Serve Harry & David’s Red Velvet Cake for your Valentine’s Day Dinner Party – Giveaway!

Have you thought about pre-ordering a Harry & David classy, moist and rich, delicious cake or even chocolates to serve for a Valentine’s Day dinner party? Or better yet, just for you and your loved one to enjoy?

Today I’m giving away 3 Harry & David’s Red Velvet Cakes!

I served this cake at a recent dinner party and let me tell you, be prepared to receive accolades when you unveil this beautiful dessert!

For a grand finale, you can serve a homemade chocolate sauce and even ice cream on top. But honestly, it’s perfectly delicious on its own.

I researched why and how Harry & David made the cake so velvety. They use an organic tapioca syrup, which adds a sweet flavor and makes the texture of the cake even more velvety than normal. (I have to be honest here, I’ll never buy another brand after trying Harry and David’s.)

I love how Harry & David also puts LOVE into each individual cake.

The cakes are made in their own bakeries (in my home town, Medford, Oregon), and I’ve seen the workers assembling and frosting the cakes by hand (the best cream cheese frosting in town!).

This little bit of “handmade” from each individual worker is whipped up into a lovely cake – so decadent – and perfect for you. If you’re wanting to eat the best cake ever, get your order in today.

The Red Velvet Cake is also perfect for gift giving. You can send it afar to your loved one or even friends to whom you want to say, Just because we love you!

Invite your friends or neighbors over for a slice of cake and happy conversation!

You can serve 6-7 other people and host your own party! (The cake serves 8 comfortably.) I do consider it a “treat” or a “delicacy,” so for once a year, why not splurge on the best?

Make sure you check out Harry & David’s other gift baskets and towers. They make the perfect gifts for everyone on your list!


To enter to win 1 of (3) Harry & David’s Red Velvet Cakes, leave a comment on this post, telling me:

What is your favorite Valentine’s gift to give, or receive?



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The giveaway is open until Monday, 1/28/13 at 11:59pm. The giveaway is only open to U.S. residents. Be sure a valid email address is included with your comment(s). Winners will be chosen randomly and announced on Tuesday, 1/29/13. You have 48 hours to respond to my email or a new winner will be chosen. Good luck!

Disclosure: This giveaway is being provided by Harry & David; but as always, all opinions are mine own.

350 comments on “Serve Harry & David’s Red Velvet Cake for your Valentine’s Day Dinner Party – Giveaway!”

  1. My favorite gift to give and receive is time. Time spent with my husband and best friend for the evening just being together.

  2. I follow you on Pinterest.

  3. I subscribe to your RSS feed.

  4. I joined both on Facebook.

  5. My favorite gift is time. I enjoy getting away with my honey and just being alone. (big family here)

  6. I am a happy follower via RSS feed.

  7. I love candy hearts!

  8. I subscribe via Google Reader.

  9. This will be my first married Valentine’s Day! I hope we just go out to eat at a nice restaurant and enjoy each other’s company!

  10. I like both Reluctant Entertainer and Harry & David on Facebook.

  11. Favorite V’Day gift – time alone with my husband! And some Godiva dark chocolate doesn’t hurt either!

  12. I’ve been subscribing by RSS for a while now! :)

  13. I love both to give and receive flowers. Preferably something I can plant afterwards.

  14. I also follow you via Reader.

  15. Love getting milk chocolates of nay kind – I’m addicted!

  16. Jason and I both LOVE Valentines Day – and usually go out to a nice dinner (coming home to THIS cake for dessert would be epic!).

    I have small gifts planned for each morning in February, up to Valentines… but when we ask each other “what do you want?” we both just say “you” I know AWWW! right? I already have everything I want!

  17. We don’t really do the whole gift-exchange thing for Valentines Day, and I am just fine with that. But cake…now we’re talking!

  18. Last year my boys served me a Valentines dinner made by them! It was wonderful and a lot of fun.

  19. I love giving and receiving flowers on Valentine’s Day!

  20. I love to receive some tulips and the one I like to give is chocolate.

  21. I subscribe via Rss reader feed.

  22. I subscribe to the Reluctant Entertainer in my RSS feed!

  23. Oh my word that cake looks DIVINE! I’m a flower girl all the way – I mean, I love chocolate but flowers last longer and I don’t feel guilty having them ;)

  24. I follow you on Pinterest and adore your boards!

  25. I love to give and receive flowers.

  26. I like you on Facebook.

  27. I like Harry and David on facebook

  28. I’m an email subscriber.

  29. I love following you on Pinterest.

  30. My favorite gift to give on Valentine’s Day is flowers to a widow, and my favorite gift to receive is a sweet love note from my husband.

