EVO ’10: My Friends Love Food, Too!

If you’ve followed along with my recent trip to Park City, UT for the EVO ’10 conference, I want to share with you a very fun and tasty day. Over at the Alpine House, tucked away in this little village (photo below), I was able to meet 3 new friends and mingle with some amazing bloggers.

Helene Dujardin from Tartelette (amazing photographer and incredibly classy blogger), and Helen Jane from Helen Jane.com (another entertaining enthusiast), Jane Maynard from This Week for Dinner (brilliant) …

OK, are you as mixed up as I am with all the Helens and the Janes? LOL. Just re-read those names again!

Stephanie Robinette (on the right) from All Recipes (This was a fun connection for me because I included a link to their website in my new book coming out in August, The Reluctant Entertainer – Yay! All Recipes is a definite “go-to” website for any level of cook.)

Our session was like … 3 hours long? Of eating, mingling, eating, cooking session with top-notch chefs, eating, photography, eating, friends …

The tables were elegant.

The food was out of this world. (Check out Aggie’s post for more food pix.)

Gift bags for all.

Gourmet treats at the end.

Aggie and I having a bit of fun with the cupcakes (I look like a dork!)

Again, I feel blessed with this group of ladies.

Hospitality was perfect-O!

An awesome way to spend 3 hours with great people, learning about food, photography, blogging … and bonding as friends. It always feels right when you’re surrounded with others who enjoy food as much as you do!

Food is a conduit for connection and a better of way of living, for sure!

Do you have good friends that you enjoy leisurely dining with?

(I’m over at SC Johnson today … The Joy of Taking Meals to Others: Keep it Simple!)

16 comments on “EVO ’10: My Friends Love Food, Too!”

  1. That food session was amazing – I wish I could have stayed for the whole thing – but glad I get to see your photos and recap!

  2. It looks like you were in heaven and enjoying the treats :) The more I read about EVO from all of you the more I want to go next year. Thanks so much for sharing.
    PS: August is around the corner darlin’ :) Wahoo!!

  3. What a wonderful time you must have had! I wish I could have gotten to some of these other events, but I just went to Camp Blogaway in May.

    Thanks for sharing the photos!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the comment. I’ve subscribed to your blog and look forward to more great posts.

  5. This looks like so much fun! Food is a wonderful way to cultivate new friendships.

  6. Sandy, you are one lucky girl. Looks like an absolute blast! When I read your blog, I almost always think of your mama and know how happy she’d be watching your life!
    Love you cousin.

  7. Hi-I was unable to attend EVO but am hoping to meet you soon-thanks for sharing this recap and congrats on the book!

  8. I had such a great time socializing with everyone at this event. Never enough time to chat and meet everyone, but awesome to in the presence of all of you foodies. Can’t wait to reconnect and more conferences in the future and hopefully, at evo’11!

    I’m so glad you came out as well as participated in last night’s #gno Twitter party. Your foodie/entertaining tips and expertise are awesome!


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  10. Looks like an amazing time! I love nothing better than a fabulous dinner hanging out with my friends…one of my favorite ways to spend the evening…the kids running around and playing while the adults enjoy great food and conversations (of course we feed the kids too). Cannot wait for you book!

  11. Other than the group that I got to “leisurely” dine with at Evo…I have a couple of gals locally that I love enjoying good food and wine with. It’s so nice to have a no rush dinner once in a while to really connect with each other.

    Fun pics! What I would do for another one of those treats! :)

  12. It was great to meet you, Sandy, and spend a little time with you over a great meal. Great photos of the event!

  13. allrecipes.com is definitely my go-to site too.

    And looks like a wonderful, wonderful time!

  14. It was so fun to hangout with you at evo! I can’t wait until our next meet up. Miss you! Great recap post! Josh says hi:)

  15. “Food is a conduit for connection.” I like that statement. It’s TRUE.

    We’ve helped to start a new church in the past few months. We meet in an elementary school building–nothing fancy or beautiful in the setting. But every single Sunday we share a potluck lunch together after worship services. Several times we’ve stopped and said, “Do we want to keep doing this? Are people tired of it?” And the answer is always the same: People are NOT tired of it. People treasure this time together. Because food is a conduit for connection–so this is the place we connect.

    Love you!

  16. Yes, I do. It’s a very small and specific group, though.

    I love allrecipes.com! I agree that it is a must go to site. I love the comments, suggestions, and ratings as much as the recipes.

    Looks like a wonderful time was had, dorky eating faces and all.

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