I really love my sisters.

We really loved our mother.  

And so we reminisced about our mom, Millie, on Mother’s Day.

When I set the table, I put one single yellow peony in the middle. 

A perfect symbol of our beautiful mother.

It was the first bloom of the year!  Cut and put into a small bowl of water, stunning in the details of its beauty.

We gave thanks for Mom in our prayer before the delicious meal.

And we reminisced about the good times with her.

It’s so easy to have my sisters over.

I knew they wouldn’t be scoping things out to see if everything was clean or properly put in its place.

Sometimes sisters know us the best.  And mine, in particular, know that I am not a perfectionist.

Things don’t have to be perfect to be able to enjoy a good meal at our house, that is for sure.

Oh, and the dessert?  I completely forgot to make brownies!  Oops!  My sister was bringing the ice cream and I said I’d make the brownies.  But that’s okay - we just had ice cream with chocolate sauces and nuts on top. Delish!

It was just like my mom, to have those sundae ingredients stocked in the pantry!

And perfect for wrapping up a glorious Mother’s Day.