Favorite Entertaining Things + iPAD Giveaway!

Entertaining Giveaway

Holidays to me mean a lot of entertaining, whether simple appetizers, a dessert party, or a sit-down dinner party! Today’s post is all about sharing My Favorite Entertaining! One lucky winner gets the entire gift pack (items listed below).

To celebrate the holidays, I’ve teamed up with 7 other bloggers to each share a few of our favorite things with our readers and give you the opportunity to win one, or all, of our favorite loves. And as another present to you, with each entry on every blog you’ll be entered to win a 16 GB Apple iPad Air.

Apple iPad Air

That is right! You can win my Favorite Things + the iPad Air!

Every blogger’s giveaway is different so make sure you hop around to see what awesome gifts you can win.

1. Love & Olive Oil | 2. Skinnytaste | 3. Reluctant Entertainer | 4. RecipeGirl | 5. A Southern Fairytale | 6. Gimme Some Oven | 7. Mountain Mama Cooks | 8. FoodieCrush


My Favorite Entertaining Things!

1. Black napkins, a white glass plate, a canning jar (add your own cranberries and a tea light candle), and a set of 3 glass dishes.

2. MudPie “Company’s Coming!” tea towel and 3 darling appetizer utensils, 2 very cool garnishing tools, and 10 Wilton black and white doilies to make your white plate POP.

3. Fun chalkboard wall hanging – to write whatever you want on (from Creative Co-op).

4. Crate & Barrel. Buy your own set of appetizer plates – $25 gift card.

You are set. Entertaining is easy, especially if you have the right dishes and fun little extra pieces to make it special. I love how you can buy the essential pieces from the Dollar Store to get started, too. Oh, and by the way, no one asked me to share or promote their products – this is my own Favorite Things giveaway that I feel honored to offer my RE readers!

Here’s how it works:

-Enter to win my Favorite Entertaining Things gift pack, using the giveaway Rafflecopter widget below ($75 value).

-Take another look at the other other 7 bloggers (above) and their giveaway items in the collage above, and head on over to their sites to enter to win their favorite things, too.

-One winner will be chosen to receive my Favorite Entertaining Things Giveaway. All entries on my blog will be added to the other bloggers’ entry lists. From that list one Grand Prize Winner of the Apple 16 MB iPad Air will be selected via random.org.

-Every time you enter, it’s another change to win this amazing GRAND PRIZE GIFT, the iPad Air.

What’s your favorite way to entertain over the holidays?

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This giveaway is sponsored by me! Merry Christmas to my most valued readers – I am grateful for you!

546 comments on “Favorite Entertaining Things + iPAD Giveaway!”

  1. Love to entertain with cocktails!

  2. I love hanging out with friends and family that make me happy – that’s the best way to spend holiday season!

  3. My favourite way to entertain during the holiday is to cook a lot of food and sit down with all my family and friends and enjoy with a nice glass (or two) of wine!

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  5. My favorite way to entertain during the holidays is casually — buffet style.

  6. I love mixing up some fancy cocktails!! So fun!

  7. I like to set up a hot chocolate bar.

  8. Just the words, “Merry Christmas!”

  9. I love to make fun appetizers like goat cheese with quince paste or almond stuffed bacon wrapped dates.

  10. I love having friends over to decorate the tree!

  11. I entertain by going to my moms house and bringing all the Christmas cookies I’ve made.

  12. I love to spend one to two days prior to the event cooking up a storm with my mom in the kitchen – I think I enjoy it more than she does! I like getting as much done ahead of time as possible, so that when the guests arrive, I can be social instead of checking on a million things in the oven :)

  13. Prepping ahead and spending time with family

  14. I don’t do any of the entertaining in my tiny apartment so my form of spreading the blessing of Christmas is saying Merry Christmas to everyone I encounter and sending cards to my loved ones.

  15. I follow you on Pinterest. (dominustecum)

  16. I Tweeted about the giveaway. (@fitzelizabeth)

  17. I love to have family and friends over for snacks and wine

  18. I love hosting a potluck rather than my own dinner party. It is always fun to see what everyone brings – it is always so different and a great way to try new things!

  19. I haven’t gotten to the point of entertaining yet, but I think bringing sweet and spicy nuts to snack on will become a tradition!

  20. I like being casual with my family and friends over the holidays.

  21. I love to have friends over for cookie and gift exchanges.

  22. I like low key entertaining during the holidays. Getting together with just a few people at a time takes the stress out of the holidays for me.

  23. I love having simple potluck parties!

  24. quiet family dinner and yummy baked treats

  25. I love low-key get togethers with friends. Quiet music, conversation, drinks, appetizers, and the light of the Christmas tree!

  26. Love to entertain with appetizers and a white elephant gift exchange

  27. I love having family and friends over for dinner during the holidays!

  28. A fondue party with friends :)

  29. I love to entertain with appetizers and cocktails!!

  30. Charcuterie platter. . for sure!!! and wine!

  31. Love small spur of the moment get togethers

  32. I love hot chocolate parties!

  33. Love to have friends over for drinks, appetizers and cookies!

  34. hanging out with friends – something casual

  35. My favorite way to entertain is a laid back get together with lots of friends.

  36. My favorite way to entertain? Yes…I like it all :) I especially like entertaining with an activity, like decorating cookies together!

  37. I love to entertain at my house, just a laid back meal with something special (a dish, a game, a gift, etc).

  38. I love to entertain with anything handmade. I feel it shows love and care. I also have an open door policy, everyone is welcome.