  31. My favorite gift to get is a good cuddle with my husband. His birthday is Valentines Day so its more his day than valentines day. Just a hug and kiss is enough for me. I usually make him a cake and to win one would be great!

  32. Flowers are still the best!

  33. I follow on Pinterest.

  34. My favorite Valentine’s gift to give, or receive is DIAMONDS!

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    (3) Red Velvet Cakes Giveaway from @harryanddavid ‘s bakery for Valentine’s Day! #Giveaway at @sandycoughlinRE

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  43. I like to get flowers I on that day.

  44. I started following you on Pinterest.

  45. I subscribe by email to you.

  46. I love getting coupons from my son. for a hug, a kiss, to do a chore, etc
    they are the best.
    thanks for the chance.,

  47. We don’t really exchange Valentine’s presents but love to make a special dinner for the two of us. I do get my grandkids little gifts.

  48. I follow you on Pinterest

  49. I subscribe to your newsletter vis email.

  50. I like to both receive and give flowers!

  51. Wine and Chocolate at every meal :)

  52. I receive your emails.

  53. I like Reluctant Entertainer on FB.

  54. My favorite gift to give is my honey’s favorite dinner and dessert, and my favorite gift to receive is simply a date night with some cuddles involved! xo

  55. My favorite Valentine’s gift from my hubby is flowers. Not roses. Tulips or anything with color, especially yellow. I love RE, by the way.

  56. I love, love, love red velvet cake !!!!!!!!!!! I would love to win one as our budget is very tight this year as we try to recover from Sandy. We live in an apartment and the damage was repaired by our landlord, but our water supply was contaminated and I got a horrible infection which caused me to be hospitalized and then on a PIC IV for 6 weeks after that. My husband lost a lot of days from work… some were paid “vacation” days and the rest we just lost. We had to ask our church for food after the FEMA trucks left. We were in an evacuation zone and had no place to go so we rode it out. The wind was the worst I have ever heard in my life. I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz like my house was going to lift off the ground. I have lived through hurricanes in other places of the country… and tornadoes in the midwest … blizzards in the midwest and New England… but nothing like this. We are still struggling. Valentine’s Day will be simple this year… a card. But, I like cards a lot and my husband usually chooses good ones. I also like to get jewelry. Something that I can collect… like the earrings one year and then maybe a necklace to coordinate and then a bracelet… or a gift card to buy books as I love to read… or a gift card to buy shoes. I also love roses. Long stemmed red roses… or white with pink edges “Esperanza” roses (also called Hope or Peace roses) which is what I carried when we got married. That cake looks scrumptious !!! I sure would love to win one… but blessings to whoever does… it will be quite enjoyable for them !

  57. My favorite gift to give and receive for Valentine’s Day is a nice meal out!

  58. My favorite thing for Valentine’s Day is a meal with just my husband. A rare treat!

  59. I love getting a massage or any kind of little pampering gift. :) Or food.

  60. I follow both of you on Facebook!

  61. I follow you on Pinterest!

  62. I follow Reluctant Entertainer on Facebook

  63. Chocolate covered strawberries!

  64. I follow Harry & David on Facebook

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  69. favorite gift would be a couples massage…so relaxing and fun to do together

  70. I follow you on pinterest.

  71. I love to give and receive flowers

  72. I follow by email

  73. My husband and I are not big celebrators of Valentines Day as years go by. We enjoy keeping it simple with cards and a spontaneous surprise gift now and then. It makes it more enjoyable that way and actually do the spontaneous things throughout the year.

