My friend, Tara, has such a unique look at hospitality, from a military viewpoint, I asked her if I could share it here at RE!

I had clicked on one of your December posts about your friend not having her home ready for entertaining and I had to giggle- we have just moved back to Kyiv, Ukraine on another military assignment.

The embassy has provided our housing and it’s ridiculously huge. My husband’s office has not “bought into” the embassy furniture pool, however, so we got the little bit of old and shabby stuff that this office owns; there is a great deal of empty space still {our own crates are on the way, but we just found out they were sent west instead of east from California and were “swinging in a Chinese port” just last week (we have to wait another month)}.

This embassy also generously provides each newcomer with a hospitality kit which includes towels, sheets, dishes, some gadgets, etc. No baking dishes, though, and I’ll confess, it’s a little difficult to get by for 3 months without any!

I share all that because it is still possible to entertain others around shabby furniture when all we have are a few pots and the new frying pan I broke down and bought!

We’ve had missionary friends over who have told us the evening fellowship was like a “shade tree.” I can’t imagine missing out on knowing that God could provide a little refreshment through us for these heroes of mine! We’ve caught up with Ukrainian friends around frozen dinners (ahh!!!!)- but time is short; we only have 2 years here and although it sometimes feels like time is dragging just because of the cultural differences, it’s only 2 years with no time to waste.

I just wanted to write a quick note of appreciation for your classy way of encouraging others!

Thank you, Tara, for your inspiration!

Do you feel like your home, or your “things,” are too shabby to entertain or invite others in?

You can also read about her Taco Night. I’d say she is one classy girl!

(Don’t forget next week we’re linking up and sharing about “a leftover meal” here at RE! And if you have a minute, check out SC Johnson’s FAMILY site, and read about homemade jam!)

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