  39. My favorite way to entertain is with a cookie exchange! My favorite kind of party :-)

  40. Love to have friends over to bake/decorate cookies and drink wine

  41. With a lot of wassail

  42. potluck! bring your favorites…

  43. I love to have friends over for appetizers and cocktail.

  44. I love to entertain at home with friends and family around.

  45. My favorite way to entertain for the holidays is to cook a nice meal, eat around the table, and have nice, fun, lively conversation.

  46. My favorite way to entertain over the holidays is with appetizers, dips/veggies and some wine. Just very casual so everyone is comfortable and not stressed!

  47. I love holiday crafting parties!

  48. Easy and casual with good friends

  49. I love baking tons of cookies, cakes, and all sorts of candies. Then invite family and friends over to enjoy them with us.

  50. I make a huge brunch and then a huge dinner and friends and family come and go as they need to, whether it is to work or wherever else they need to be.

  51. casual get togethers with friends and family.

  52. I like to entertain at the holidays with appetizers and cocktails.

  53. Wine tasting party!

  54. I like to have family over for a potluck dinner on Christmas eve and then we all go to church together.

  55. cook a lot of food

  56. I love to have a Christmas brunch! So many yummy foods to choose from and a great excuse to mix up some champagne cocktails.

  57. I love a great big potluck where everyone can share a favorite dish and the recipe.

  58. I love having friends over for dessert. I love to bake…such a great excuse to bake too much and have some fun without having to plan out a full dinner.

  59. Having a small party for friends and family!

  60. i love reading,so my mum bought this book for me.it called ‘THE MAGIC’ by Rhonda Byrne

  61. My favorite way is to have a snack and baked goods potluck.

  62. We have a small house. So serving buffet style is the easiest way to go. Plus I’m free to hold my new baby grandson as much as I want once everything’s out!

  63. Looks like a lot of fun

  64. small family dinner, watching Christmas movies and enjoying homemade goodies

  65. I love to incorporate a craft project into my holiday parties – maybe decorating cookies, making holiday ornaments. The holidays can be stressful, so it’s nice to have something fun to do to unwind, especially when it’s a group of people that might not know each other well.

  66. I try to go to other people’s parties and not worry too much about things during holidays ;)

  67. buffet style simplifies things but everyone still manages to have a good time

  68. Sharing food and time with my family and friends is my favorite thing about the holidays

  69. I love to use my three way crockpot when entertaining! Love hot dips

  70. I like to entertain by doing a cookie swap :)

  71. I love just having a simple night with everyone over to relax, talk, and have a few drinks!

  72. I love white elephant gift exchanges!

  73. Christmas Eve with the family is my favorite way to entertain during the holidays.

  74. I love low-key, just hanging out with friends with plenty of good food!

  75. My favorite way to entertain involves a pot luck with friends. The meal comes together in an interesting way because everyone has different cooking styles and favorite things to make, and the bonus is that the food is already made and everyone only had to make one or two things, so when we’re all together, we can spend time with one another rather than in the kitchen!

  76. at someone else’s house! :)

  77. I entertain very small groups to make it personal

  78. friends over for easy appetizers and a glass of wine

  79. Having friends and family over for a party, love that we take the time at such a busy time of year!

  80. I love to entertain with good wine and good friends!

  81. It’s not a party without cocktails and appetizers!

  82. Simple gathering of light appetizers with focus on visiting around fireplace.

  83. Casual parties with friends are the best way to celebrate the holidays. low key and fun!

  84. We’re doing a kids cookie decorating party this year. Usually my favorite is brunch + mimosas :)

  85. Love to entertain with cocktails and appetizers!

  86. My fave way to spend the holidays is with my family on Christmas eve! We love just being together and laughing!

  87. I love to host a Yankee swap.

  88. My favorite way to entertain during the holidays is with easy comfort food. We make homemade breadsticks and soups.

  89. I don’t entertain much, but my favorite thing is to spend time with my family at my mothers house. :)

  90. Everybody bringing a favorite dish and hanging out with a fire going is a great way to entertain and have fun!

  91. I love to have open houses so people can come, eat/socialize and go as they please!

  92. I love to make a couple of big dishes, and then have the guests bring their favorite sides, and turn it into a tasting party!

  93. I don’t entertain anymore, I travel to be with family on holidays

  94. I love to entertain with my homemade eggnog :)

  95. I love hosting a New Year’s Day Bloody Mary brunch.

  96. I like to keep it simple, with close friends and good food. Next year I want to try a cookie exchange party!

  97. I love to host a holiday potluck!

  98. I love to have friends and family over for cocktails and a nice dinner!

  99. I love to get all the family together and make new family memories.

  100. I like to cook for family.

  101. By keeping it simple with appetizers and finger foods

  102. I love to have craft parties with lots of mulled cider!

  103. I love to entertain with baked goodies, in fact with anything that I can cook! Food is it, I just love to experiment in the kitchen and cook for others!!

  104. Potluck – gives everyone a chance to bring something and makes it easier for the hostess!

  105. I like to make holiday cookies!

  106. I like having a cookie swap party.

  107. I really like casual and/or family get togethers.

  108. A cookie swap or book gift exchange party for the little ones.

  109. Love to hang out with friends

  110. potluck everyone brings some thing I supply the drinks

  111. I am not good at hosting anything at the holidays or any other time, but I have the fondest memories of impromptu get togethers with friends to celebrate the season.

  112. I like to entertain with comfort food.

  113. I love to make it a family event. We all help prepare the food and get to spend time together while doing it!

  114. Hosting friends and family for Christmas Eve :-)

  115. Favorite way to entertain is a cookie exchange! We have so much fun baking different types of cookies and then each of us taking home a variety of all the cookies :)

  116. We usually don’t host anything at the holidays because of travel, but we have been trying to do more game nights at our house with my husband’s parents, brother and sister-in-law.

