Fishing 101: Oregon Salmon Memories!

When Grandpa asked the boys to come along on a fishing trip, he knew exactly what he was doing. He was setting my sons up for fishing success, and also creating memories that would last a lifetime.

These were the results.

Rogue River Spring Chinook Salmon!

And then when the fish came home, filleted and ready to be eaten, we’ve enjoyed many meals.

Our favorite way is to BBQ.

Take 3 pieces of foil and make your own tray.

Prepare the salmon.

Grill and devour.

After this meal a few weeks ago, when the fish platter came back into the kitchen after being outside, it looked like this.

I so appreciate how memories can be made around food. Of course there was not a dull moment around the table that night as the boys shared more “fishing stories.”

Blessings of family and food go hand in hand!

Do you like cooking salmon or do you shy away from it?

25 comments on “Fishing 101: Oregon Salmon Memories!”

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  2. i love salmon. unfortunately we aren’t so lucky to have fresh off the boat. but that doesn’t matter. after having salmon at a favorite local restaurant i was able to pick up on the seasonings and preparation to do on my own!

  3. I love salmon. Maybe it’s because I’m Norwegian but to me it tastes delicious. I have a few different ways of preparing it but I’m always open to learning new recipes.

    I love the photos you shared. My husband and I hope to one day go salmon fishing in the Pacific Northwest. I’ll have to share these photos with him.

    .-= Debbie´s last blog ..First Day of Summer =-.

  4. so jealous you got to eat that salmon!!!! I could almost taste it on my end!!
    .-= Mary Jean Taylor´s last blog ..Be Still Mondays =-.

  5. Yummm, heaven. I like mine candied !!! Clarice
    .-= clarice´s last blog ..Tweet Inspiration =-.

  6. I grew up in Southern Oregon so I spent a lot of time on the Rogue. I now live in Portland with my family. I love the photos from your fishing trip. It brings back many happy memories!
    .-= Inspired2cook´s last blog ..Money 4 This, Not 4 That =-.

  7. Oh, my goodness. Your salmon must be melt-in-your-mouth delicious. :)

    Hope you’re having a WONDERFUL summer!
    .-= Richella´s last blog ..Silver =-.

  8. Wow…nice sized salmon! I am sure that they will treasure the time spent with their grandfather always :)
    .-= Tickled Red´s last blog ..June 21st, Our Day =-.

  9. WOW those are huge filets! YUM!
    .-= Nikowa Lee {Quirky Mom}´s last blog ..365-72 Homemade – not by me =-.

  10. we love salmon!!! and I love cooking it. I was going to make it tonight for dinner, but about 15 girls from youth group (girls and leaders) are coming over tonight for a craft night and we’re going to have lots of snacks, so I’ll save the salmon for tomorrow night. I like to grill it best and usually do several ways. Usually I’ll marinate it, or just season it. My mom used to season it, broil it and then when it was almost done, make a mixture of mayo, dill, and cheddar cheese and/or parmesan cheese and spread it on top and broil till the cheese melted. I still like that as well.

  11. beautiful salmon, it looked delish – I could use a couple of fishermen like that! You’re so lucky to live so close to where the salmon are :)

  12. I too would be very interested in hearing just what you put on your salmon to grill (bar-b-que ) it

  13. Yes – planning to grill it! You say “BBQ,” we say “grill!” :) I think it’s the same! Thank you!!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Friday Fill-Ins =-.

  14. oh heavens – I LOVE fish and especially salmon!! our favorite is to grill it – and our empty plates look just like yours!

  15. Sandy – How do you prepare yours and how long do you grill it? I am making salmon tonight but don’t know what to do with it yet! Thanks. :)
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Friday Fill-Ins =-.

  16. My mom just took a cruise to Alaska and brought us back a little packed of smoked salmon. Yum!

    But usually I buy fillets and marinade them in teriyaki sauce and serve over rice.

    Also yum.
    .-= Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points´s last blog ..My butter is too fat. =-.

  17. i love salmon!!!!!! there are a few places here in central ohio where it’s flown in every other day.
    it’s pricey but fabulous. i’ve never been to oregon or washington so i’ve never :( tasted fresh, fresh :(.

    i use szegeo fish rub & then saute it skin side up for just a couple of minutes. then into the oven skin side down for just a few minutes at 375.

    i have multiple food allergies, immune system issues & i’m diabetic. i’m so thankful i can at least eat salmon & that it’s soooo good for me.

    fresh catched has to be delicious!
    .-= randee´s last blog ..mod podged plaques by the hundreds! =-.

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  19. Oh how I would love to eat salmon I had just caught!

  20. I love salmon and this makes me miss Oregon. There is nothing quite like fresh Oregon Salmon. We ate it quite a bit growing up, and try to have it whenever we visit Oregon.

  21. I don’t like fish. I tried. I mean, we lived in Alaska and I went fishing with my husband and I watched the salmon running and all that, but I just don’t like. I do buy it when we’re in the States and cook it so my kids will learn to like it (brownie points?!). We don’t eat fish here: Chernobyl.
    .-= Tara G.´s last blog ..You Never Know When You’ll Meet a Star =-.

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  23. Love salmon. Shy away … why? Easiest fish to cook because it’s so fatty.

    Summer Solstice is today, but here’s an astronomical factoid if you need another reason to celebrate the warmer weather. Summer solstice is the longest day of the year, and also marks the point where Earth is furthest from the sun. But, because of inertia, July 4-5 are typically the “slowest” days of the year: the days in which Earth’s orbital speed is the slowest. That’s why everyone is so laid back in the summer!
    .-= The Training Table´s last blog ..Getting ready for Father’s Day =-.

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