad. When we were too young to play certain games, he’d have my brother and I on his team–armed with rule books–to be his “advisors”. : )
    Wonderful times….

  76. I remember when we went on a camping trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Dad took 3 of us girls fishing (it was so small we had to throw It back) and panning for gold.

  77. Working out together at the gym is always so amazing and inspirational!

  78. Comment to enter is a pita!

  79. My husband loves Duluth Trading Co. He is the father of our 2 sons and has been a great dad to them. Camping, scouting, hiking….all with the boys.

  80. I loved taking my dad to see Avatar in 3D a few years ago. My husband and I are taking him to see Godzilla in 3D for this Father’s day.

  81. I went on a business trip with my dad to San Francisco when I was a high school freshman. We had so much fun on the pier and shopping at the biggest Old Navy I’ve ever seen. :)

  82. My father taking me to the airport just to watch the planes take off from the observation deck. Stopping for White Castles on the way home.

  83. Entering for my DH,,father of our 3 children and Poppa to our 7 grandchildren. Favorite memories: my husband worked many many hours, so to keep the family close he would take us fishing all weekend. We had marathon fishing sessions… We would talk, laugh, joke, sometimes do homework… Those memories I will always treasure!

  84. My dad and I love going to concerts together. My favorite memories are when we went to the Ryan Adams and Wilco concert. It’s pretty cool that he enjoys the same bands that I do.

  85. My father, grandfather, great-grandfather and I would go fishing every year on father’s day weekend. This year will be the first that it will just be me and my father. It’ll be bittersweet but a tradition we want to continue doing.

  86. Yikes. I can’t celebrate fathers by choosing one over the other, the father of my heart or my father in law. Over the past 1.5 years I’ve lost both my father and my father-in-law…losing their battles with cancer. Each gave me so much to be thankful for.

    I call my dad the father of my heart, because I am adopted. He was a courageous man – a fully comfortable metro guy when the only type of dad at that time was a MANYLY MAN! He loved to cook, all things history, PBS, and inspired my love of good food, great friends and life-long learning.

    My father-in-law was a hunter, fisherman, work-with-your hands kinda guy, who modeled servant-leadership and love to his entire family. He loved me like I was a daughter of his heart…and I will forever be blessed with the way he loved my mother in law, because he taught my husband how to love me unconditionally through that example.

    How can I choose? I can’t….I won’t ….I will celebrate them both, and the legacy of love they left in this world.

  87. My dad took us to Universal Studios one weekend. He works so much that we never saw alot of him. So one time he took a week off and we went and rode rollercoasters and just had so much fun and time with him

  88. I adore spending time in the kitchen with my father. One of my earliest memories is of us making a batch of Rice Krispie Treats and he taking a small amount of flour and tapping a little on my cheeks and nose, so my mom could see we were baking all day. 20+ years later and whenever I’m home we still find ourselves in the kitchen working on our next creation!

  89. Twenty-one years ago my husband , our two daughters, and I moved into a 21 foot travel trailer on a 103 acre piece of land and we then proceeded to improve the land and built our wonderful off-the-grid, two story, beautiful home. This was the biggest and scariest adventure we have ever taken, but the results were fantastic! My husband was a Firefighter/Paramedic for the city of Berkeley, CA, three hours away, but he would make the commute nine times per month, so that we could live in our dream home and raise our daughters in a great rural setting with all the critters they could want. We now have an empty nest, and are more in love than ever before.

  90. I would love to win this for my amazing husband and father of my kids. he is a great dad!

  91. My dad is currently living with us as he battles stage 4 brain cancer. You never truly appreciate you dad and all he does until you are faced with losing him. We aim to make this Father’s day a truly special one for him.

  92. When I was still in high school, my late dad and I had the opportunity to play a piano piece for four hands on my high school’s new grand piano. What a thrill that was to play with my dad! I miss him dearly and am grateful for the blessing of lovely, happy memories with my own father.

  93. My husband is so great about taking the kids to the park and playing softball and other sports with them

  94. One of my favorite moments with my dad was when he was teaching me to ride a two wheel bike. He spent weeks (as I was a scaredy cat) teaching me. He never lost patience. It just one way to show how much he cares for me and loves me.

  95. My husband is a kind and patient father. He provides for his family and works so hard. I am blessed to have a great husband who is also a great dad to our children.

  96. I remember going hiking with my Dad when we went camping. He’d always tell me “it’s a short, easy hike, come on!” It would turn out to be a LONG hike and never easy, but it was always fun. He knew I wouldn’t go if he told me it was long, but I was always glad I went even though I grumbled a lot afterwards.

