Gardening seems to be more fun in the spring, I think because it’s fresher and more exciting and the weather is cooler. Now that summer is here we have to deal with the weeds, the heat, and it just seems like more work.

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If we know we’re entertaining that night, or maybe the next day, in my home we try to get the whole family involved.

– Make a list the day before of the chores you want your kids to do
– Give them a time frame for when the chores need to be completed
– Be willing to show them how the job is to be done, especially if it’s a new job they’ve never done before
– Keep in mind that the job may not be done perfectly, and be willing to live with it
– Make it fun for the family, talk about the rewards of working together as a family
– After the dinner party is over, or the next day, reflect on what happened during the party and the benefits of everyone pitching in

One example is to make a simple centerpiece for the table.

Let the kids fill a low-line vase with water.

Snip whatever flowers you have blooming in the yard (for us we used fresh mint and pansies).

Adding fresh flowers from the yard is an excellent way to increase the visual appeal of the table!

It’s a gift that we give our kids when we teach them about hospitality and the details of how it all works. I’d say it takes passion and purpose to get everyone involved.

We’re entertaining as a family this weekend, and it will take effort from everyone to complete the chores and the yard work. (OH, what fun, but OH so worth it!)

Do you include the whole family when getting ready for a dinner party? I’d love to hear if your kids have outside chores?

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