One thing that makes me a better person, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, and even hostess is a certain friend missing in my life right now.
Meet my missing friend:  exercise.
Exercise helps me in many aspects of my life.  It gives me more energy and better sleep, which gives me more time to plan and be organized, it helps me think clearer and it even helps me spiritually.  I find that I have more patience and creativity when I exercise.
I didn’t realize how much I needed my friend in my life.  Having foot surgery has taken me out of commission for a while, so my last exercise routine with my friend Jenny went like this.  It was over an hour of pure workout.  Ahhhh …
Friendly cows
And horses
Wild flowers
Childhood memories – moving irrigation pipes
Views – Roxy Ann
Soothing ponds
Sharing life
More memories – picking gallons of blackberries
Back to the car to say good-bye
I miss my workout friends, and my exercise. I miss our inspirational talks and the encouragement that we give one another.  I just need to be patient. And heal.
Do you have a regular workout routine, and do you think exercise makes you a better person?
(Last two pix: Jenny’s dog Buddy being friendly with a cow.  He wasn’t actually with us the day of this walk, but this photo is priceless. Buddy doesn’t know a stranger.)