Free Pallets: Trellises for Happy Roses!

If you remember my $5 compost bin post when we picked up free pallets from the local Grange Co-op, my husband also picked up a different kind of wood pallet that was free.

We brought them home and painted them the color of the fence, putting them side by side, making our own trellises. (We have 2 sets in the backyard, too!)

Replanted some climbing roses that were in the front (and not thriving) to the side of the house.

And turned what was not very pretty on the side, to pretty and happy roses.

I’m pretty sure that our roses are from Jackson & Perkins (if you want to read up on them, you can here.) You can also get a close-up view on page 35 in my new book, The Reluctant Entertainer.

They make a beautiful, simple centerpiece for entertaining!

Are you creative with free or discounted items? I’d love to hear about or see some of your frugal gardening projects?

11 comments on “Free Pallets: Trellises for Happy Roses!”

  1. Wonderful idea! Your trellises look absolutely lovely and I never would have guessed them to be pallets when I saw them in your yard.

  2. I got a new mirror for our bathroom for free, sooo, I am using out old one as a LARGE CHALKBOARD MENU for outside on the deck for summer entertaining. I need to add the beadboard molding, but it is going to be A.DOR.ABLE!

    I love your trellis and the roses! Beautiful!!!

  3. Hooray for Sandy, you are amazing. I have two pallets sitting on the side of my house (for a year now) and I’ve been hanging on to them KNOWING (ok, hoping) I’d think of the perfect use for them! I don’t have any roses yet but I love the idea of using them for a trellis. Yours look so pretty!

  4. Great idea! You are so creative!!! I haven’t done much with discounted items yet, but I’m sure I will. I did find an old wine barrel in my in-laws shed and my FIL cut it in half and made two planters.

  5. I love it! Great idea. My husband brought home some empty wooden solid-sided crates from work and I turned one of them into a container garden for herbs.

  6. Love this idea!!! What a perfect use of something that usually gets thrown in a burn pile somewhere.

  7. Ahhhh….flowers. I love them anywhere. Yours are beautiful.

  8. You are just SO smart! I love it and thanks for always sharing! One day I hope to put the gardening stuff to use! :)

  9. I found an old barn gate from horse stalls and the original shutters from my parents 200 year old farm house in their barn. Believe me those wonderful things will be making it to MY place either inside or outside. A good powerwashing and a coat of paint will be just the trick to dress them up.

  10. It never occurred to me that I could score some free pallets. Now you’ve got me thinking…

  11. I don’t know. But that is as beautiful as it comes. What an awesome idea! I love FREE.

    There is nothing more satisfying…then to get creative with something (unexpected) and it works – perfectly.

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