  117. I love to entertain with simple finger foods and cocktails!

  118. I love causal entertaining at home with friends and family by the fireplace.

  119. White Elephants are fun!

  120. quietly and in my jammies.

  121. Baking and cooking for family and friends!

  122. I love doing bottle shares of craft beer!

  123. Cook a head of time~buffet style~and then ENJOY time with friends and family.

  124. My favorite way to entertain during the holidays is with an open house with a somewhat short time schedule (maybe 2 to 3 hours). It gives everyone the chance to pop in without making a crazy time commitment and I don’t have to worry about entertaining a huge group of people for hours.

  125. i love cocktails!

  126. I like to entertain during the holiday with easy make ahead appetizers.

  127. Favorite way to entertain: no stress, just have a few friends over and make delicious goodies to share. I love cookie swaps too. And Dollar Store gift swaps. Merry Christmas to you!

  128. Having friends over for super-causal, relaxed evenings!

  129. I love to have friends over for a holiday party where I serve lots of fun appetizers and cocktails.

  130. My favorite way to entertain during the holiday is to bake, bake, bake!

  131. Getting together for lunch!!

  132. I love to have a casual get together with friends, wine, and food.

  133. I like to entertain with a buffet of finger foods and easy appetizers.

  134. I like having friends and family over for a holiday party with dinner and dessert and wine!

  135. Getting together for hot chocolate or coffee!

  136. Having close friends over for wine and gifts.

  137. I really don’t entertain that much, but I do enjoy fixing a big Christmas lunch for family.

  138. Cocktails and baked goods are always good ideas.

  139. My favourite way to entertain is with my sister and her family! I love taking turns at each others houses

  140. Stress free!
    Today we are celebrating my son’s tenth birthday with more people than we have ever fit into our small house. Oh well. they all love us . It will be tight but cozy and fun.

  141. i love casual family gatherings!

  142. Good food and great friends.

  143. I love to have a dessert bar at my house! Christmas desserts are so wonderful.

  144. tree trimming party

  145. Nice smelling candles, decadent desserts, and fabulous wine!

  146. to cook with my Mom while listening to our holiday music

  147. Hosting a cookie exchange, I’m having some girlfriends over on Thursday, should be fun!

  148. I love to entertain with lots of food and a relaxed environment: buffet style, sit/stand wherever you want (living room, dining room, kitchen, …)

  149. Appetizers….lots of little choices.

  150. I love to have a low-key night by the fire with bourbon cider cocktails ad maybe a few cookies.

  151. A cookie exchange!

  152. Baking/making holiday treats for friends in my warm kitchen!

  153. Bourbon balls!

  154. I love to entertain with a casual and festive Christmas Eve brunch for family and friends. So much fun!

  155. Love family time at Christmas!

  156. I love to bake. Also I’m obsessed with Pinterest, so my friends always know I’ll have a fun new creation to try!

  157. I love very casual entertaining during the holidays

  158. Favorite way to entertain? Just come over. LOL.

  159. It’s food and music and MORE food and music all the way for me. It doesn’t so much matter which food, and which music, as much as it matters WHO!

  160. Getting friends together for a cookie exchange is a great way to celebrate the holidays!!

  161. I love sewing and specialty coffees!

  162. I’m really not an entertainer. We have 2 family members here for Christmas & that is it. So holidays are very simple. Honestly I like it that way

  163. Bake, bake, bake!!!!

  164. I love to entertain family and friends with a sit down dinner on Christmas Day. When my kids were younger we did both Eve and Day.

  165. I love to entertain with my close family.

  166. I love having cocktail parties with lots of little bits.

  167. I love laid back gatherings with family and friends where we all pass out favorite foods and relax !

  168. A relaxed atmosphere, lots of Christmas lights and candles, great Christmas music, lots of finger foods and great friends.

  169. I don’t entertain a lot but I love to just spend time with friends

  170. always have Christmas cookies!

  171. My favorite way to entertain is with a small gathering of friends and family

  172. Sharing food and fellowship with family and friends is my favorite way of entertaining.

    Thoughts in Progress

  173. I like to make an assortment of appetizers and lots of sweets:-)

  174. My favorite way to entertain in with small groups and my favorite appetizers. Just relax and enjoy….

  175. Love Cookie swaps!!

  176. My favourite way to entertain during the holidays is to host a board game night with food and booze. We make sure to have the mixings for everyone’s favourite drinks, and I bake sweets and savoury sides to have snack food around. Then we play things like Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Arkham Horror, Bang!, or Cards Against Humanity.

  177. Good food and good drinks and the best company is the way to entertain during the holidays (accompanied by a roaring fire and snow on the ground outside) :)

  178. Cocktails and dessert

  179. Spending time with family and friends

  180. cookie exchange

  181. I like quiet evenings with wine or cocktails, Hors d’oeuvres, soft music and friends. And sometimes I follow it with a simple but elegant dinner.

  182. Every year my husband and I host a party at the country club because otherwise we can NEVER hit our required spending. I love that party – I get to get kind of dressed up (girls night out), have fun with my friends, eat amazing food and not have to stress or worry or clean up.

    I love having other fun get togethers over the summer, but for holiday entertaining, our annual party can’t be beat.

  183. Love to have a beautiful table but set up a buffet, I think people enjoy a buffet when it’s set up beautifully too.

  184. I like doing party platters

  185. I love entertaining with cocktails and appetizers!

  186. A tea party with a nice spread of sweets!

  187. I love having friends over for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres for the holidays.

  188. Just a nice simply,very stress free, get together with the people I love most in the world.

  189. What a fun giveaway! I love an “Open House”–lots of yummy nibbles and beverages out on tables; friends coming and going.

