Today I’m sharing 10 Simple Ideas under $10 that will hopefully give you some fresh ideas and a sense of freedom in this last week before Christmas.

10 Simple Ideas under $10

I’m so glad I’ve gotten a handle on how stressful the holidays can be. There are so many ways to get caught up in the hussle-bussle, but at the same time, there are ways to practice self-control, and to actually enjoy the holidays and not over-commit yourself. Today I’m sharing 10 Simple Ideas under $10 that will hopefully give you some fresh ideas and a sense of freedom in this last week before Christmas.

Sometimes all we need are a few ideas to implement, to bring the JOY back into entertaining and help us open our homes during these crazy weeks into the new year. Ideas that will inspire, but at the same time won’t stretch you or your pocketbook outside of your comfort zone.

I wrote about it here, but I decided this year to not get overwhelmed with the tree. The beautiful small white lights were enough to brighten our home, which gave me a sense of freedom to leave the ornaments off this year! It’s been a fantastic feeling, one that every time I look at the tree I think, Yes!

Especially when you have a goal of adding less, rather than piling on more, it’s good to give yourself a pat on the back, even when it’s outside the “norm” of what everyone is doing.

Freedom at Christmas comes when you do what you need to do, and you don’t try to keep up with the Joneses. There’s always another family or person who will do things better than you, or that will try to compete with you.

Freedom at Christmas for our family is changing up the routine each year, taking a family poll on how we want to spend the few days surrounding Christmas, not feeling like we have to do certain things, because others expect us to, but creating our own memories year after year.

Freedom at Christmas is not about controlling others. I learned that a long time ago. It’s about embracing each day, making decisions together as a family, learning to love and find as much joy possible in each day (even when the dishes aren’t done, your gifts aren’t wrapped, and you feel behind). It’s about setting my expectations aside and learning to listen and go with the flow with the family.

Freedom at Christmas is trying something new!

10 Simple Ideas under $10 …


10 Ideas under $10

1. Boxwood Wreath

Buy at Trader Joe’s for $9.99. Hang it in the house, use it for your Christmas tabletop or buffet table, or display it by the front door. Move it around for parties you’ll be hosting and use it in different ways to get your money’s worth.

10 Ideas under $10

2. Canning Jars

Buy blue or clear glass canning jars, in packs of 6 or 8. Fill with cranberries and a tea light candle for tabletop display, wrap silverware with napkin and place in the jar, along with a sprig of rosemary, or turn upside down, place pine cones inside and a small tea light on top.

10 Ideas under $10

3. Easy appetizer

Whether serving at home or taking it with you to a party, easy to buy at the store are a round of brie, a topping, and a loaf of baguette or box of crackers. Snip off some fresh rosemary as you head out the door.

10 Ideas under $10

4. Red pillow

Buy on sale and brighten up your living or family room space with a pop of RED. (I bought for $9.99 at Fred Meyer.)

10 Ideas under $10

5. Hot drink

Make a pot of cider on the stove by adding fresh cranberries, fruit, and cinnamon sticks. You can serve a large gathering with one pot of delicious cider! (Make The Pioneer Woman’s delicious recipe, here.)

Holiday Door for Christmas Cards

6. Display cards

Buy an old door, or refurbish one, and create a space to display all the cards and pictures that are sent in the mail. It’s sad when people put effort into sending a beautiful card or photo of their family, and they are stuffed in a basket where no one gets to enjoy them. (I bought my door at a yard sale for $10:)

10 Ideas under $10

7. Easy dessert

Serve peppermint ice cream, hot fudge (Trader Joe’s is my favorite), and a festive piece of candy or a cookie in small ice cream jars for dessert.

10 Ideas under $10

8. Chalkboard runner

Buy a piece of chalkboard paper for Christmas Day dinner. Let the guests doodle and spread the holiday cheer with chalk and their imagination! You can buy a piece, here, for under $10.

10 Ideas under $10

9. Drop cloth tablecloth

Buy a drop cloth and Sharpie markers for the entire family to enjoy creating a holiday tablecloth for years to come. Fun for all ages!

10 Ideas under $10

10. Wood slices

You can buy these wood slices in the craft stores and stain them yourselves. Or, like we did, we used a tree from our back yard. Use a Sharpie maker and write names, tie together and give as a gift or for your own table!

Now it’s your turn …

Do you have a NEW IDEA that you’ve implemented this year for under $10?

Today I’m sharing 10 Simple Ideas under $10 that will hopefully give you some fresh ideas and a sense of freedom in this last week before Christmas.

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