Happy 4th of July! Pull out the Paper Products!

Looking back to our annual 4th of July parties that we’ve held each year, I think about the paper products that we’ve gone through. Thank goodness for the Dollar Store and very good friends who don’t mind that I’ve “delegated” when planning the menu (everyone brings a dish). I think that people expect “paper” on the 4th, don’t you?

Here’s a peek from last year’s party …

Pool time – always a hit.

Lounging and hanging with friends.

Adults mingling under the patio.

Intimate times, into the evening, as the sun goes down.

Happy 4th to all my family and friends!

Will you be using paper products this weekend?

8 comments on “Happy 4th of July! Pull out the Paper Products!”

  1. We only use the cheapest, plainest paper plates here because when we’re done we can toss them directly into the compost bin. Unfortunately, the cuter paper plates won’t break down in our home compost, but next year when we get municipal compost, we will let the “Redneck Waterford” loose!

  2. It has been over 10 years since we have done anything on the 4th. We are always running a Fireworks fundraiser and that is what we do on the 4th…

  3. Oh, Yes!! I bought fun watermelon paper products for our family reunion/4th of July party.

  4. Absolutely using paper products tomorrow.

  5. I have such an issue with paper store products. Like, I can’t stop buying it when i see something really really cute. Right now, we’re drinking on some paper cups that have “redneck waterford” in tiffany blue on them. And i love having really cute cocktail napkins to hand out. it’s a sickness i tell ya.

  6. LOVE my paper products for the 4th! I have my blue & white polka dotted dinner napkins and my red & white stripe cocktail napkins all ready to go! (obviously I need help. I love my napkins) Looks like a fun party! Hope you all have a lovely 4th!

  7. Yes we will be using paper :) July 4th is all about the casual get together. Jeans, tee’s and relaxing please…I can’t wait. I hope that you and your family have the best time with all of your family & friends.

  8. We’ll have some thrown in with the re-usable $ store plasticware!

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