  97. My dad gave me my life long love of reading. And now I love watching him read to my boys too.

  98. My husband is a stay-at-home dad and fulltime farmer. He works hard to show our children to appreciate hard work, the land, and what it gives us.

  99. We used to listen for him to come home from work and would run down the lane to me him. He would pick us up and we would ride home in the back of his truck. He always had gum in the truck too, which was a real treat back then!!

  100. When I was a little girl my daddy would take me fishing. We’d pack a lunch and spend the whole day on the water. It was always so much fun.

  101. Having my dad helping me move the many times (at least 6) while I was in college. He deserves something nice for all the heavy labor.

  102. My dad is fantastic! When I was young my mother would put two french braids in my hair every morning before school. However, when I was about 7 or 8 she started to travel for work several days a week. Being a silly little girl, my concern was “who’s going to braid my hair for school?” My dad took me to the beauty salon and paid for the stylist to teach him how to braid my hair. That’s a dad who loves his daughter! Over the next several years, my dad learned to paint fingers and toes with nail polish, pick out “outfits” for his daughters, and play with Barbies. He never had any sons, but he completely embraced having daughters.

  103. I remember my dad taking me out around Christmas to do some shopping. It was so much fun!

  104. I remember helping my dad mow lawns for several widows in our small town. They couldn’t pay much and he didn’t get much monetarily. Sometimes nothing. Just to help.

  105. I never met my dad due to divorce and some bad decisions made by mother. He died 2 years before I “found” him. So it was very important I give my son the best father ever. I am assured my son doesn’t have the empty “father” hole in his heart like me.

  106. My dad was a great guy. Taught me how to change a tire, how to fish, how to grow things and how to put family first. I miss him.

  107. My husband is the best father there is. He’s an Air Force chaplain who puts the needs of the airmen and my two boys above his own on a daily basis. He comes home tired after meeting so many needs at the end of the day but is always ready to take his boys to play soccer, kick ball, etc. until bedtime. My two little guys get SO EXCITED each night when daddy comes home. They greet him at the door every day, both saluting their hero. He’s amazing and I can’t imagine my (or their) life without him.

  108. My dad took us out on a lot of adventures, but I remember one Sunday when we somehow ended up fishing instead of at church, just the two of us!

  109. My pops and I go fly fishing together. We spent an incredible day up in Wyoming on the Snake River a few summers ago.

  110. Fishing with my dad was always so much fun!

  111. I really appreciate that my dad is such a great cook. He worked in his family owned diner as a kid, so he always offers to make whatever we want for breakfast when we visit now. He also cooks awesome dinners and desserts!

  112. My favorite memory with my dad is a road trip we took out west for 30 days. We left TN and went TX, AZ, CA, NE, Canada, WY, SD, and IL as a family. It was great!

  113. Two years ago my Dad invited me to go on a company trip with him. We went to Charleston, SC and then to Kiawah Island. It was so much fun and a lot of great memories were made! I have a twin sister so it was great to have some one on one time with him :)

  114. Dad and I took a tour of Scotland a few years ago. Great experience.

  115. I have great memories of road trips with my Dad. We always started early and he’d have a perfect trail lunch packed.

  116. The biggest lesson I’ve learned from any man in life is to have a PFA from my Step-Dad. PFA stands for Positive Fishing Attitude. When I was a kid, spending hours on the lake, fishing pole in hand, was NOT my idea of a good time. I’d pout and definitely not try to catch fish. Anyone who’s ever been fishing knows it ‘s a lot more fun when you’re actually trying. When I learned to enjoy fishing, not only for the catch, but for the solitude on the water, the closeness with nature and the laughter and conversation with my Step-dad, it because one of my favorite past times.
    I’ve learned that PFA can transfer to every situation in life. EVERYTHING is easier if you try to remain positive. I thank him for that lesson all of the time.

  117. I love that hammock chair but my husband could really use some fun gear for father’s day.

  118. My hubby took my 12 year old daughter to the phoenix film festival for kids day. He let the make up artist paint his face with my daughters direction. And then took her to chick fil a with a make up scar, and painted face!

  119. I so Loved my Father and He will always be with me,through
    all the wonderful memories I have of Him.I married a man
    with so many qualities as my Dad that I feel my daughter and
    I are two of the luckiest people in the World.

  120. My hubby is the greatest dad I know! His father passed on early in his life, so he wants to be there for our boys! I hope to win for him!

  121. My Dad used to take me fishing! Great memories! This guy is my rock!

  122. I loved spending time with my father, he knows the best stories and knows what to say to make me laugh!

  123. My husband and my Dad are the men of my life! They spoil me and love me unconditionally! lol

  124. My step dad raised me as his son and I am ever so grateful for the love and discipline he showed us!

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