If you’ve followed along with my recent trip to Park City, UT for the EVO ’10 conference, I want to share with you a very fun and tasty day. Over at the Alpine House, tucked away in this little village (photo below), I was able to meet 3 new friends and mingle with some amazing bloggers.

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Helene Dujardin from Tartelette (amazing photographer and incredibly classy blogger), and Helen Jane from Helen Jane.com (another entertaining enthusiast), Jane Maynard from This Week for Dinner (brilliant) …

OK, are you as mixed up as I am with all the Helens and the Janes? LOL. Just re-read those names again!

Stephanie Robinette (on the right) from All Recipes (This was a fun connection for me because I included a link to their website in my new book coming out in August, The Reluctant Entertainer – Yay! All Recipes is a definite “go-to” website for any level of cook.)

Our session was like … 3 hours long? Of eating, mingling, eating, cooking session with top-notch chefs, eating, photography, eating, friends …

The tables were elegant.

The food was out of this world. (Check out Aggie’s post for more food pix.)

Gift bags for all.

Gourmet treats at the end.

Aggie and I having a bit of fun with the cupcakes (I look like a dork!)

Again, I feel blessed with this group of ladies.

Hospitality was perfect-O!

An awesome way to spend 3 hours with great people, learning about food, photography, blogging … and bonding as friends. It always feels right when you’re surrounded with others who enjoy food as much as you do!

Food is a conduit for connection and a better of way of living, for sure!

Do you have good friends that you enjoy leisurely dining with?

(I’m over at SC Johnson today … The Joy of Taking Meals to Others: Keep it Simple!)