First Peony of the Year – and Sisterly Love!

I really love my sisters.

We really loved our mother.  

And so we reminisced about our mom, Millie, on Mother’s Day.

When I set the table, I put one single yellow peony in the middle. 

A perfect symbol of our beautiful mother.

It was the first bloom of the year!  Cut and put into a small bowl of water, stunning in the details of its beauty.

We gave thanks for Mom in our prayer before the delicious meal.

And we reminisced about the good times with her.

It’s so easy to have my sisters over.

I knew they wouldn’t be scoping things out to see if everything was clean or properly put in its place.

Sometimes sisters know us the best.  And mine, in particular, know that I am not a perfectionist.

Things don’t have to be perfect to be able to enjoy a good meal at our house, that is for sure.

Oh, and the dessert?  I completely forgot to make brownies!  Oops!  My sister was bringing the ice cream and I said I’d make the brownies.  But that’s okay - we just had ice cream with chocolate sauces and nuts on top. Delish!

It was just like my mom, to have those sundae ingredients stocked in the pantry!

And perfect for wrapping up a glorious Mother’s Day.

24 comments on “First Peony of the Year – and Sisterly Love!”

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  2. Oh, I adore peonies! They are one of my most favorite flowers. They don’t grow well here in Texas because of the heat, but growing up in Ohio it was a happy, happy day when the peonies bloomed! I would cut a bunch for my room and loved the scent that wafted in the breeze.

  3. What a beautiful trio. Since I’m an only child, I only have sisters-by-heart. It’s not quite the same.

  4. What a great way to celebrate and remember your mom. I am so blessed to still have my mom.

    But you included two of my favorite things– sisters (I have one:) and peonies (I have none, but love them so much!).

    Have a great weekend:)

    Linda C

  5. OH..too have sisters..what a blessing and a special friendship to share through life.
    sandy toe

  6. Sounds like a wonderful day! I am waiting for my peonies to bloom. Your mom sounds like a special lady.

  7. How wonderful!! My grandma is here for 2 weeks (my moms mom), we’ve had so much fun remembering my mom and looking at old pictures. It’s so wonderful to have her here!

    Have a blessed weekend.

  8. Looks like a wonderful day! I love the peony on the table as a tribute to your mom…

  9. What a great way to celebrate family and remember your mother!

    And two thumbs up for being the ever resourceful hostess and making icecream a sweet delight!

    Enjoying your blog, as always:

    Emily from “too Blessed to Stress”

  10. How nice to spend an evening with your sisters. i have 2 sisters as well and we all live so far away from each other! Lovely way to celebrate!

  11. oh my word, what a great relationship you 3 appear to have! What a blessing to have sisters, I always wanted one.

    My dad just went on a Southwest weekend with his 2 sisters to celebrate on of their birthdays, they have a blast together!

    deb meyers

  12. What a beautiful way to celebrate your Mom. I’m so glad it was a special day for you three! Have a great weekend, Sandy!

  13. I am lucky to have my Mom with me still thought my Dad left us far too early. She is so precious. What a lovely tribute.

  14. That makes me teary…I am so blessed to be my age and still have my Mom. What a wonderful tribute to her.

  15. Sandy, what a beautiful bunch of girls you are, as well as the hubbies. Sounds like the perfect MOther’s Day, celebrating your mom. I’m so blessed to still have mine here. xoxo

  16. Aren’t sisters fun? I’m sure it’s a huge blessing to be able to hang with them…

    And that peony is beautiful!

  17. What great pictures…the love comes right on through.

  18. Oh, look at those beautiful sisters! What a blessing to have them all in your life.

    Your day looked lovely and full of special memories of your mom. Forgetting the brownies was so funny, that is something I’d do. I’ve been keeping a box of biscotti from Costco (of course) in the pantry just for moments like that! Good thing your sis brought ice cream!

  19. I LOVE the photos of you and your sisters! You can see it in your eyes that you have a special relationship!

  20. How nice that you and your sisters have a great relationship! What a fun way to spend the day. . .

  21. Wonderful. I’ve had some time with my sisters this week and it always is easy to be together. I really enjoy peonies…
    Have a great weekend, I heard you get some sunshine?!

  22. How much fun. I have 3 adult daughters and I hope they are storing up wonderful memories too!

    I also made a special dessert on Mother’s Day in memory of my mother.

    I enjoy your blog so much,


  23. So great that your sisters are close by. I usually call mine when I am on the road and she is my talking buddy. Makes the trip go faster. Have a great weekend! Jackie

  24. I bet you guys had a good laugh when your sis walked in with ice cream and you realized there were no brownies :)

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