If you remember my $5 compost bin post when we picked up free pallets from the local Grange Co-op, my husband also picked up a different kind of wood pallet that was free.

We brought them home and painted them the color of the fence, putting them side by side, making our own trellises. (We have 2 sets in the backyard, too!)

Replanted some climbing roses that were in the front (and not thriving) to the side of the house.

And turned what was not very pretty on the side, to pretty and happy roses.

I’m pretty sure that our roses are from Jackson & Perkins (if you want to read up on them, you can here.) You can also get a close-up view on page 35 in my new book, The Reluctant Entertainer.

They make a beautiful, simple centerpiece for entertaining!

Are you creative with free or discounted items? I’d love to hear about or see some of your frugal gardening projects?