For a very busy family (we have 3 soccer players and one coach in our family!), and because of where the economy has taken us, our family has benefited from 24-hour getaways rather than longer weekends away. We’ve been able to enjoy family fun times within an hour of where we live, which has been a real blessing.
This last weekend was to a lake where our family has never been, where we were invited to stay in a cabin for one night, with some very hospitable friends!
After a 3 1/2 hour hike.
And dog-tired.
And tired doggies.
And happy family time (how did my kids get so tall?)
Enjoying God’s beauty.
We headed back to a cozy time with hors d’oeuvres and a salmon dinner (have you ever seen a broiler at the bottom of an oven like this?) cooked by me and our good friend Minor.
And a very happy birthday to our friend, Jeannie.
One thing about 24-hour getaways is that you don’t have to plan for much food or packing, you don’t really have to take much of anything, which makes putting away even less when you get home!
Yes, family time is sometimes the best, away from home!