Host a Breyers Ice Cream Party – Giveaway!

Breyer's Toppings

Happy First Day of Summer, Friends!

What kind of ice cream party would you host, if you won the giveaway today, of ice cream treats from Breyer’s new line of toppings? (This post is sponsored by Breyers.)

Earlier this week my friend Lindsay and I threw a party for a friend.

And we celebrated with Breyers Ice Cream with their brand new line of toppings, perfect for sundaes, milk shakes, and make-your-own Blizzards.

We set out the new toppings with ice cream, and we all dug in. (Sh-h-h, I actually had 2 bowls because I wanted to try the new squeezable warm hot fudge and the different kinds of sprinkles!)

Breyer's Ice Cream Party

The reason for the party was to surprise our friend Fiona with a brand new RED KitchenAid stand mixer!

Fiona's new KitchenAid

You can read Fiona’s story, here, but she’s soon to be leaving us here in Oregon; heading back to her home land of New Zealand.

The past few years, Fiona has baked for so many people in our town. Who could even count the people that she has blessed? I can think of several situations where she helped me out; one being making mini pavlovas for my daughter’s birthday party.

With NO KitchenAid mixer! We honestly didn’t know how she lived without one! But she did.

A group of ladies, who all went in together to buy “Rosa,” are over-the-moon grateful to Fiona for her love, spirit of giving, caring heart, and hospitality. And for the delicious treats and meals, and all that she taught us about life and giving.

It will be hard to see her leave with her precious family; but in spirit, she will always be in our hearts.

So, back to the ice cream and the giveaway….

TWO people can win the same package that I received, to host your own summer ice cream party. Have FUN with all of the toppings!

Breyer's Toppings
Here are some interesting facts about the Breyer’s Squeezable Pouches:
-They are made with no high fructose corn syrup.
-The new line includes eight toppings (listed below).
-Hot Fudge, Chocolate, and Caramel flavors have new innovative packaging with a squeezable, microwavable pouch.
-The new pouches can be enjoyed at room temperature or warmed-up for 15 seconds in the microwave.
-They are very convenient to squeeze directly out of the pouch and onto the ice cream.
-The prices are very reasonable for $2.49 a pouch.

Breyer's Toppings

Breyer's Toppings

Here are some interesting facts about Breyers Real Fruit Toppings and Sprinkles:
-No high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, colors, and made with real fruit.
-No preservatives
-Also $2.49 a jar

Breyer's Ice Cream Toppings


Here’s what’s in the GIVEAWAY today for 2 WINNERS!
-Hot Fudge
-Caramel Sauce
-Chocolate Sauce
-Strawberry Fruit Topping
-Mixed Berry Fruit Topping
-Cherry Fruit Topping
-Rainbow Sprinkles
-Chocolate Sprinkles
-Coupon for Breyers ice cream


Answer this: If you hosted a ice cream party with Breyers new ice cream toppings, what kind of party would it be? Do you know who you’d invite?


Please feel free to use your social media to spread the news and come back (comment) to tell me.

Giveaway will run until Sunday 6/23/13 at 5 pm and winners will be emailed. US entrants only. Thanks for understanding!

This post is sponsored by Breyers Toppings. As always, all opinions are my own.

120 comments on “Host a Breyers Ice Cream Party – Giveaway!”

  1. My grandchildren LOVE to make ice cream sundaes. The more sprinkles the better ! Wouldn’t an ice cream party with all of their little friends be fun ?

  2. Fun! I would host a Girls’ Night Out at my place and we’d all eat ice cream and catch up on our lives!

  3. Don’t count me in the giveaway (I’m hosting the same giveaway soon!!!) but I just wanted to say that picture of your friend Fiona and her mixer is so sweet! What great friends you are to throw her an ice cream party :)

  4. I’d have a party with all the neighborhood kids (and their parents!). We would have a blast.

  5. I’d like to say it’d be a girls night out, but my husband would be jealous. So I think it would just be a gathering of our closest friends. We could put a serious dent into some ice cream.

  6. My 40th birthday is next month, and I am having a party- I’d love to have Breyer’s be a part of it!!

  7. I would probably host something for my 19 year old daughter and her friends. Maybe incorporate it into a Minute To Win It party or something fun like that. Either way, YUMMO!

  8. It all looks so yummy! I would have the kid’s soccer friends over for an ice cream party….which would include a pick up soccer game of course!

  9. How fun! I would invite our neighbors for a get together and it would be a great time to meet some of the newer ones. It would be fun to see what combinations people come up with on their ice cream.

  10. Definitely a party for my Dad — I inherited my love of ice cream from him. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  11. When my kids were little I did. They are now 30 and 28. I need to host another. Our friends would love it if I did.