  190. My fav way to entertain is to make yummy food , which has gotten easier since Pinterest !! And have those I care about most all under one roof

  191. My favorite thing lately is holiday shopping!

  192. We always have a Christmas Eve fondue bar! With freshly caught Dungoness crabs from some friends!

  193. I like to spend the holidays with the family. Just a big hodge podge of people!

  194. My favorite way to entertain during the holiday is having a simple sit down dinner with close friends and family.

  195. my favorite way to entertain is to feed people (of course) their favorite things! or to have fun themed meals like a decorated waffle bar, full on brunches, etc!

  196. charcuterie and champagne!

  197. I love to entertian with delicious baked goods

  198. I love to entertain by cooking for my family and making homemade gifts for family and friends

  199. I like having a relaxing meal with friends & family. Serve it up buffet style & let everyone go at it

  200. I love making appetizers for my parties.

  201. My favorite way to entertain is a casual cocktail party with good snacks and great drinks. Cheers!

  202. We do not entertain much anymore. But we use to have friends over with drinks or punch and appetizers and maybe later after most of the people are gone would settle in to play cards with a few of out closest friends. Of course family is a completely different way.

  203. I love potlucks. I know so many great cooks and it is fun to share and learn from each other.

  204. My favorite way to entertain is, Buffet Style.

  205. A big Hanuakkah party with latkes and donuts!

  206. Potluck dinner parties. (My fellow grad students and I also sometimes have end-of-the-term waffle parties where everyone brings waffle toppings to share.)

  207. I like to have a dinner party with cheese appetizer and a big dessert

  208. I love nothing more than a super casual night in with good wine (preferably some warm mulled wine), friends and a fire…and the kids at Grandma and Grandpa’s house!

  209. I love to have a Christmas Cookie exchange

  210. my favorite way to entertain is to bake!

  211. I entertain with treats and eggnog

  212. Big pots of soup, many bottles of wine and easy weeknight dinner parties

  213. Love to light some winter candles and enjoy the soft light of a Christmas tree.

  214. My way to make any holiday gathering feel cozy is mulled wine and spiced cider!

  215. Cookies and Cocoa Christmas movie night!

  216. I like to host little appetizer or dessert parties. Everyone brings something, but it’s much less fuss than a full meal!

  217. I love a cookie exchange as a means to entertain

  218. I love to have a cocktail party with hors d’oeuvres and Christmas goodies!!

  219. An open house…

  220. I love to bake! If we have guests staying with us overnight during the holidays, I love to put out a big breakfast spread: cinnamon rolls, quiches, ebleskivers, fresh fruit, orange juliuses, etc.

  221. My favorite holiday entertaining revolves around a cookie swap – so much fun :)

  222. My fav way to entertain is a formal sit down dinner

  223. Baked brie and a lot of cookies!

  224. Make a big main dish like a lasagna or hotspot with some sides and have everyone gather around the table and eat together! :)

  225. i like to host holiday parties and share good food with friends and family

  226. I like to have family get togethers where everyone brings their favorite dish. Sometimes we have it at my house and sometimes we have it at my MIL’s house.

  227. My entertainment is simple: combine alcohol & board games. Wine & Scattergories. Beer & Apples to Apples. Moonshine & Strip Poker. Maybe throw in some cereal for later.

    Thanks for the opportunity! Merry Christmas!

  228. I like to entertain with board games and cocktails

  229. Love to read a good book, or watch a good movie

  230. I like to entertain with lots of appetizers and nice music

  231. i am a major foodie so i like to entertain my providing a variety of different foods! i like bring people new things they haven’t tried it!

  232. Not sure, really. I’ve moved a bunch over the past few years and haven’t had a lot of folks over. Something I should work on, I guess! :)

  233. Brunch on a Sunday morning. So fun and easy.

  234. I love to entertain by serving a buffet style meal.

  235. Decorating, dinner with family, and lots of home baked goodies!

  236. I like to make a simple meal (usually in the crockpot) with simple sides and appetizers, so I can spend more time visiting with family and friends!

  237. I like having having noshes out and a buffet, casual but comfortable.

  238. I like to bake with my friends and family!

  239. i like to keep it simple with fondue – less prepping, more time spent with family. :)

  240. I like to spend the holidays leisurely doing what I like when I want.

  241. Favorite way to entertain is with lots of good food, wine, and desserts!

  242. I cook most of the holiday food the day before, so that when guests arrive I’m not spending all of my time in the kitchen! :)

    Happy Holidays.

  243. With good fun some fun games and great music :)

  244. Love spending the Christmas season with my girls and their friends. Also the time spent with family.

  245. Favorite way to entertain…potluck!

  246. I love entertaining in my home good friends and new possible new good friends in a very casual way. Jeans and comfy tops of your choice or wear your pajamas just feel welcome and have a good time! Dining is buffet style and drinks are make your own the way you like it remembering to drink responsibly or I will have your keys! I always try to get things done in a way that allows me to get the kitchen clean and relax with a little toddy before party time. Crock pots and warming trays make that possible Oh! and the Fondue Pot.

  247. I love to host game or movie nights with festive apps & drinks!

  248. I love baking for all of my friends and family during the holidays!

  249. potluck simple stress free and fun

  250. Love to invite family and friends over for small intimate get togethers

  251. My favorite way to entertain is to do buffet with two meats and assorted veggies and desserts

  252. To have a nice meal with family at home is how I like to entertain. :) After we eat together we play games or watch a movie.

  253. I like to cook and eat yummy food, dance, and travel!

  254. I love to entertain casually with soup and sandwiches.

  255. I love hanging out with family!

  256. My favorite way to entertain is at someone else’s house! I just volunteer to help with cooking and/or clean-up.

  257. Entertain w/apps and desserts during the holidays

  258. My fav way is to DIY gifts and bake for my close friends (:

  259. I love a cookie swap party!

  260. I love to have a white elephant gift exchange. They are so fun and people are so creative with it.

  261. My favorite things include all of our trees….nine this year…..and entertaining various groups of friends and family.

