Home is … Wearing Aprons in the Kitchen and Hilda’s Kuchen!

Welcome to Home is … Day here at RE! This week we’re sharing about …

… wearing an apron in the kitchen!

I’ll start with my story, and then you can link up and share yours, okay?

Home is … grabbing an apron, tying it on, and cooking together in the kitchen! On this particular day, as we got together to cook a traditional German dish for our Dad’s birthday, our German friend Hilda brought us a treat …

When Hilda came to spend the day with me and my sisters, little did we know she’d be bringing us a childhood treat that we grew up with. For years, our Mother would make Hilda’s Kuchen, always on a Sunday night before we’d head back to church.

So when Hilda walked through the door with this tasty treat … (Hilda with my 2 sisters and me)

Of course we had to keep evening up the rows. And we even had leftovers for breakfast the next day.

It was a fun day spent with other family members and our friend Hilda.

And to get some good cooking tips from her!

But it was also special to reminisce about our Mother.

2 cups Flour
1/2 cup sugar
2 tsp. baking powder
1 cup milk, you can use evaporated
1/2 cup butter (melted)
1 tsp. vanilla extract
2 large cans purple plums (drained – keep the juice)

Streusel Topping
2/3 cup flour
2/3 cup sugar
6 Tbls. butter (melted)

In mixing bowl, add the melted butter and 1 egg and the sugar. Mix well. Then add the flour and baking powder and the milk. Mix well and spoon into a greased cookie sheet or jelly roll pan. The dough may be thick. Spread smoothly. Then place the halfed plums (seeds removed) evenly on the dough with the cut side down.

Spoon some of the juice over all and then sprinkle with the streusel topping. Bake at 350 for about 20-25 minutes. You’ll know its done when its bubbly and slightly browned along the sides. Don’t over bake!

When the cake is slightly cooled, pour a drizzle (powdered sugar mixed with a tiny bit of milk) over the cake and sprinkle with chopped nuts (optional).

Do you have a favorite childhood recipe that your family loves? And when is the last time you’ve had fun in the kitchen with family members?

About Home is

Each Wednesday you can link up here at RE, to a different theme that I will share in advance … which may be something like a beautiful set table, a snack waiting for your kids when they get home from school, fresh flowers in the kitchen, dishes in your hutch, a meal on the stove (maybe using leftovers), a family heirloom, a yard sale find and how you put it to use, pictures on the walls, music being played in the background … a feeling, a smell, a touch.

38 comments on “Home is … Wearing Aprons in the Kitchen and Hilda’s Kuchen!”

  1. Just found your blog and have love what I’ve read so far.

    But…I don’t have an apron story to tell! How can I not have an apron story to tell? How can I not have an apron?? I used to, once upon a time…have I abandoned being flour-free in the kitchen so thoroughly? I should be fined…

    I will watch and perhaps have something interesting to share next week.

    But am certainly enjoying the ones that have been shared so far!
    .-= Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points´s last blog ..The Floral Danger Zone =-.

  2. What an endearing story about women of all generations, sharing and creating together. It was heartwarming and beautiful :) The Strudel looks de-lish!
    .-= Tickled Red´s last blog ..Bake Sale =-.

  3. Sandy, Thanks a bunch of daffodils for inviting me to the party! So much fun to see all the abundance of aprons around, and even more fun to meet all the lovely ladies wearing them. I have to tell you these pictures of you and the girls in the kitchen together, wearing our aprons makes my heart skip a beat. So happy to see women sharing a timeless tradition of cooking in the kitchen. As I’ve said before: You are the epitome of The Hip Hostess!

  4. Love your apron!! I think I need a new one to choose from! ha! I’ve been buying children’s sized aprons and sewing on ribbon and adding an iron-on monogram to go along with a kid’s cookbook as birthday gifts; my daughter loves hers!
    .-= Tara G.´s last blog ..Home is…wearing an apron in the kitchen! =-.

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  6. Ha! Aprons… dear to my heart. What a special family post!

    Enjoy your day!

    e-Mom @ Susannah’s {Kitchen} Aprons

  7. I love how much fun you are all clearly having. I need to get me one of those Hip Hostess numbers, too. My house needs some girly.

    Someday we’ll be knocking down that wall in our kitchen and opening it all up. I’m looking forward to having my gal pals over for a bake-off!

    Every Christmas my Dad would make Lebkuchen. The dough is so heavy and stiff he was the only one who could stir it. I loved the neat piles of disc-shaped cookies on their rice-paper backs stacked up ready to freeze and give away later as gifts. Orange peel and spices. Yum!
    .-= Adelle @ ready…GO!…get set´s last blog ..He Makes Aprons Look Sexy =-.

