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… a delicious scent in our home!

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About Home is

Each Wednesday you can link up here at RE, to a different theme that I will share in advance … which may be something like a beautiful set table, a snack waiting for your kids when they get home from school, fresh flowers in the kitchen, dishes in your hutch, a meal on the stove (maybe using leftovers), a family heirloom, a yard sale find and how you put it to use, pictures on the walls, music being played in the background … a feeling, a smell, a touch.

What’s exciting about this day is that I will provide you (on my sidebar) the theme each week which will hopefully inspire you!

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HOME IS … a delicious scent of Cherry Blossoms!

This week I brought blossoms into my home … for a springy feel and a delicious scent!

On these beautiful springy days, I’m just so enthralled by the colors. And last week I brought the vibrant yellow to my front door area, and at the same time I brought cherry blossoms inside.

I found what I wanted to display them in, which really is more of a candle holder.

So I put a vase of water inside.

Placed the beautiful blossoms into the water.

For a few days we enjoyed them on our kitchen counter. Oh the yummy smell!

That is, until those with allergies in my house started protesting!

Taking the blossoms outside definitely inspired me to do a bit of spring cleaning on my back patio.

And I pulled out of the cupboard something I’ve been saving for spring. I purchased this on clearance at Pier 1 – $3.98.

Ah yes, the colors of spring.

Blossoms in. Or blossoms out.

I just love this time of year. The scents are amazing! One memory I have, as a small girl, was pulling a small branch off the Daphne bush that was growing right outside our front door. I put the small branch in my hair, on my way to catch the bus!

To me, home is … gathering beautiful scented blossoms together to enjoy!

What have you done in your home to add a touch of spring, or a delicious scent?

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN … and Thank You for participating!