Hanging Ornaments!

hanging ornaments

Hanging ornaments from ceilings is a clever way to decorate. So in my new kitchen, I decided that this would be the year to hang between the pendant lights. (Yes, the kitchen is almost finished. Trim, touch-up paint, baseboard to go!)

Buying green ribbon from the Dollar Store, to tie in with my kitchen colors …

staple ribbon

I used a stapler at one end…


Nailed the other end to the ceiling…

staple ribbon ceiling

Twirled the extra portion of the ribbon around the top, and let it drop down…

twirl ribbon

Hung the ornaments between the pendant lights…

ornaments from ceiling

Another idea with ornaments is to decorate using them in different places around your house. Keeping my green theme in mind, I added them to decorating balls and a basket of Granny Smith apples.

ornaments and fruit

You can even place ornaments on tall candle stands.

front porch

Saturday night I used them on my table for our Progressive Dinner.

Home Goods RE tablescape

What clever ways do you use ornaments in your home (besides the tree, of course)?

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20 comments on “Hanging Ornaments!”

  1. I hang them up, put them in bowls or amongst my greens. Wherever I can find a place for them, I use them. I love ornaments!!

  2. I love the decoration hanging from the kitchen ceiling! I also love how your kitchen is coming along! You’ll have to do 360 degree pictures! The green is a delicious shade and looks perfect and so fresh!
    My Christmas balls-not so unusual, but hanging from the chandelier!

  3. Your table is beautiful. Clarice

  4. Your kitchen is looking SO good, Sandy. Love the ornaments hanging from the ceiling. Just beautiful!

    And I REALLY your table. I would never have dreamed of putting ornaments on a cake platter. Just gorgeous. And so simple! Thank you for the idea. :)

  5. I just love using ornaments to decorate. I actually used smaller ones as the centers of tissue paper flowers to decorate gifts. I did a post on wrapping gifts in newspaper and dressing them up with festive touches.

  6. I like this! I usually decorate my light fixtures, but I’ve never hung ornaments from the ceiling in this manner. Thanks for the idea.

  7. They look beautiful (as does your kitchen!). Hope you’re having a good day!

  8. I have a few “vintage” glass ornaments that I like to hang in front of a sunroom window (no curtain). I like to be able to really see the detail on them.

    Love the idea of hanging them from the ceiling. May have to try that next year.


  9. How cute! Love the look of your dinner table! I piled some handmade ornaments my girls made in school in a basket in my kitchen. They fit my “Sweet Shoppe” theme, and add such a neat touch! I posted about it today, actually!

  10. I just absolutely love the paint color in your kitchen!

  11. Great and simple idea! Your kitchen looks amazing too. Your decor made a bold yet subtle statement and I JUST LOVE that!

  12. Love the ornaments hanging from the ceiling! I hung some from my lights in dining room this year. I love how it looks! Great ideas!

  13. You’ve used ornaments in such festive ways and your table is beautiful. Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit. It’s always a pleasure to meet another Oregon blogger. You have a terrific blog.

  14. SO PRETTY… Love the idea of hanging them from the ceiling in your kitchen and the red ones are gorgeous on your table.

  15. I have had a vase of purple and silver ornaments in my house for a few years but wanted to do something different, so I made them into a bauble wreath – I’m sure you’ve seen them on a few blogs, made with lots of baubles and wire coat hangers. I need to photograph mine and post it soon. I saw it at Thrifty Decor Chick first I think.

    I’ve been so inpsired by your message of hospitality this year and I’ve really been trying to improve, we just hosted a dinner party in our tiny kitchen by doing almost all the cooking the night before (I just posted about it too). Thanks for your inspiration!

  16. Love this look, Sandy! I’ll have to try that; I already have the perfect ornaments.

  17. Sandy this is so festive! Great idea and cost saving as well!

  18. I’ve been thinking of where and how to hang ornaments this year, I’m having to do this out of neccesity because out latest walker is sure to pull the stuff off of the tree anyways *sigh*. Thanks for this, you make it look so simple and pretty with that ribbon, I thought it might look… uhm, not pretty

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