  12. My father loves ice cream. He will stand in the kitchen eating it right out of the carton.
    By sister and her children love ice cream just as much. Her birthday is the fourth of July so a Red white and blue party with cherries for the red and blueberries for the blue and vanilla ice cream would have to be involved but this would just be the start because knowing my family chocolate would have to be there as well.

  13. I have 3 young grandchildren and can just imagine how excited they would be having an ice cream party!! What a fun mess that would be!!

  14. I would have a “take a break from work” party at the office and invite all of the folks to enjoy an ice cream party!

  15. just a get together party with friends…..

  16. I would have a party for my two preschool grandchildren, my granddaughter would love the sprinkles!

  17. I’d probably have a casual pool party with friends :)

  18. It would be a birthday party for my husband’s upcoming birthday,

  19. We would definitely have a banana split party! It is something we started last summer just to have a reason to have friends over to celebrate during summer.Both of our boys have birthday’s in the fall & winter so it is fun to have peeps over when it is nice out & any day is a great day to celebrate with banana splits!!

  20. I would use it to help celebrate my son’s 21st birthday with our family. We all love ice cream, especially Breyers.

  21. I’d have three neighbor families over that we’re trying to get to know better. My son is excited the sprinkles don’t have artificial colors.

  22. Summer get together for local friends

  23. I would have a neighborhood party. We have great neighbors but the only time we hang out is when the kids are playing out. I would love to do something thoughtful like host a party, but never seem to make it a priority.

  24. I would treat the wonderful coaches at my daughter’s beach volleyball club to an ice cream party as a thank you for the time and effort they put into our kids!

  25. A Sunday afternoon BBQ with all our friends. With ice cream for dessert. Everyone love ice cream.

  26. I would have a get-together with the ladies I pray with twice a week and treat them to something very special from Breyers, which we all love. It’s summer—time to celebrate with the taste of summer—yummy Breyer’s Ice Cream with all the trimmings!!!

  27. How FUN! Absolutely would love to win! We’d host a neighborhood party as we have friends moving away, new ones moving in and our kids are starting new schools this fall — all good reasons to get together and who doesn’t love ice cream!
    Thanks for introducing these products too, I will check them out for sure.

  28. we would have a big family summer get together!!

  29. I’m already planning on hosting a middle of the summer ice cream party for a bunch of friends! These pouches look amazing! I want to try making a bunch of ice cream with the kitchen aid ice cream maker attachment…that thing is amazing! We’d host in our back yard with lots of room for kids to run around and for adults to play lawn games :)

    Ice cream is the best :)

  30. My husband and I are closing on our first house and this would be the perfect way to celebrate and to show off our new home!

  31. All of my kids’ friends – and mine too.

  32. I would have an ice cream sleep over party for my daughter and her friends! It would be so much fun!

  33. I’d host a party for some kids at our church.

  34. I would host a volleyball party in our backyard with friends from church.

    Lynn G.

  35. I would have a “Thank You For Your Friendship To Us” party. Our home is small but an ice cream party would work great. Along with seasoned friends, I would like to invite folks that may not know what an impact their friendship has had on my husband and me.

  36. I would have an evening get together with family and friends.

  37. I’d have a block party with ice cream sundaes and sandwiches for all the kids, and for the adults too!

  38. We are having a chili cook-off for our family 4th of July celebration this year. It would be superfun to add a Breyers ice cream tasting to the festivities!

  39. It’s about time for the “4th of July” I would have a party to celebrate Independence Day! Invite the whole family.

  40. Every Wednesday night I host Family Night at my house – my four grown kids, their kids, my mom, my sisters, their kids & grandkids. and some close family friends. Cooking for 15+ doesn’t leave me much energy to make dessert so this would be SO SPECIAL – especially in this Georgia heat! Pick me!!

  41. I would use this for my daughter’s wedding shower. Not quite sure of the theme yet, but ice cream goes with everything!

  42. I’d invite everyone from church over on a Sunday evening!

  43. A fun period movie night with some dear friends. – I guess the boys could share some too :) – Also, shared it on FB and Pinterest. Thanks for offering this.

  44. I would host a get to know your neighbors “garden party”. We live in a new neighborhood and though we’ve met with a lot of our new neighbors I don’t think they’ve all met each other. It would be nice for everyone to get to know everyone else. Also, we’ve been doing a lot of work to get our backyard landscaped and it would be fun to combine the two – a garden reveal and a neighborhood social. :)

  45. I would love to have an excuse to throw a mommy/son party. To many times I miss the Tea parties and I don’t qualify for the father/son times so this would be super fun to have a time to celebrate with my sons and my friends and their sons. Awesome!!!

