EVO ’10: Social Media for Social Good!

Hospitality is all about making one feel warm and welcome. That’s what my 1st Commandment to hospitable living is all about. And that’s exactly what Jyl (Mom it Forward) and Rachael (Todays Mama) did this past weekend in Park City, UT when they coordinated the EVO ’10 conference. It was a fabulous time with incredible speakers. I just felt so welcomed by all.

What an amazing place to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation! My wonderful husband, my daughter and her friend, came along, and we explored the mountains and the great outdoors together the first day.

I was inspired, to tears, with the Make A Wish presentation about online social activism with a personal and inspirational story. We learned how an organization uses social media to raise money, build strategic partnerships, and share its message. It reminded me of this large group fundraising event which I was a part of planning a few months ago. Another cause saving lives today.

Giving. We walked away with a better understanding of what it means to be a part of a community. What it means to give. And how we bloggers can be a part of this by giving back ourselves to what we believe in.

One of the blessings for me was hanging with this group of gals, some new and some old friends. (Jane Maynard, Helen Dujardin, Katie Goodman, Kristen Doyle, Maria Lichty, me, Amy Johnson, Aggie Goodman, Tina Butler.)

And the wonderful Bush’s Beans family who brought me to Park City, who we enjoyed several intimate meals with. I can’t say enough about our time together …


350 Main.

Mm-m-m … what to order?”

Of course we analyzed the meals we ate as “Foodies” do, discussing what kind of beans and other ingredients were used, but more importantly we engaged as a family, getting to know each other on a more intimate level. (Thank you Bush’s Beans, for caring about and encouraging eating together and family life! Your example of how you did this for us says a lot about your company.)

Come back Tuesday to meet a very special guest here at RE while she talks about entertaining when on vacation. Also stay tuned as I’ll be sharing a recipe that I personally created for the EVO ’10 Closing Event.

Yes, they served one of my recipes at the Bush’s Beans sponsored western-themed closing dinner for almost 500 people Saturday night! Very exciting!

Were you at EVO? I’d love to hear your thoughts about the conference, or just a quick hello!?

(I have entered into a partnership with Bush’s Beans, as they paid for all my expenses while at Evo ‘10, but I’d cook with their beans anyway, because we just love beans! They did not pay me or tell me to write these nice thoughts today; I was inclined to on my own.)

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  3. Oh I am missing you already girl! Love the recap, and yes I do agree, Jyl and Rachel did one heck of a job making us all feel welcome. I am missing everyone and I would have to admit that our dinners out with our newest family were my favorite part. It was great getting to know everyone even more since last time. Unforgettable time. xo

  4. I am so thrilled that you had this time away and this opportunity!

  5. Thanks for the great pix It was great meeting up with you and your lovely family

  6. I loved hearing all about your trip :) Wish I could have made EVO but maybe next year. Great photos!!

  7. Great pics and post! So great to have you at EVO this year! Bush’s Beans threw one heck of a shindig – glad you were part of that!

  8. Thanks for sharing your experience. And congrats on your partnership with Bush’s Beans! Is your beans recipe available?

  9. You have a new fan in me.
    Can’t wait to collaborate!

  10. Thanks so much for being a part of evo’10. The Bush’s team was truly amazing and I appreciate you creating such an awesome recipe, adding to the closing party dinner.

    I’m excited to tweet with you at the Bush’s Beans #gno Twitter party this Wednesday night. Can’t wait to learn more from you on food and entertainment.


  11. Sandy, it was great to meet you. I just wish I could have stayed for the entire conference – it sounds as though the presentations were informative and inspiring.

  12. Wow, looks like all the girls had a blast! What fun. You can see the wonderful sense of community you felt in your words and your photos. What an amazing experience for all of you. I love hearing about it all. Bet your Bean Salad was a huge hit!

  13. Hi, Sandy, sounds like a great conference. There are so many of them now to take advantage of. While you were in Utah, me & my hubby were in Seattle, so not so far away from your home.

  14. Looking forward to Tuesday and the special guest. Your adventures sounds just wonderful. I would love something like that!

  15. Wow, what a beautiful place to hold a get together. And how cool that you got to spend time getting to know some new friends and bond with some old ones.
    Thanks for taking us along with you.

  16. Wow, sounds like fun!!! Can’t wait for Tuesdays post. Often when we go to sunriver for our family vacation we invite others to join us throughout our usual 2 weeks there (yep 2 weeks, but it’s usually our only out of town vacation). It’s fun to have others join us. We take turns with meals etc…

  17. Love your pictures! Miss you already.

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