End of Summer Garden and Oilcloth Tablecloth!

As summer winds down, we’re still enjoying a few outdoor dinners in our backyard, but not many with school and soccer season in full-swing, and then the … Shhh … (remodel! I’m trying to be patient!)
(Elliot & new courtyard front entrance)
(new back door to right, walk-in pantry to left)
I’ve taken a very simple approach to entertaining (yes, plastic cups!)
And one of my favorite tablecloths, made from oilcloth, is perfect for outside dinners. You can make a mess and it wipes right up. It also doesn’t fade in the sun, and it’s bright and cheery!
End of summer garden – the best hot off the grill!
Simple tomatoes and basil
I can’t wait to dig these out of the ground. 
Can you guess what tasty treats we’ll be enjoying from our garden before long?
What kind of veggies or unusual foods do you barbeque?
Past gardening post, here.

11 comments on “End of Summer Garden and Oilcloth Tablecloth!”

  1. Just found your blog and I love it, what great tips

  2. I'd love to know where you purchased your oil cloth tablecloth!

  3. meant to tell you also…hang in there with the remodel!! What I thought would be a 6 month building of our first phase turned into 2 1/2 years of living in someone elses house…but it was worth it! You're doing a pretty good size remodel and doing your other "life" things on top of it. It's tough when you can't work on it 7 hours a day!

    Be blessed!!

  4. We like to grill potatoes and zuchini. I haven't grilled tomatoes but would like to try

  5. We are where the sun always shines so we bbq a lot. We love mango and fish. My husband is becoming a pro at the timing of it all.

    A combination of onions, eggplant, tomatoes, and mushroom, seem to make it to the table, often.

    Yum, I think that we need to grill, this weekend!

  6. grill: lettuce, pieces of cake

    deb meyers

  7. We love asparagus. We've also done done sweet potato, thin sliced, drizzled with honey and a few plump marshmallows on top. Yum. I love whole grilled chickens as well.

  8. Those look like sweet potatoes to me and they are so good grilled, even on the old George F.

  9. Apparently I need to find a cute oilcloth tablecloth! I just didn't know I needed one until now. LOL! :)

    I also love grilling pizzas. We found a recipe from Ina Garten on the Food Network to be the tastiest. I can't think of anything unusual that we grill…I've tried grilling fruits and most veggies, with the usual meats.

  10. Nothing beats the a good oilcloth to keep things easy! I am absolutely impressed with your meals and meal presentations DURING a remodel!!! I don't do regular meals like that withOUT a remodel going on, lol. I love how you add that extra joy to life with the perfect touches and delicious meals.

  11. We love to grill pizza! Just grill pizza dough, brush it with a blend of olive oil and garlic powder, throw on a few grilled veggies, and sprinkle with a bit of mozzarella cheese…yum!

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