A few months ago, I had a dinner party here in my home that is going to be featured in a dinner-party book in 2011 (more exciting details to come). My friend, Krissy, who is a designer and owns a very cool store, Terra Firma Home, came to give me some quick tips and help me stage the house (in a very short amount of time). We had fun together, and I learned a lot from her.

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Krissy’s flavor of decorating for the season changed my whole view of interior design this holiday.

I wrote over at Love Feast Table, how I really cut down on Christmas decorations this year. (If you haven’t read this post, take a minute and think about ways you’ve created or want to experience peace this next week.)

The reason I did not need to clutter my home this year was when I realized that I could use nature to make it bright and beautiful, leaving most of the Christmas stuff in the boxes in the garage.

-Look in your yard or a neighbor’s yard (ask them first) for any greenery that you can snip and use
-Find a place that has branches that you can have or buy
-Use glassware and bring the outdoors in
-Add a touch of tea lights around the house

Simplicity is a good goal. Simplicity is actually not hard. Simplicity brings a calm to chaos.

Do you ever use nature to decorate at Christmastime and how does it make you feel?

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