  74. I follow you on Pinterest

  75. I subscribe to your RSS feed

  76. I love homemade cards from my kids! :)

  77. My favorite gift to give is my yearly tradition with my husband, Jorge. We set a time and money limit and then dash into a store together. We steathly shop for each other and race to check out…and then exchange our gifts in the car. It’s always a blast and full of laughs. Last year I got him a Nerf Gun and a bottle of wine. :)

  78. I Follow @SandyCoughlinRE on Twitter!

  79. The gift I like to give is a nice home cooked meal that the person enjoys. The gift I like to receive is chocolate,

  80. I would LOVE to win this cake!!!

  81. Chocolates & Tiffany & Co :-D

  82. My favorite thing to give for V-Day are handmade cards.

  83. Dinner out with my husband.

  84. I liked Harry and David on Facebook

  85. I love getting chocolate!

  86. I follow Sandy Coughlin RE on Twitter.

  87. I Follow @SandyCoughlinRE and @HarryandDavid on Twitter.

  88. A simple homemade card is the best!

  89. I like you both on Facebook.

  90. My favorite gift to receive is Chocolate Covered Strawberries

  91. Home made gifts and cards from my kids and spending quality time with the hubby and kiddos.

  92. I Follow you on Pinterest (Sandy Coughlin).

  93. I subscribed to RE via email.

  94. we dont do anything special on Valentine’s Day but this cake looks deliciousssss!!!!!

  95. I follow you both on twitter

  96. Love receiving fruit baskets not the fresh fruit ones but the chocolate coated types

  97. All I need to feel special on Valentine’s is a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

  98. We love to have a special meal out or home cooked.

  99. A nice dinner is right up my alley!!

  100. I would love to have a nice dinner out with my husband and some time together.

  101. I follow Harry and David on FB.

  102. I am following you on Pinterest now

  103. I follow Reluctant Entertainer on FB

  104. I am also a fan on Facebook

  105. This lookS amazing!

  106. Ok totally cheesy but its my love, forever. My husband always says that’s the best gift I could give him.

  107. Follow u on twitter

  108. Nice dinner out would be wonderful!

  109. I love chocolates or chocolate dipped strawberries for Valentine’s day!

  110. Follow harry and david on twitter

  111. I subscribe to your RSS feed

  112. I follow you on Pinterest!

  113. Thank you for the chance to win. I love to just get a simple I love you card from my husband and boys for Valentines day.

  114. My favorite gift to give AND recipe is Godiva chocolate! Bonus points if it’s all of the caramel and nut variety ;)

  115. That cake looks amazingly delicious!

  116. I have happily liked both you and Harry and David on Facebook.

  117. I enjoy sending hand written cards.

  118. I’m following you and Harry and David on Twitter — @sharinlilbit

  119. Everyone is leaving such nice comments, but I have to be honest and my favorite Valentines day gift to give and receive as boxes of Godiva chocolate. The bigger the better :D

  120. I follow you on twitter!

  121. I love to get and give flowers but this cake is really tempting me to change my thoughts.

  122. I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed.

  123. I’m following you on Pinterest. My Pinterest name is sharinlilbit

  124. Oh Red Velvet is my favorite gift to get any time of the year!! Pair that with some roses and champagne and my valentine would be complete!

  125. I have already liked your Facebook page and I have liked Harry and David.

  126. I love really good chocolates:) Yum!

  127. I have liked Reluctant Entertainer & Harry & David on FB.

  128. I have signed up for your e-mail subscription through Feedburner and confirmed it today.

  129. I am following both on twitter.

  130. I already follow all your boards on Pinterest. kimb838

  131. I am following via Pinterest

  132. Chocolate for sure

  133. And I follow you on Twitter although I have tweeted the special because I forgot my password to login. Name is the first part of my e-mail address provided you above. Thank you And again, I would love to win.

  134. My favorite Valentine’s Day gifts to send are cards for my grandkids.

  135. One year my husband bought me chocolates, flowers and wrapped gift topped with a card. When I opened the card, inside were vouchers for ballroom dancing lessons for the both of us and the gift was a video of the movie “Shall We Dance” with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez. I will never forget that Valentine’s Day!

  136. My fav gift to receive: anything edible, but cake preferably!

  137. Followed on facebook and pinterest too!

  138. My favorite valentine’s day gift would be a day with my hubby (someone to watch the kids!) and a massage!

  139. I love to give homemade goodies for Valentine’s Day, and I’d really enjoy receiving this delicious-looking cake!

  140. I joined Reluctant Entertainer on Facebook

  141. I also joined Harry & David on Facebook

  142. I follow you on Pinterest.

  143. I follow you on Facebook.

  144. I am following @SandyCoughlinRE on Twitter!

  145. I love receiving a romantic night out or even a romantic night home, complete with a nice meal, flowers and chocolate.

