I wrote a post on perfectionism awhile back, and how it ruins hospitable moments. My friend, Aggie, happened to comment with words that many of us may relate to:

I too was blessed to grow up in a home that was always hustling and bustling with people over. It has always been such a no-brainer for me to entertain. But, somewhere along the way, I’ve succumbed to some sort of imagery of perfection that really just isn’t me! -Aggie, from Aggie’s Kitchen

So for me, as of late, I’ve brought my notebook back out from the dusty shelf. I’ve encouraged myself to count the heads of who’s coming over, plan the food to be served, decide what I want to delegate, and any other details that come to mind.

Many of us were raised in a home where hospitality mattered.

Entertaining was not complicated.

I don’t think our parents thought about “impressing others,” do you?

I agree with Aggie, that somewhere along the way we have succumbed to some sort of imagery of perfection, and it’s ruining us.

We have to fight off this ugly monkey on our backs with all of our might and do what we are called to do: Invite People Over.

It’s true, the rest will fall into place.

It always does.

Do you struggle with perfectionism, or how have you learned to overcome it?

If you missed the post on perfectionism becoming so trendy, you can read about it, here.

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