I know it’s not quite Mother’s Day, but I was given what could have been a great Mother’s Day a week ago. That’s if you are a mom who relishes in “gifts of service.”

I scored, big time, when I drove by a yard sale and saw a big box that said “old curtains” on one side.

And “yard sale” on the other!

Inside the box were 6 beautiful, PERFECT, Pier 1 84×42 window panels!

The lady and I settled on a price of $20 and I was on my way.

You do not know how long we’ve waited for window treatments upstairs. You know, the kind that are heavy duty and would block out the sun that beats in, in the summertime. So I was thrilled. No, my kids were thrilled! (This is their hang-out area.)

This is where the handyman teenage son comes in. It was a Saturday morning and he graciously gave me his talents and time and hung the curtains for me.

Even our kitty Hobbes got in on the action. She’s everywhere … (do you have a kitty that follows you around the house?)

Two large windows now treated to block the sun. Yay!

And a happy mom who’s waited a long time for the right “deal” to come along, and who checked another “to do” item off of her list.

Do you have a running list of things that you’d like to purchase, or projects that you want to complete?

Is Mother’s Day a day where your family pitches in to help?

(4 panels were used, 2 are going in my son’s room. I looked up the prices on line and it looks like they run around $40 on sale! So I got about $240 worth of window treatments for $20. What a bargain! I went to Ross Dress for Less for the $12.99 rods. Mission accomplished!)

Now if you’re creative and want to make your own window treatments (instead of finding them at a yard sale), head on over to The Nester’s and you’ll receive all the information you’ll ever need. She’s the gal! And this post is linked to Rhoda’s Thrifty Treasures and to Kimba’s DIY DAY!!