  146. I love making sweets for my sweets :) my husband and 3 daughters. They mean the world to me.

  147. also following @HarryandDavid on Twitter

  148. Following you on Pinterest!

  149. And I successfully just tweeted about your giveaway after I changed my twitter password. THANKS.

  150. I love to find funny cards to give my husband. Sometimes I get more than one cuz I can’t choose!

    I like to get anything. I’m not too picky.

  151. We don’t really exchange gifts for Valentine’s Day, but I’ll make a nice dinner. This red velvet cake would be the perfect ending!

  152. I also “liked” the 2 things on Facebook!

  153. I liked Harry and David and Reluctant Entertainer on FB

  154. I like a romantic dinner at my favorite restaurant, reservations made a month in advance!

  155. I love to receive chocolates in a traditional red heart box; big or small heart OK…and I love to give homemade valentine baked goods…

  156. The perfect Vday gift is to spend a romantic day with my love!

  157. Honestly, I’m not a huge ‘gift’ person…my favorite thing is probably hearing from my hubby (or reading in an e-mail, card, etc.) that he loves and appreciates me!

  158. I follow you via RSS Feed — love your blog !

  159. I follow you on pinterest

  160. Flowers are always nice to give or to recieve,.

  161. We don’t give gifts for Valentine’s, but I like to go out or make a special dinner at home.

  162. I follow Reluctant Entertainer on Facebook.

  163. Honestly, the best Valentine’s presents are whatever my kids make me. Usually a nice drawing and a note (the oldest is only 5). No coercing, they do it on their own, and are so proud. Proud kids = proud mama :)

  164. I follow Harry and David on Facebook.

  165. My husband and I don’t exchange gifts for Valentine’s Day, but I make a delicious gourmet dinner for my family. I pull out my red, sparkly beaded placemats and red stemware to make the table setting extra special!

  166. I follow you on Pinterest. In fact, I spent quite a bit of my morning today re-pinning your pinned recipes!

  167. I can always go for some yummy chocolates! :)

  168. I love receiving chocolates but I love giving anything – cards, chocolates or cookies!

  169. I don’t like giving or receiving Valentine’s Day gifts, but prefer to spend time together, maybe over a nice homemade dinner!

  170. I like to give chocolate and if possible, something I have baked.

  171. I receive your emails.

  172. I just love the challenge of finding that perfect something for my daughter that’s not candy, but also isn’t huge since in our family we’ve not only just had Christmas but her birthday in between! Then I’ll also do something fun for dinner like pink pancakes or some other fun favorite meal.

  173. I love to receive chocolate pixies.

  174. I follow via email.

  175. I love taking my wife out for a nice dinner and roses red of course for Valentines Day!

  176. I subscribe to your emails!

  177. I like you and Harry & David on Facebook!

  178. following you on pinterest

  179. I love to receive jewelry! Or flowers! Or dinner! I can’t decide!

  180. My favorite Valentine’s Day gift to receive is food! :) Hehe, like chocolates.

  181. I liked both on facebook! Thanks!

  182. I love to receive chocolate!

  183. I love getting flowers!

  184. My favorite gift on Valentine’s Day is the sweet handmade card I always get from my daughter.

  185. Following you on Pinterest!

  186. Just liked you and Harry and David on Facebook!

  187. Getting: Chocolate! Giving: Chocolate! Did I mention Chocolate?? :)

  188. I follow Reluctant Entertainer and Harry & David on Facebook.

  189. I always love my Valentine’s gifts and can’t pick a favorite.

  190. I love H&D! Red velvet is the BEST!

  191. My favorite Valentine’s Day Gift to both give and receive is a loving sentimental card!

  192. I love Harry & Davids truffles! I’m going to asking the hubby for these this Valentine’s Day.

  193. I like both you and Harry & David on Facebook!

  194. I also subscribed to your emails too! Thank you as it looks divine!

  195. I love to makes sweets of any kind to give away to family and friends just to put a smile on their face.

  196. I love to give (and receive) chocolates! :)

  197. My favorite gift is a date night out with the hubs! Can’t get much better than time spent!

  198. I like Reluctant Entertainer and Harry & David on Facebook.

  199. I follow you on Pinterest!

  200. I like both your blog & Harry & David on facebook!

  201. I Follow @SandyCoughlinRE and @HarryandDavid on Twitter!

  202. I’m subscribed!

  203. I follow you on Pinterest!

  204. I love to give baked goods and lots of love of course!

  205. The older I get the better I like a quiet dinner with my husband. Stuff is just that…stuff. We need to cherish every moment with our loved ones and what a good excuse to do so!

