Graduation. A time of reflection, excitement, sadness, and hope. Hope for the future that as a parent you’ve done the right thing and the best job, in raising your kid, and he will do fine.

It’s graduation time in our household as we get ready to graduate our oldest. Luckily I was on the ball and got my announcements ordered in a timely manner.

Now I want to be able to sit down and enjoy writing out the addresses, and thinking about the families and friends who’ve been supportive to our son in his growing up years.

As I sorted through his school pictures, that I’ve stored in these binders, my friend and I discussed a cool way to display them for graduation.

Take a long ribbon.

Staple the very top of the photo to the ribbon.

And hang to display!

Do you have any graduates in your home, or any graduates that you’ll be helping to celebrate this June?

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