  262. my favorite way to entertain during the holiday is having a group over and eating appetizers and drinking Christmas drinks!

  263. To have extra meals in the freezer for visiting family.

  264. I love potlucks–takes the burden of doing all of the cooking off of me!

  265. Cookie Exchange!

  266. Bonding over fun games with a delicious dinner and great drinks.

  267. We love to do casual Christmas dinner and play games for the rest of the night. It gets crazy!

  268. I love small gatherings with family and close friends.

  269. playing board games, drinking and eating snacks!

  270. Love having friends and family over for the holidays, and baking for neighbors and friends as gifts.

  271. Having friends and family over!

  272. I love buffet style– the ease, and the fun of decorating for it– no downsides:)

  273. Thanks so much for sharing and doing this!!

    I love having an ugly sweater christmas party and taking photos of everyone like a photo booth!! Puts a smile on everyones face and always have a great time!! Plus all the creative sweaters is so fun!!

    Thanks so much and Happy Christmas!!

    Xx Siobhan

  274. Spontaneous gatherings of friends and family!

  275. I like to entertain by having game nights with lots of great treats. It’s casual and fun and low pressure.

  276. Feeding as many people as possible….Love to cook for the holidays….

  277. I love having an appetizer and dessert bar. Very casual so everyone feels relaxed.

  278. My favorite way to celebrate is with family and a beautiful party

  279. I love small dinner parties with great food and conversation.

  280. I like to keep things casual with family and friends, potlucks are always nice.

  281. I love hosting cookie exchange parties!

  282. A love having a holiday craft night!

  283. I love to have cocktail parties with fondue!

  284. I just keep things simple but bring the people I love into our home for delicious food!

  285. I love to have dessert by the fireplace! Cozy & warm!

  286. Making food for people you love, nothing feels better!

  287. My favorite way to entertain during the holidays is with cocktails and appetizers so that people can stop in and stay as little or as long as they like without feeling oblligated to a set time.

  288. Fondue Party!!

  289. I love hosting a cookie exchange!

  290. my favorite entertaining involves my kids and my sisters and brother. Less is more for sure

  291. definitely making good food! and of course, supplying good wine!

  292. We host an open house cocktail party of Xmas eve. So fun and casual.

  293. Love to entertain to celebrate my sons birthday on Christmas Eve

  294. Cooking for friends

  295. I love to enjoy the holidays with a quiet turkey dinner, lots of goodies, gift exchange and watch movies with hubby.

  296. I like to keep it stress free and let somebody else do the work.

  297. I love to entertain with great food and great company.

  298. I like to entertain with my dog’s skills to do stuff!

  299. I just threw a “Favorite Things” party, and loved every bit of it!

  300. I love entertaining by having friends over for drinks.

  301. Getting together with the family and telling stories

  302. I love to make a big batch of soup for family and friends over the holidays, pop open a bottle of wine, and enjoy time together!

  303. A small group of good friends, savory appetizers and good wine, a lingering dinner with a crunchy salad, and sparkling water late into the night.

  304. Family gatherings are the best since we are scattered around and have a hard time getting together, even for the holidays.

  305. I love to whip up some pasta and easy dishes and bake lots of goodies. I like to cook but I’m not good at it! I get confused easily on what to make and how to make it, lol! But I have a potluck and invite family over to play games and watch movies and open lots of presents!!

  306. When we entertain, it is usually buffet style. We set up long tables in our living room. We have had
    25-30 for a sit down dinner, too, and it’s so funny how everyone loves to congregates in the kitchen:)

  307. Chinese hot pot with friends! Everyone sits around together, cook yummy food right in front of us, and it keeps us warm! :)

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  309. Buffet style with lots of Christmas music.

  310. I enjoy having family over for a causal Christmas Even dinner. I like to bake a ham and my guests bring a dish. It is very nice.

  311. My favorite way to entertain is to host Christmas Eve dinner for my family and friends. And fixing breakfast Christmas morning at my daughter’s house after the grandkids have opened their gifts.

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway! Happy Holidays!

  312. Love to sit around with friends, with the fireplace going and sit around singing with the guitar.

  313. I like to put together the meal plans and to cook for my friends and family! I have several dates set form now until New Years Day that I will be cooking for friends!!

  314. I definitely love holiday shopping and having a great time with friends and family!

  315. My fav way to entertain is casual pot luck where everyone brings something.

  316. Appetizers and cocktails with friends. And a good card game.

  317. I love throwing dinner parties for family and friends!

  318. Entertaining over the holidays = family and friends around the table or around the fire, with hot drinks and sweet and savory finger foods.

  319. I haven’t had a space yet with which I can entertain, but I absolutely love baking cookies and giving them to people. I give them to my loved ones, friends, coworkers, and last year I even gave some to my landlord (in my defense, he was the best landlord a gal could ever have). I’m hoping to have a proper space soon so that I might entertain people next year, but until then, cookies will have to suffice. :)

  320. I love to entertain with SNACKS & GOOD DRINKS. Everyone loves to snack and eat appetizers and it is a great way to mix and mingle. If I have a smaller group of people a sit down dinner is preferred as it is more intimate. I love to cook so my main celebrations center around delicious food!

  321. Cozy snowy weekend stew & mulled wine group suppers.

  322. I love to go out to be entertained with friends and family. Stress free is best this time of year.

  323. I like to make cookies and coffee cake to give out.

  324. I love to be with family and friends! For us it is a week of holiday fun!

  325. We finally have a big enough place to have Christmas at our house this year! I’m excited to get out all the christmas dishes I bought several years ago and have not had a chance to use yet!

