Family love is like the wind; instinctive, raw, fragile, beautiful. At times angry, but always unstoppable. It is our collective breath. It is the world’s greatest force.
James McBride

The house was full of excitement and laughter, as the neighborhood kids were over for a few hours hanging out, playing and swimming. But then it was time to send them all home.

We told our kids at 6pm we were having a “family evening.”

Hosting kids is a blast. They are always welcome in our home. But it’s very important that we preserve time for just our family to hang, have discussions, watch different movies, often our favorite television show, and sometimes watch and discuss a NOOMA series DVD!

Last night the kids and I put together our favorite Enchilada Pie. Basically, you take any leftovers in the fridge (in this case leftover barbequed squash and Vidalia onions from the night before), blend it up in the blender or Cuisinart, and add it to your meat and enchilada sauce.

Season accordingly and then layer tortillas, cheese and the sauce in a spring form pan (lined with parchment paper). Bake at 350 until bubbly and hot.

Slice like a cake and serve! Yummy with sour cream or your favorite toppings on top.

We grabbed our plates of food and headed upstairs to watch the classic, Grapes of Wrath. Our kids have learned the value of watching old classic movies, even though they aren’t always the most exciting or action-packed, and are often in black and white.

In the end, our discussions are meaningful. In this case, sullenness engulfed us as we ended up talking about the kids’ Grandpa Tom, and the hardship he endured as a boy pretty close to the same time period as the movie portrayed.

Family time is rich. Our kids went to bed with more gratitude in their hearts last night for their abundant lives and happy family. They understand more and more the value of “family time.”

And speaking of family, we enjoyed a relaxing evening at my sister’s this past weekend. It was a carefree evening, for sure! (photo of my sis, Linda, and me!)