Go Green Day!


Last week was Spirit Week at my kid’s school. It seems like girls get into dressing up more than boys. And for sure, what Abby made really made me smile.

Not only do I LOVE my new kitchen’s recycle drawer – inspiration from this post – (garbage in the front, paper products, plastic and cardboard in the back), but Abby pulled out all the food boxes she could find.


For Synthetic Day (or Go Green Day for junior high), she made her own cardboard jumper, with pink duct tape.

Wouldn’t Betty Crocker just love this new hip, cool skirt?


I appreciate how our kids are being taught about the environment and encouraged to recycle, as we try in our home as much as possible.

1 recycle 1

My friend Barb and I have a standing joke: Never let chocolate go to waste!

What kind of recycling do you do in your home?

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6 comments on “Go Green Day!”

  1. Love your daughter’s clever jumper!

    We recycle/repurpose almost everything. The latest venture was a go-cart the GD and her Grandpa made. Old boards, old wheels, various nuts and bolts found in a coffee can, seat of an old plastic lawn chair, some rope. It was a days entertainment and it still has to be painted with some leftover paint.

    She also learns in the process – and wear goggles while using power tools (yes she drills and saws!) and a bike helmet when riding the cart down the hill.


  2. I’m loving your kitchen renovation. Would you consider posting more pics when you are totally finished? Love your blog!

  3. We separate all the stuff the disposal service takes away. Kitchen scraps go over the fence for the critters (foxes now make nightly visits) and gift bags are always reused.

  4. I love seeing kids getting into this green movement. It’s so encouraging. Your kitchen is just gorgeous Sandy. I love it and I envy your recycling center. It is fabulous.

  5. Such a cute and creative little project. I love that she was confident enough to wear it to school. We recycle plastic, glass, and newspaper in our house.

  6. I have several excuses for not doing traditional recycling (small town, no service, would have to collect/take/sort/drive all myself), but I do reuse as much as I can – cereal boxes for art projects with the kids, wipe clean wax paper from cereal so I don’t have to buy that very often, and I use a stack of cheap washcloths instead of paper towels to reduce trash! Oh, and cloth diapers – I get lots of points for that, right? *wink*

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