Gearing up for Pool Time!

Our kids have already been swimming, but it’s way too cold for me.

And yes, we’re gearing up for summer and pool fun! Â


One of the reasons we bought this 30+ year old home was for the pool and the enjoyment we knew it would bring.  At 30 years, our pool is in great shape and well built. We haven’t had any problems with it, even though we know it doesn’t look perfect, as it is on the older side!

The fun, laughter, enjoyment, and refreshment that it brings our family is creating memories that will never fade.

And for that I’m grateful.  Now we just need the sun to warm up the waters a wee-bit more!


Pools, sprinklers, Slip n’ Slides … how does your family enjoy “water” in the summertime?

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  1. We just bought one of those blow-up “family” pools and Hunter thinks he’s in heaven!

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