Make this beautiful Elements of Fall Centerpiece with Bittersweet Branches for autumn entertaining.

Have you heard of bittersweet? It grows naturally in the woods back east. It’s a woody vine with small, round, yellow-orange fruits that open at maturity to expose red seeds. Also called staff tree.

Now if only we could just go out and pick it ourselves here on the west coast, I’d be a happy girl. :)

But, there is another option. Buy it at your local florist (or ask them to get it if they don’t normally carry it). My go-to place in my town is Penny and Lu Lu’s.

I find so many are reluctant to entertain, even around the holidays, because they don’t feel they’re good with all the details of “bringing it all together.” Like making your own centerpiece, or creating a gorgeous bouquet for the living room, or the side table, where you and your guests will be eating.

It’s also beautiful to have something eye-pleasing on your kitchen counter, as your guests walk in to see “what’s for dinner.”

So today I’m going to show you HOW to make your own centerpiece!

Remember simplicity is your friend.

Let’s call it the basic “Elements of Fall.”

Here’s what you need.

1. Autumn-colored vase

2. Branches with leaves

3. Berries

4. A few colorful blooms

5. Scissors or clippers

Boom! You’re there!

You have all the elements in place.

Ready to create.

Put together by YOU, and your friends will be asking who made that? :)

What I’ve learned from my friends, Susie and Carol, is how very versatile the “bittersweet” branches are. I’ve also learned from these 2 ladies that they inspire beautiful creations, but don’t necessarily need to take the credit (beautiful). They are teachers

Just look at the dark, deep, reddish-orange hues.

Which we used during this dinner party.

My friends (Brian, Heather, Gaby, Maggy) gave me a gorgeous hostess gift bowl, displayed on our back patio with a few pieces of bittersweet. Sweet!

Inside, twigs in a simple vase.

And then creating your own piece.

Which you can move from here.

To here.

Using the basic ‘Elements of Fall.’

For others to enjoy.

Have you thought about going to your favorite florist and asking them to assist you in making your own creative floral piece?

Penny and Lu Lu provided these “Elements of Fall” today but they did not pay me to write this post. This post is linked back to The Inspired Room’s Fall Nesting Party.

You can “like” Penny and Lu Lu’s Facebook page, here. Can you guess the elements of this luscious Fall bouquet? (Okay, I’ll tell you …dill, artichoke, hydrangea leaves, fern curl, white gourds, cockscomb, broom, vibernum, scabiosa pods, cigar grass, and mahogany sunflowers.)