Easy Last Minute Christmas Decor: Bring the Outdoors In!

A few months ago, I had a dinner party here in my home that is going to be featured in a dinner-party book in 2011 (more exciting details to come). My friend, Krissy, who is a designer and owns a very cool store, Terra Firma Home, came to give me some quick tips and help me stage the house (in a very short amount of time). We had fun together, and I learned a lot from her.

Krissy’s flavor of decorating for the season changed my whole view of interior design this holiday.

I wrote over at Love Feast Table, how I really cut down on Christmas decorations this year. (If you haven’t read this post, take a minute and think about ways you’ve created or want to experience peace this next week.)

The reason I did not need to clutter my home this year was when I realized that I could use nature to make it bright and beautiful, leaving most of the Christmas stuff in the boxes in the garage.

-Look in your yard or a neighbor’s yard (ask them first) for any greenery that you can snip and use
-Find a place that has branches that you can have or buy
-Use glassware and bring the outdoors in
-Add a touch of tea lights around the house

Simplicity is a good goal. Simplicity is actually not hard. Simplicity brings a calm to chaos.

Do you ever use nature to decorate at Christmastime and how does it make you feel?

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19 comments on “Easy Last Minute Christmas Decor: Bring the Outdoors In!”

  1. J’ai toujours aimé la façon dont vous expliquer les choses aux autres

  2. I’ve also found some of the blogs I read (or used to frequent)have a certain group of the “usual” commenters. After finding one very “agreeable” commenter on one blog, I then found the same commenter on another blog taking a polarized stance from the opinion they had agreed to on the other blog!

  3. Ho appena aggiunto il tuo sito ai miei preferiti. Mi piace leggere i tuoi post. Tyvm!

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  5. Love your website. It is full of great ideas. I look forward to reading it each and every time. Blessings,

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  7. To answer your question, oh yes, I started using nature in my Christmas decor a couple of years ago. Not only that it looks nice (lovely pictures, by the way), it also smells amazing – you can just feel it in the whole house. This is the way to go!

  8. Sandy, this is Beautiful! I, too, have kept this year quite simple keeping most of the “decorating” in the boxes. I did bring the outdoors in for the fall, but not so much now for this season… although I have in the past.

    I do still have time to venture out on the property and maybe even turn it into a family activity, now don’t I?

    Thanks for reminding me of the beauty it can instantly bring.

  9. I left a post on Facebook about your fantastic book that arrived in the mail today. As your book is artfully displayed in my house I ever so “humbly” say…”Oh yes, I follow her blog faithfully. She has even replied to my emails”.

    Merry Christmas!

  10. I love bringing the outside in at Christmas! The smell and texture of fresh greens can’t be beat and its free!
    Carol in GA

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  12. The farthest I’ve gotten is using pinecones in my centerpiece – I know I could do better! I ADORE the branches with the tealights hanging down, very reminiscent of what I made for my wedding reception centerpieces. Never thought of doing it at home, though…!

  13. Oversized glass vase + short string of Christmas lights tucked into the bottom + greenery on top = simply having a wonderful Christmas time!

  14. Love this idea. Bringing the outdoors in for the holidays makes for a simple but very stunning display. I especially love the branches with the red berries.

  15. I love bringing the outdoors in and go out into the yard and cut cedar and noble branches from the trees around our property. I love to find pine cones too. I would love to find berries to cut. I love your third picture. So pretty. I love the look and smell of “nature” so it’s so fun to use it around the house.

  16. Love bringing the outdoors in! Will be snipping some greens this weekend in prepartion for our Bunco Holiday get together next week.

  17. I am hosting a cookie swap tomorrow, so I will be bringing the outdoors in to set the table!! Merry Christmas!

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