It’s Proven that Entertaining Brings Happiness

I don’t know this guy, but I like most of what he says. My friend, Mary, tuned me in to his blog and, just look at #3?

3. Schedule a dinner with a group of 5 or more friends. It’s actually scientifically proven that people who have dinner in groups of 5 or more at least once per week are happier than people who don’t. Planning an event yields more return than just the event itself – the anticipation of the event gives you something to look forward to. It takes less than 2 minutes to send an email, so you have to do this one right away.

This weekend we are entertaining!

And this guy is right! The anticipation is there and I’m really excited to connect with our friends. It’s been a long time! It’s always encouraging, with inspiring conversation, challenging and renewing … maybe even a bit rejuvenating!

(Don’t you just love reversible napkins? So cool!) :)

I am happy.

Are you?

Are you having people over for dinner this weekend?

If not, how about taking less than 2 minutes and making an “invite?”

11 comments on “It’s Proven that Entertaining Brings Happiness”

  1. Totally agree that making the plans and getting together with friends makes me happy. It also seems to help my week go by quicker with something fun to look forward to at the end of it. This weekend we are doing 2 gigs – friday night with our best friends (just adults) for a quiet dinner with just the 4 of us. Saturday night will be a larger group of good friends and Saturday night will include kids (which I love because mine are all getting too old to hang with us on a sat. night). This is sort of the start of our holiday entertaining weekends … let the fun begin!

  2. i like your articles so much. please try to post them more frequently.

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  4. This is great. It reminds of when I was studying overseas. This guy in my dorm would invite people over for dinner. Everyone would bring something…and we’d crowd into his room. one time we had 20 peoples sitting all along the walls of his dorm room…really fun :) :) Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  5. So true planning a event, dinner or party is tons of fun.
    Happy day

  6. Oh Sandy! You could write an entire book on this subject! And you should! I would be the first in line to buy it!

    Even though in the beginning I may have felt butterflies in my stomach when I started entertaining – the more I opened my home to others, the more relaxed I became. And more importantly…the more comfortable I became with entertaining, the more I looked forward to it and the happier I felt. There is one couple in particular that we love getting together with it because they too look forward to getting together and like to keep things very laid back. I can call them up and say, “We’re just having sandwiches and soup but why don’t you all come over (they have 6 kids!)” And they pop over and bring dessert. It’s so fun and we always have a happy, good time. We have even done this a few times during the week!

    And as far as entertaining this weekend…we don’t have plans because we are actually preparing for a huge pancake & sausage dinner – along with lots of desserts (!!!) at our church this Tuesday night to celebrate Mardis Gras. And guess what – – – the men are doing the cooking!!! And we ladies are doing the serving!!! I’m very happy! LOL!!! :-)

    Have a great weekend…and thank you so much for the mentioning me! You’re the best! :-)


  7. Guess that is why we get kind of bored with our own company after too long without dinner guests and not just the same people. I think we are finally rested up from our full on minstry overseas that included lots of hospitality, meals, coffee, desserts only, breakfast, overnight over a weekend and more for years.
    Time to reach out some more.

  8. Any blog that you and Mary like I’m sure to like as well. Off to check it out. We’re having both sets of parents/grandparents over for dinner after a school play on Sunday. Have a marvelous weekend!

  9. No plans for this weekend…we are attending a 50th wedding anniversary party for a couple from our church and who my hubby’s family has been friends with for probably over 40 years.

    I do love having get togethers though it often seems the times are few and far between when sports are in full swing.

  10. I totally believe that this is true. Getting together just once a week helps you to feel connected!

  11. The entire Winter Break weekend (today through Tuesday) is filled with get-togethers with friends. Tomorrow night is pizza with a family before a sleepover for my son; Sunday meal-planning with a girlfriend; Monday Chuck E Cheese (hey, we’ve got young kids!); and Tuesday more play and mama chat with another friend. I’m looking forward to it, but I am still a reluctant entertainer.

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