Last night we experienced love, acceptance, and camaraderie as seventeen guests came to our New Year’s Eve sit-down dinner party.

A while back, when friends began asking if we were going to have our traditional New Year’s Eve party, I decided I wanted to try something new. I wanted to shake it up – put a new spin on it—change it around!

The ideas started churning in my head when I came up with the plan of moving guests around to new seats after every course served!

As soon as every couple RSVP’d, I grabbed my journal and began putting a seating chart together – first with guests sitting by their spouses, with women at one end and men at the other. The last two courses I mixed it all up, making sure each guest would sit by someone new each time.

My husband came up with conversation starters that included each guest and deepened our discussions. There is nothing like deep conversations to break down the superficial, taking us to new levels in our friendships. It’s called “getting to know one another!” It takes courage and audacity to be real and to open up with your friends, especially newer ones.

Yes, we experienced probably our most unique dinner party ever last night! Between much laughter and passionate, loud voices rising above the fun, festive music, with fifteen kids in the background celebrating in their own way – at one point I looked around the table during our 3 hour dinner, and saw a few tears streaming down faces. We definitely experienced the intriguing component of going deep, rather than being content with surface-y chitchat.

After letting go of the old (2007) and bringing in the new (2008), my husband and I fell into bed exhausted last night. Knowing we could never re-create this party again, we were thankful for the memories we shared.

I’m thinking “Going Deeper in 2008” is a great goal to have, and to continue what we started last night – only next time I’ll think of a new, exciting spin on the party.

Want to join me?

(Last photo: God Bless the Cooks!)

Stay tuned for upcoming post, Change it Around, on how I incorporated my Ten Commandments into planning this fun dinner party – and what we did with all the kids!

P E A C E …
Paulette (my cousin) left this earth tonight at 6:44. She was not struggling any longer when she took her last breath. She went very peacefully. She no longer has a brain tumor…..she has a whole new body and I picture her hearing sounds more beautiful than we can imagine. I just know that she is perfect now. (Words from her sister, Peggy, who gave so amazingly to Paulette in her last few months of life.)

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