This last week I lost a good friend to breast cancer, after a long 7 year battle. Here is something she wrote in the back of her bible, which was read at her memorial:

I saw a vision in the clouds or just the form in the clouds of a most beautiful woman offering worship to the Father – and as the clouds travel she was stretched and extended, yet maintains her posture of Praise.

What a beautiful woman Cheryl was. I was privileged to have known her for two years.

I’m proud to say that the mothers of my FaithGirlz group (a group of eight awesome ten year old girls whom I mentor twice a month) rallied together and came up with several meals for the family. We served one meal for 50 people after the memorial for the entire family. This is what Cheryl would have liked, and what she would have done for us.

Her life portrayed beauty, as she was a dedicated woman. Dedicated to her country, family & God. She had many roles in addition to soldier, mother and wife. She was an overseas Christian missionary mom for 4 years, women’s ministry leader and artist. Her ministry “Worthy Women” attracted hundreds of women who gained confidence and direction from her teaching and inspiration.

Cheryl’s daughter, Cami, is one of my FaithGirlz girls. At the memorial, each girl in the group gave her a rose with a beautiful ribbon tied to it with words sewn onto the ribbon, such as: hope, courage, love, faith … It was a touching moment to see these caring girls reach out to their friend. And we promised Cami we would be there for her. These precious girls and I have prayed as a group for a little over a year for this beautiful woman. We know that she is now worshipping her Father, whole and healed.

I have found that sometimes the most common, or mundane, or simple things in life can sometimes be the most important. As my husband often says around our dinner table, “those who feed people, lead people.” This was our gift to the their family.

(My daughter Abby & Cami getting ready for FaithGirlz)

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