  326. My favorite way to entertain is making christmas cookies, christmas games and just sharing stories!

  327. i love to make interesting, different, special recipes for entertaining. this year i did a candy cane coffee cake (sooo cute!) and chicken liver pate from organic, free range, pastured chickens. delicious!

  328. A Christmas cookie and cocktails party!!

  329. casual with lots of family

  330. I love it when the house is full of family and friends. Casual, fun, relaxed. That’s my favorite. We had a day like this yesterday and it was lovely.

  331. I like to entertain with close friends, but since I’m not Martha Stewart, I prefer that everyone brings something along. That way I’m not stuck in the kitchen & everyone’s tastes or diets are covered.

  332. I like to have everyone share their foods so potluck is the easiest for that and we all enjoy it.

  333. I entertain by feeding people (and that’s not really exclusive to the holidays, either)!

  334. keeping it relaxed so everyone feels at home

  335. My favorite way to entertain at any time is by taking people out to dinner. I am not at all comfortable having our friends over–I figure my mismatched furniture is no place for somebody who repaints a room three times in a row because she’s just not satisfied with the exact shade of ivory she chose the first two times. I’d rather save us both the ulcer!

  336. Casually – potlucks or appetizer & dessert parties. Many thanks!

  337. I love cooking and baking for my guests! There is something special about holiday foods that brings people together


  338. I love having laid back get togethers with family.. appetizers, cookies, no fuss!

  339. Make a big paella on Christmas day.

  340. I would love to win and use for entertaining!

  341. fav way to entertain is to host a dinner party. good food + good friends is where it’s at.

  342. Lately, we have been meeting friends for outdoor excursions like skate skiing, snowshoeing, or running, then meeting for something to eat later. Sometimes we have crock pot cooking and wine waiting for us when we get back, sometimes we head to a restaurant. It is so important to still go out and be active during the winters and its so much more fun with friends.

  343. My favorite way to entertain during the holidays is a dinner party.

  344. A cookie making party!

  345. baking various christmas cookies/deserts with my son

  346. i love to have an appetizer party….

  347. My favorite way to entertain is to host a potluck, it’s so fun trying everyone’s favorite recipes.

  348. I love have good party with good food and good friends

  349. I love having friends over for a cookie exchange or sitting around a fire with smores and hot chocolate!

  350. Gingerbread house decorating party! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  351. I love to have an open house with homemade desserts and all the Christmas decorations out.

  352. I love getting together with family and friends eating and playing all kinds of games. Board games, corn hole, whatever….to get everyone laughing and teasing each other.

  353. I love to have girlfriends over – whoever wants to bring something to share, does, and we sit around the kitchen table and laugh and gab for hours.

  354. My fave way to entertain is to throw a big Christmas party with loads of comfort foods and sweets- just having my friends and loved ones together makes me SO happy!

  355. I love to find a new seasonal cocktail and invite friends for drinks, apps and desserts.

  356. The best way to entertain for me is to call my brother because he’s hilarious

  357. appetizers!! :)

  358. My favorite way to entertain is to have many little bite-sized appetizers as possible! And some type of cheese is always a must. And some dips as well!

  359. I love to spend time with family and friends around the holidays by having a secret santa/ cookie exchange party!

  360. I love gift exchanges with friends!

  361. I love, love, love white elephant parties!

  362. Well I don’t really do much entertaining but I do love to BE entertained. Good food good friends and family.

  363. I don’t entertain… I go to other people’s houses. I’m only really a fan of intimate family gettogether.

  364. Lots of appetizers and good variety of drinks. Thanks for the giveaway!

  365. I love entertaining with cocktails and wine and fancy cheese :) i also like playing games with my friends and family

  366. I like to prepare everything myself. Guests bring the drinks.

  367. I like to entertain with afternoon tea.

  368. I love parties that can have the guest leave with something. Like a cookie decorating one,etc.

  369. I some years have had a cookie making party…and we drink wine..it’s always been a successful event for me!

  370. Cookie exchange!

  371. My favorite way to entertain during the holidays is by having a hot pot/asian style fondue because it’s so easy to prepare and guests cook their own meals!

  372. I love having family over and making christmas sugar cookies together with the kids. We always have a turkey dinner at my parents on Christmas Day!

  373. Lots of elaborate cooking!

  374. Causal with friends and/or family over to eat whatever we can throw together.

  375. My favorite way to entertain over the holidays is a informal sit down dinner with lots of love and lots of wine!

  376. I love just having my family over for a home cooked meal. The guys can talk sports or politics or video games, and us girls can talk about whatever we want cause no one is paying attention to us anyway!

  377. I just love to drink beer/cocktails with the family and eat appetizers while watching a movie on TV. Nice and relaxing.

  378. I love to have my family over for Christmas Eve Dinner!

  379. I love entertaining family. My grandchildren are college age and I try to do an fun activity with them every year for our annual pre-Christmas celebration. They love taking pictures, and this year I’m making holiday-themed photo booth props to use in their photos. Making memories!

  380. Buy in some pizzas and drinks. Sit around, watch tv and have a chat

  381. My favorite way to entertain during the holidays is by having a family gathering and dinner

    Elena Rudaya
    queen-of-pain @ yandex.com

  382. I love spending time with my family. Tough to do these days as my boys are away at college. Can’t wait for them to come home.

  383. I love to help my mum by taking over with the baking, while she makes her roast chicken and lots of delicious veg and potatoes.

  384. Our annual Christmas Party for friends and family with tons of appetizers, so delicious!

  385. Potluck – less stress!

  386. Drinks and music keep everyone in good spirits, simple little foods for easy access, and some fun games keep us laughing.

