Stop! And let me tell you about our Hawaiian vacation!

Aloha friends! Have you wondered where I’ve been? My daughter and I joined my friend Pam and her daughters and their friend, for a week’s vacation in Honolulu. Oh my, does her family have a true Hawaiian, hospitable spirit!! We were blessed!

Since I have a “foodie” blog – it would only be fitting to talk about our favorite foods and then, of course, our favorite beaches, and then our favorite foods. Oh, I think I already said foods. Yes, we ate our way through Honolulu, enjoying every bite.

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Join me as I journey through our week.


Malasadas, Malasadas, and more hot Malasadas – from Leonard’s Bakery

Day at Kailua

Papayas & Fresh Fruit


Girl’s Night Out to Pam’s Class Reunion



North Shore Sand – The Best

Scrabble on the Beach

Dole Plantation and Pineapple Sorbet

Swimming at Waikiki

Rusty Bike Riding to Starbucks

Fresh Salmon

Beautiful Bougainvilleas

Coconut Lovers

French Toast on a Cool Morning

Nighttime Walk on Waikiki

Pam’s Beautifully Hand-Stitched Hawaiian Quilt (Click on the picture to see an upclose view of her beautiful stitching! I’m so proud of my friend!)

More Beach Fun

A Friend Who’s Like a Sister

Belly Fun – Lots of Sunscreen

Mommy Daughter Time

Bye-Bye Salt-Water, Sand and SUN!

Manapua, Pork Hash, Plate Lunch, Spam Musubi, Fresh Seafood, Chocolate and Shaved Ice – Laughter, Shopping, Water Park, Arizona Memorial, Swap Meet, Jumping at Waimea Bay, Snorkeling, Naps …

Cheers to the best hosts on the island of Oahu – Grandpa Nick and Uncle Doug! And to my dear friend Pam, who was born and raised on the island, and who shared with us her beautiful heritage. I now see where she learned the gift of hospitality – and how she daily uses that gift in her own life!

Yes, we experienced the true Hawaiian spirit of hospitality in a way that our memories we will never lose.