I have to admit that I wasn’t very happy when the weather report said 90% chance of rain, and about 25 people were coming for dinner. The graduation party started at 3 and I was running behind. Not a good sign, but the family rallied together; everyone pitched in to help.

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I quickly had to move the furniture around to a covered area and “plan ahead.” I was so wanting a day of perfect weather!

Tables under the patio. (Oops! One table cloth got ironed, the other not!)

Buffet style BBQ, so the tables were easy. Simple flowers in wide-bottom low-profile vases.

Some of us sat outside.

And some inside.

And then the sun came out. Go figure!

Which made it more enjoyable for all! The ladies of the group (my tradition when we have a dinner party – get the ladies’ picture!) which happened to be my sisters, cousins, and nieces.

And then we added the younger and the older.

The memories for our graduates started off with this book personalized with stickers (brilliant job, Lisa!)

El and Alex are Moving out, Moving up, and Moving on … (Elliot our son, Alex our nephew)

Which brought us to a great ending for our party. We’re thankful for the 18 years with our sons and pray God’s blessings on many more years. We’ve done our job; now it’s their job to go and make a difference in this world.

Getting back to perfectionism, would you have been okay with one table cloth ironed and the other one not? Or going with the flow, moving the tables around, because of the weather?

(Winners to The Gift of an Ordinary book are Deborah (no blog) and Kathy. Congrats, Ladies!)