  206. I love receiving homemade cards and gifts from my two young daughters. Nothing could be sweeter.

  207. I like you on facebook, and I already liked Harry & David!

  208. Time, especially face time, and experiences together are my favorite gifts.

  209. I really love to give or receive anything that is handmade. there is nothing more special to me than thinking that someone made something for me. making it extra special.

  210. I try to go for something meaningful. And for our children a little lego thing because we can’t have the candy. SO I go for fun.

  211. I follow you on pinterest

  212. And I subscribe via rss…and yes, obviously I really want to win a red velvet cake!

  213. My favorite gift to give is chocolate and favorite to receive is flowers:)

  214. I had no idea Harry & David even made cake! Everything else I have had from that company is incredible, and I am sure this would be no different!

    My favorite Valentine’s day gift to give/receive is definitely flowers. Cliche, but lovely nonetheless!

  215. I follow you on Pinterest.

  216. I follow you & HarryandDavid

  217. I love to give my husband chocolate chip cookies. He loves them so much.

  218. A bunch of tulips and chocolates can make my v day beautiful

  219. My favorite gift is a beautiful hotel room for the weekend.

  220. I love to give gift bags with boxed candy to friends and family thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  221. I subscribed to reluctant enttertainer on email

  222. Sandy,
    My favorite Valentine’s gift was my dear husband of 20 years. He’s a Valentine’s Day baby, so we always celebrate his birthday, our engagement, and Valentine’s Day on that special day! And Harry and David are an icon for my family, too, as Medford was my hometown growing up, too. Thanks for the opportunity!

  223. I love receiving flowers!

  224. Since 1971, when I was 16, my true love has given me violets!

  225. My ideal Valentine’s Day gift is a massage. Someone tell my hubby!

  226. I follow Reluctant Entertainer on Facebook.

  227. I love getting anything handmade :)
    hope I win x

  228. liked both pages on fb as Bella Mosqueda

  229. follow both on twitter as @Dirty_Bella

  230. following you on pinterest as @Dirty_Bella

  231. I like to receive candy or flowers.

  232. email subscriber

  233. Definitely the card is the most precious loving gift to me as it expresses pure love in such sweet words!

  234. I like you and Harry & David on Facebook!

  235. Chocolate never fails.

  236. I also subscribe to your emails!

  237. I LOVE giving gifts. However, the best Valentines Day gift to give and receive is a homemade meal with my loved one. I try to plan a menu in advance I know my husband would love- plus we get to skip the crowded, overpriced restaurants on V day. Double win! Oh, and I’ll always happily receive any diamonds that come my way, too :)

  238. My dad was a traveling salesman who was away from home a lot. He sent ME a huge bouquet of roses for Valentines —- I have a picture of me standing on my bedroom chair to smell them. I’m pretty sure they were rather extravagant for my family when I was growing up. That’s what makes them so special.

  239. You are one of my first stops on my Google RSS feed!

  240. I enjoy following several of your Pinterest boards.

  241. Definitely a good box of chocolates.

  242. follow on trwitter @saramama

  243. follow on twitter @saramama

  244. subscriber rss google reader

  245. follower pinterest @saramama

  246. fan both on FB
    sara peterson davis

  247. I would love a box of chocolates!

  248. I’m pretty partial to chocolate! Lovely cake and great giveaway!

  249. That cake looks yummy but you really got me at “cream cheese frosting”!

    I love to receive a sweet valentine card from my honey. A little jewelry tossed in never hurts! I like to spoil my sweetie with a nice valentine dinner at home and a mushy card.

  250. I like a simple card!

  251. My favorite gift to get and receive is a great big bag of cherry licorice nibs. Cannot stop eating them.

  252. My favorite gift to give is homemade cookies to all of my friends and family

  253. I like you and H&D on Facebook

  254. I follow you on Pinterest

  255. I follow you via email

  256. My gift each year is a box of chocolates and a stuffed animal. My husband s never failed to get me this even after 36 years of marriage. Maybe not original, but from the heart and of course my favorite.

