Welcome to Home is … Day here at RE! This week we’re sharing about …

… Mother’s Day memories!

I had a packed-full weekend of blessings! So I’ll start with my story, and then you can link up and share yours, okay?

This weekend was full of friendship and food and loving on my kids! A perfect Mother’s Day weekend.

Being a mother is a high calling, and I’ll be honest, there are times that I really don’t feel the like the best mom. But that is when good friends come along, some who’ve already raised their kids, and they encourage us as parents and tell stories about when their kids were “young.” They lift us up and pray for our families.

And before we know it, our kids turn into adults. (Mom with boys heading to the prom on Saturday night).

My best Mother’s Days have been spent just relaxing. And enjoying Food. Kids. Friends. And feeling Loved.

Friday night we had the best time. Delicious food and conversation with great friends. It was like relaxing on a big pile of pillows. It was just comfortable being together. It always feels right when my family of 5 is together, too. (It’s easy to be scattered with 3 teenagers.)

Saturday night we enjoyed our own home with a small, intimate dinner party. If I was handed a gift, one might be to host a dinner party, so this night was very fun and special.

Girlfriends bring the gift of laughter, something we were not short of this evening.

Sunday morning my family discussed a book called, “The Prodigal God,” by Timothy Keller. This aspect of being a mother is humbling. My kids do know God, they love Him and they want to know Him more! Even in our imperfections, this is another amazing gift. The discussions we have now mean more to me than any monetary gift, that is for sure.

After some gardening, puttering in the yard, and purchasing something that led into a project that we couldn’t finish (bad rain storm, I will be sharing about this in another post), our day ended with soccer, Subway for dinner (hey, the simple things in life are sometimes the tastiest!), and then, “Faith like Potatoes,” an award-winning family film and very inspiring.

Have you seen this movie? Have you read any of Timothy Keller’s writings? Did you celebrate with family and friends? What was your favorite gift? And what was your favorite Mother’s Day memory?

Not it’s your turn … link up and share your Mother’s Day memories with us today!

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