  8. I hope it’s not too late to link up tomorrow. I have 2 new aprons I’ve been meaning to post.
    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..Workroom Wednesday – Designs by Donna =-.

  9. What a wonderful story about wearing your aprons! You all look like you are having too much fun in the kitchen. I have tons of fun when the kids help me in the kitchen…even the 2 year old…mess does not scare me…I have an apron!

    My mom made the best chocolate chip cookies – she insist they were the recipe off the package, but mine never taste or look like hers.

    I am on the hunt for some really great vintage aprons. Yet another collection/hobby…I need a house just for that!
    .-= Holly L´s last blog ..Home is – Getting Your Cooker On! =-.

  10. Sandy, I always love your Wednesday posts! I love that cooking is intermingled with family fun and good memories in your home (as in mine!) This sounds like a great time, especially sharing stories about your mom. (And your apron is super-cute! I definitely need to upgrade mine.) I didn’t do a post relating to an apron but check out my homemade vanilla extract recipe if you have a chance!
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Homemade Vanilla Extract =-.

  11. I love that you and your girlfriends/family members cook together. What special memories!!!
    .-= the BLAH BLAH BLAHger´s last blog ..A Darling and Flirty and Sparkly Apron =-.

  12. Hi Sandy! Couldn’t resist when I saw the word ‘apron.’ My apron story – abbrev. – My Grandma just moved into assisted living and lost her stove. So my aunt asked us what we would like. I said I would like an apron or two. I knew she had a bundle of them. I got a box marked for me and I eagerly opened it and… there were no aprons. It was very puzzling, there was just a lot of… well, junk. It was very jarring. What that box brought home to me was the fact that my Grandma really is slipping, that what she packed wasn’t really for me. I was very sad. I called my aunt and told her. She understood perfectly why I was upset. And she emailed me the next day to say “Aprons safe in dresser drawer.” So I will get one from my little Grandma, just not now. But I could not believe how upset it made me to realize that my Grandma really is slipping and that maybe she really won’t be here forever. She is 88 now and I would rather have her than any apron!

  13. All of the aprons are so fun! Great recipe too!

  14. ohhhhhh…I wish I could have found your blog a few days earlier…I am an apron fanatic. Unfortunately, I’ve just returned from a road trip with two toddlers and a dog, so writing about my sweet aprons and editing pics is NOT on the to-do list today! I’m now a follower, so hopefully I can catch up with you ladies next Wednesday! Sweet post!

  15. I’ve found you through Besty at My Five Men and I am so glad I did. The “Home is” meme’s sounds like such fun to participate in! I will do my best to jump in on the next round. As a new wife and homeowner, thinking about home is really special and heart warming!
    .-= Christie, Describe Happy´s last blog ..That’s a long run =-.

  16. Okay, I am loving these apron posts. I LOVE vintage aprons. I will be linking up. I need to go take some pictures ;-) It makes me happy to find others that get so happy about them too.

  17. I have never gotten into the habit of aprons because at work I wear a chef coat. I love cooking with my daughters and seeing them in their pretty aprons. I would like to have special hooks somewhere in the kitchen where they could hang the aprons. The pretty prints and designs would be kind of artsy!

  18. We love our aprons at HAP! Plus no one notices how dirty they get since they’re so pretty :) Anthropologie has tons of cute ones.
    .-= Katie @ Haute Apple Pie´s last blog ..Homemade Baby Food =-.

  19. I’m a recent apron convert and I’ve got a pattern to make a new apron in some fun material – it’s much harder to get cute apron in the UK.

    I’m so disappointed that I’m not joining in again this week, still stuck away from home. Last week in Italy and now in France – could be worse but I’m ready to go home and get back to normal!

    Thanks for your email, sorry just got it. Will reply later in the week – when hopefully I’ll be back to normality!

    .-= Jade @ No Longer 25´s last blog ..To Fly or Not to Fly? =-.

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  21. Love it!! Love aprons!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to share!!
    Kelli @ SustainingCreativity

  22. Thank you Sandy!! Posting about my vintage gingham apron collection was sooo fun!!
    And thanks for checking out my new kitchen!!
    We started blogging at the same time… and we got new kitchens about the same time!! We are truly kindred spirits!
    .-= linda t´s last blog ..vintage gingham aprons =-.

  23. Very fun! Thanks for the opportunity to link up my apron adventure!

  24. Hi Sandy! You inspired me to get out my cute aprons and start wearing them again. . . I’d gotten into a rut of just tying on the same old (dirty!) one. And I included a recipe that was not passed down to me, but I think I’ll be passing it down to my daughters-in-law (Lord willing)–it’s a favorite with my sons as well as my husband!

    Hope you have a great day!

  25. Very fun topic. I hope it is ok I used a post written earlier this month. It fit the topic perfectly. I have updated it with a link back.

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