  257. I follow you by email

  258. I follow you on Pintrest

  259. I follow you on Facebook

  260. I follow Harry and David on Facebook

  261. I already followed you via twitter, and now I follow Harry & David too!

  262. I love giving away chocolate, and receiving flowers!

  263. My favorite Valentine’s gift to give and to receive is time spent together with my loves – my two boys (even as teens!) and the hubby :-)

  264. I follow Harry & David on FB

  265. I follow you on Twitter

  266. I follow Harry & David on Twitter

  267. I follow you on Pinterest

  268. I subscribe to your blog via email

  269. Candy. Seriously. Valentine’s Day is all about the candy for me! Or maybe a singing Valentine… ;-)

  270. Oh, that looks yummy gorgeous. Because of you, I sent Michigander Sister and her sweetie a tower of goodies from Harry & David for Christmas. I call it “Being under the influence of Sandy.” :-D They loved absolutely everything in the three beautifully wrapped boxes. I see this cake in her future. ;-)

    Good luck with the contest everyone!

    Sandy – Are you putting up that recipe for the banana butternut squash bread? I think that’s what I saw on Instagram.

  271. I like you both on fb!

  272. I love to cook a delicious, romantic dinner for my Valentine’s Day gift!

  273. I follow you both on twitter.

  274. I sub to your daily email!

  275. I follow you on pinterest as gratheeus

  276. For forty years now, my husband has given me Valentine jammies. I love them!

  277. I subscribe to RE via Google Reader.

  278. I like to get chocolate

  279. I subscribe to the RSS feed

  280. I like to give a new nightie ; )
    I like to get my favorite candy, Hot Tamales!

  281. I already “liked” you on FB but now I like Harry and David too!

  282. I already Liked you on FB, now I like Harry and David too!

  283. I already like you on FB, now I like Harry and David too!

  284. I already follow you on Twitter; now I’m following Harry and David!

  285. My favorite Valentine gift is a yummy box of See’s Candy.

  286. I have subscribed via email.

  287. I’ve been following you on my RSS reader for about 2 months now. We both like to entertain so I’m glad I found your blog!

  288. Good morning~love your blog! Just commented on your
    Facebook page too.
    My favorite valentine traditionally brings me a
    flat of spring flowers ( for my love of gardening) &
    several packets of sweet peas <3 to remind me of him throughout
    Spring. <3
    Happy <3 month!

  289. My favorite thing to give is a certificate for a 4 hour block of uninterrupted time. My chidren and husband love it because our every day lives are so busy.

  290. I like Reluctant Entertainer and Harry & David on FB.

  291. I follow @SandyCoughlinRE and @HarryandDavid on Twitter.

  292. I am subscribed to you via RSS.

  293. Handmade hearts. Thank you!

  294. i love to get chocolate covered pecan candy!!

  295. like bothon facebook – re morgan

  296. following both on twitter @cabbie413

  297. following you on pinterest — xoeskie1

  298. My favorite gift to receive on Valentine’s Day is a date with my husband!

  299. I follow you on Facebook

  300. I follow you on Pinterest

  301. favorite gift to receive: free labor for home projects

  302. Favorite gift…purple roses…

  303. I like you both on FB

  304. Followed you on Pinterest

  305. And I am a twit…. tweeted this: (3) Red Velvet Cakes Giveaway from @harryanddavid ‘s bakery for Valentine’s Day! #Giveaway at @sandycoughlinRE

  306. My favorite valentine gift is chocolate!

  307. I am already following all of your boards on Pinterest!

  308. My favorite gift to give is something my husband wants for his FCF Campouts. I would love to get chocolates more often but my husband has no clue what I need.

  309. The best valentine gift is having a wonderful husband and son who try very hard to honor our love on Valentine’s day and most other days, too. I have followed you on pinterest, but am a longtime RSS follower. I appreciate your point of view. Happy Week!

  310. I like giving flowers and a spa gc for Valentine’s Day.

  311. I always order from Harry and David’s for friends and family, but I don’t think I’ve ever had anything of their except for Moose Munch! Cake looks lucious!

  312. My favorite is custom-designed jewelry, something handmade that’s one-of-a-kind, with a rare gem and a secret inscription. :)

  313. There been a lot of times I give my husband and children a special homemade treat. Never the same. I’ve made anything from cranberry crispy in heart shaped tins, to the ever favorite chocolate dipped strawberries.

  314. I have been running a little behind on my RSS feeds but, YES I subscribe and really enjoy when I do get to them :)

  315. I just found you on pinterest! and, now follow.

  316. My favorite valentine’s gift? Anything at the spa, if it involves chocolate that’s a plus ; )

  317. Jewelry comes in first, followed by chocolate, then flowers.

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