hanging ornaments

Hanging ornaments from ceilings is a clever way to decorate. So in my new kitchen, I decided that this would be the year to hang between the pendant lights. (Yes, the kitchen is almost finished. Trim, touch-up paint, baseboard to go!)

Buying green ribbon from the Dollar Store, to tie in with my kitchen colors …

staple ribbon

I used a stapler at one end…


Nailed the other end to the ceiling…

staple ribbon ceiling

Twirled the extra portion of the ribbon around the top, and let it drop down…

twirl ribbon

Hung the ornaments between the pendant lights…

ornaments from ceiling

Another idea with ornaments is to decorate using them in different places around your house. Keeping my green theme in mind, I added them to decorating balls and a basket of Granny Smith apples.

ornaments and fruit

You can even place ornaments on tall candle stands.

front porch

Saturday night I used them on my table for our Progressive Dinner.

Home Goods RE tablescape

What clever ways do you use ornaments in your home (besides the tree, of course)?

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