  387. We love to do wine tastings for our friends.

  388. A cookie swap!

  389. I like to getting together with friends and family and playing games.

  390. cooking at home

  391. I love to entertain with friends and a bonfire

  392. I love to entertain with a buffet style meal.

  393. My favorite way to entertain is to keep my guests excited for what’s next. Greeting them at the door with a signature cocktail and introducing fun little touches throughout the party. I love the feeling I get when everyone calls the next day to say they are still thinking about what a good time they had!

  394. My favorite way to entertain is to host a cookie exchange for all my girlfriends :)

  395. Favorite way to entertain? Covered dish finger foods!

  396. Cookie decorating party!

  397. I love watching christmas movie!

  398. I’m a pretty casual entertainer. I do like to have a lot of food though! :)

  399. I enjoy entertaining for friends, I always make a big dinner, have board games and of course cocktails.

    This is such an awesome giveaway. Happy holidays and thank you.

  400. I actually don’t do the entertaining… I tend to go over to friends houses and we all prepare food, drinks and play cards. Fun times!

  401. I prefer informal gatherings with unexpected holiday food. My favorite meal to serve is homemade pizza!

  402. I love to entertain while cooking something delicious and different for my guests. I try to come up with a dish that I can most guests haven’t tried before :-) And then hope for the best that they will like it :-))

  403. I like hosting appetizer + dessert parties

  404. I love being with friends and family since the season goes by SO quickly! I am a huge baker and love to give away goodies :)

  405. My favorite way to entertain is with great music and lots of appetizers!

  406. Quality time w/ the Family!

  407. Family time, sitting around the fire w/ hot cocoa!

  408. I always host a cookie exchange party!

  409. My favorite way to entertain is to have a “My Favorite Things” Christmas party. Each guest brings their favorite thing (with a set $ amount usually under $10) and we do a gift exchange and of course enjoy finger foods and yummy desserts.

  410. My favorite way to entertain is with good music and good food!

  411. Having family over on Xmas Eve

  412. Holiday music, finger food and wine!

  413. A few good friends/family, lots of nibbles, nice wine, good music. And minimal clean-up at the end.

  414. playing board games, or on the wii, and everyone all cooking together in the kitchen

  415. I like to provide a variety of snacks everyone enjoys, nice music and a variety of board games.

  416. I like a family gathering to make holiday candy and cookies!

  417. I like to entertain with dinner and drinks!

  418. A small informal gathering :)

  419. My favorite way to entertain during the holidays is a small gathering of good friends, great food and fun games!

  420. By baking up a storm!

  421. Cookie decorating party with fancy cocktails.

  422. I love to have dinner and watch holiday movies with the people I love and a great deal of mexican hot cocoa and sweet treats.

  423. Relaxing with my family over comfort food!
    Lynn G.

  424. My favorite is a New Year’s Eve party (adults and kids) with a fire in the fireplace and another fire outside in the fire pit. We have easy finger food apps and desserts. At midnight there are sparklers, champagne poppers, and noise makers.

  425. I love doing cookie swaps!

  426. Watching holiday movies!

  427. I love having my family over, hot chocolate, some cocktails and nibbles, and play the official game of Christmas (a new one every year).

  428. parties, parties, parties!!!

  429. Love cooking!!!!!! ONLY cooking the most delicious recipes for my most loved family!!!

  430. I love baking for everyone!

  431. My favorite way to entertain is an appetizer party.

  432. My favorite things are Christmas cookies and the family who will eat them.

  433. I love making cookies for my family and friends!

  434. potluck – makes it easier on me

  435. Cocktails made ahead of time~and a buffet dinner,just make things easy for entertaining.

  436. I like to have lots of good food and drink.

  437. I love to have close friends and family over for a get-together with new foods I have tried to make :)

  438. I cook a chicken/ roast and a salad and have others bring the sides. We also decide on a theme, it makes it fun to dress up…

  439. In our home, Christmas is truly for the grandchildren sooo I use Iphoto to print pictures of family members from the previous Christmas opening gifts. Then I use these for name tags on gifts!! Our grandchildren love handing out the presents and when they were younger this way they didn’t need to read the names. It is very fun especially if the pictures are a bit entertaining :)

  440. With small groups of friends, something in the air that smells good, Christmas music playing, and delicious treats!

  441. Love to entertain by baking together :)

  442. I love traveling to a place for Christmas that is cold enough to wear a heavy sweater everyday!

  443. I love to be surrounded by my loved ones!

  444. I love casual game nights with my friends.

  445. My favorite way to entertain around the holidays is cocktails and small snacks, with a few sweets for good measure.

  446. By throwing parties!

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  448. I like a casual get together with lots of great food, sweets and Christmas carols.

  449. Cookie Swap! It is a great Girls night or Sunday afternoon!

  450. I love to entertain with a cookie swap!

  451. I like to entertain with baked goods!

  452. I like to entertain very casually with lots of finger foods and snacks.

  453. Low key, casual. Buffet style

  454. I love to spend time entertaining family— it’s my favorite!

  455. I love to have friends over for snacks and games.

  456. I love Christmas Eve.. . Hot chocolate in the large thermos, homemade Christmas cookies and family in a decorated car driving around to look at holiday lights… We wish everyone we see Merry Christmas while we are driving around…

  457. I cook a big satisfying meal.

  458. I’m livng pot luck style entertaining this holiday season. I provide a main meat dish and have friends brings sides, appetizers and desserts. I get to enjoy more of the party and other really like to contribute! Everyone wins!

  459. I love to entertain my family with food, games and great music.

  460. Since I am not that good in cooking, my favorite way to entertain is to serve native delicacies/dishes (which my relatives made with love) to my guests.

