Welcome to Home is … Day here at RE! This week we’re sharing about …

… fresh flowers!

I love fresh flowers. So I’ll start with my story, and then you can link up and share yours, okay?

I love to keep fresh flowers in my kitchen window.

When I’m standing at the sink – cooking, doing dishes, cleaning up – it’s wonderful to look up and see God’s beauty right before me.

The most recent flowers brought inside are these vibrant peonies (from my backyard).

They almost do not seem real.

They remind me of a few years back, in May, where I held a neighborhood luncheon and I lined the table with peonies.

And set this very simple table.

I appreciate the time together more than a perfect setting. Even with mix-matched chairs, on a hot springy day, we ladies had a wonderful time getting to know one other.

I think it’s time to reconnect with those lovely ladies! I feel another luncheon coming on …

What flowers are in your yard right now, or in your kitchen window, or on your countertops? Do you have any dinner plans to use them as a centerpiece?

Not it’s your turn … link up and share your beautiful flowers with us today!

About Home is

Each Wednesday you can link up here at RE, to a different theme that I will share in advance … which may be something like a beautiful set table, a snack waiting for your kids when they get home from school, fresh flowers in the kitchen, dishes in your hutch, a meal on the stove, a family heirloom, a yard sale find and how you put it to use, pictures on the walls, music being played in the background … a feeling, a smell, a touch.

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