  461. My fav way to entertain is have everyone over for game or movie night! Great way to be close during these cold months

  462. I entertain with a gift exchange. Wine,snacks, and friends!

  463. My favorite way to entertain during the holidays is making holiday favorite foods and sharing a meal or cookie swaps, or parties, where everyone gets a chance to partake of some holiday cheer.

  464. I entertain with home cooked food, drinks and activities :)

  465. Love to have cheese parties on Christmas eve!

  466. go shopping with all my family <3

  467. My favorite way to entertain is to let others people do it for me lol

  468. My favorite way to entertain is having all the family over for a simple, relaxing pot-luck meal where no one is in a hurry to leave, so we sit around and talk for hours!

  469. My favorite way to entertain over the holidays is with a cookie party, or a gingerbread house party!

  470. I prefer small gatherings in my home for the holidays.

  471. My favorite way to entertain is just a simple family gathering with good food & LOTS of treats

  472. During the holidays, we always have a family party where everyone brings an appetizer or a dessert and a gift and we exchange gifts, eat, and have a great time!

  473. I love baking up delicious cakes and pies for my guests!

  474. White elephant is always a great way to get everyone laughing !

  475. I love to entertain in simple yet classy ways! No pressure, just good food, good friends/family & a good Holiday movie :)

  476. I love some festive games and drinks!

  477. My favorite way to entertain is to have plenty of wine and homemade pizza with cheese and crackers. I love entertaining my friends and family.

  478. We make all kinds of homemade goodies throughout the year to bring out during the holidays :)

  479. casually, just hanging around with friends, hot cocoa, cookies, etc.

  480. I like to watch movies.

  481. Casual dinner!

  482. Simple dinner with a few friends and lots of treats!

  483. I like to have people over for wine tasting and fancy cheese. Just 2-4 other people; I prefer small groups.

  484. I like to entertain with fondue and wine.

  485. I love to entertain at home with all home-made goodies. Nothing store bought.

  486. I love casual get togethers.

  487. My favorite way to entertain is to have snacks and appetizers at my house then go out to a nice restaurant for dinner. It eliminates some of the work, and a lot of cleanup!

  488. Nothing like baking a fresh batch of cookies, slicing up cheese, and assorting fruits and crackers along with a great bottle of wine for friends and family.

  489. I love to set up a cookie bar during the holidays.

  490. I love small dinner parties

  491. Favorite way to entertain us to grill herb marinated salmon and serve with fresh corn.

  492. My favorite thing is iced cookies.

  493. I love having a Christmas Eve dinner!

  494. My favourite way to entertain is to have my most loved friends and family over for appys, drinks and games!

  495. Most of our entertaining revolves around our kitchen island;). It’s like a magnet or something!

  496. I like having family and friends over for the holidays!

  497. My favorite way to entertain is to have friends over for cocktails and fancy finger appetizers

  498. My favorite way to entertain is tho have friend and family over for potluck cocktails and appetizers

  499. I love small gatherings with favorite friends–good food, games, lots of laughing!

  500. My favorite way to entertain is lots of small little groups. That way you get multiple parties and the chance to really hang out with everyone.

  501. WIth mulled wine and spiced rum cider!

  502. I love cooking for friends and family and spending time with loved ones more than anything.

  503. My favorite way to entertain is to hang out with family and friends over a lovely home cooked meal and a glass of wine.

  504. Love entertaining friends and family with lots of delicious food and great conversation — and a good wine, of course.

  505. I just enjoy having my family around during the holidays.
    Opening gifts, cooking a giant ham and hanging out.

  506. I enjoy small get togethers with family and friends.

  507. My favorite way to entertain is to gather the family and have games and lots of good food and fun!

  508. I love picking out a specialty cocktail to make and putting out some apps for everyone to snack on, turning on some good party music and busting out Cards Against Humanity.

  509. I don’t entertain much but when we do, it’s usually around our backyard firepit with smoked ribs, chicken, and pulled pork bbq.

  510. I love casual entertaining – inviting friends over for a day of baking. It’s a lot more relaxed amongst all the holiday parties and everyone leaves with treats!

  511. entertaining at a restaurant!

  512. Love to have friends drop by during the day as they can and give them cookies and goodies to take home with them.

  513. I like to make them goodies! I rarely have parties at my place though so I bring the entertaining to them!

  514. Lots of food and laughs!

  515. My favorite way to entertain is with some really good wine and music!

  516. My favorite way to entertain over the holidays is with help from my friends or sisters! Coming together to create something makes it all the more fun… and easier since duties are split up :)

  517. Casual fun with my relatives. Good food & lots of laughs.

  518. I like to have lots of good food and a casual gathering of friends.

  519. Spending a quiet evening cooking and sharing with family and friends.

  520. With a very informal gathering of friends!

  521. love baking cupcakes from scratch and sharing with my family :)

  522. We like to be casual on the holidays. Dinner with the family and lots of laughs!!

  523. Go simple.. snack foods! :0)

  524. My favorite way to entertain is lots of food, cocktails and music.

  525. Wine and dessert parties.

  526. Invite friends over for brunch – less stress than dinner + mimosas!

  527. I love entertaining my family at my place!!!

  528. Love to have just small intimate family gatherings. A nice meal and watching a movie together.

  529. I love to entertain by having dessert parties!

  530. I like prepping ahead the food as much as possible.

  531. laid back, no stress entertaining

  532. I love having small family gatherings

  533. Love to entertain with some good music and food!

  534. My favorite way to entertain is to host a crafting party with pot luck snacks. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  535. porch party with neighbors. lots of christmas lights

  536. i like to make tasty food and drinks, plus mix in some silly jokes to make everyone laugh

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