    Repinned on Pinterest.

  46. My ice cream party would be an “add-on” to our son’s mid-summer Graduation Party, and I’d invite our family and friends!

  47. I would want to host an ice cream party at work. I know that my co-workers would really appreciate some ice cream and toppings to help make the work day go by more quickly.

  48. What a great idea for a summer party! Love your vignette!

  49. I have posted your contest on my FB page (Craving Phoenix). But if I was going to host an ice cream party, I think I’d do a whole theme around creative ice cream flavors. I’d set up an ice cream bar with all the dressings and have each guest bring their favorite or most creative flavored ice cream. Homemade would be great but not everyone is prepared to do that so store bought is fine too. Guests could then try little nibbles of all different ice cream flavors with the fun Breyer’s toppings. I wouldn’t forget to the sodas either. There might be some floats, shakes, and other creative things to make with the wonderful toppings. We would all scream for ice cream!!

    That would be my “Ice Cream Dreams” party.

  50. Sandy,
    I would invite the neighbors for a back yard sundae party. Maybe later I could put up the backyard video projector and show a double feature. Everyone bring a blanket and enjoy the backyard.


  51. I love Breyers! Id just have a fun summer party!

  52. I would have a Pirate themed party & invite my family (kids, grandkids, etc). Everyone would have to be dressed up to enter!

  53. My oldest grandson will turn 5 this August… I think an ice cream party for he and his friends would be the perfect late-Summer celebration… and with those new pouches, clean up would be a breeze!

  54. I would host a “Beat the Heat” party for a group of our friends. Living in Tucson means 110 degree temperatures for a good part of the summer, so ice cream is a must have summer treat!

  55. Office sundae party!

  56. Perfect for my husbands birthday coming up in July! I would include all our family :)

  57. If I were to host an ice cream party — I would make it a “family history” event and invite my dad. We would spend time taping/videoing stories of his childhood and our early family history. We’d eat lots of ice cream with those wonderful toppings! Chocolate, caramel, lots of nuts, bananas. YUM!

  58. My little granddaughter has been dying to have a mermaid party! It would be perfect to have a Breyer’s ice cream party!!!

  59. I would have a few friends over for a deck party.

  60. I’d toss a BYOB ( Bring Your Own Breyer’s ) I supply everything else, I guess I could tell people to come toppingless…LOL…all my children would be invited!

  61. I would have a party with my coworkers. We work with victims of sexual abuse, and I think we could use a good old-fashioned ice cream social! :)

  62. If I wasn’t celebrating one of my kids’ birthdays, I would host a Bunco party with my friends. They would be so delighted to get to indulge in a Breyer’s Ice Cream party (instead of the usual refreshments).

  63. What a nice going away tribute for a thoughtful friend. My husband has talked about planning an outdoor movie on the lawn for our neighbors this summer, so if we won that’s likely what we’d use the Breyer’s package for.

  64. What a fun giveaway! We sell at the local farmers markets and all the vendors are kind of like family. I would love to surprise them one day after the market has closed with a good old fashion Ice Cream Social. i think they would love it and we would have so much fun just gabbing and being silly for a little while!

  65. I would invite all of my neighbors and have an ice cream social. What fun!

  66. My youngest son turns eleven this July, while we are at the coast with our extended family. We just moved to Oregon from Massachusetts and are looking forward to this celebration — and Breyer’s would make it even more fun!

  67. I would host a kung-fu-movie-&-ice-cream night. I’ve been meaning to have people in to watch some, and some good ice cream would be a good excuse!

  68. I would throw a banana split party for all my friends! What fun!!!

  69. We are buying a house next week so I would host a ice cream get together
    at our new house and invite our new neighbors. It would be a great
    opportunity to get to know our new neighbors.

  70. what a fun giveaway. I think I would host an ice cream party for my girls’ friends. THey would love that.

  71. That’s easy, our Ice Cream Party would be for Camp Grandma. At our last one we made homemade ice cream and made the grand kids do all the cranking, they thought it was worth it.

  72. I would use it for an ice cream bar at my daughter’s engagement party and let the kids have a great time making their own sundaes.

  73. I would host a party for my daughters Girl Scout troop. I feel that I wasn’t able to help out that much this year. So many of the moms do so much and I would love to do something to thank all of them. Thanks for a chance to win!!

  74. I would love to win! I would throw just a good ‘ol summer party…seeing that it is summa’ time!

  75. I would host a party for the 100 kids our church has been working with on Reading. We have a one month program to help struggling readers. Teachers come and work half a day making reading fun. I volunteer with the Bible lesson part of the day. Most of these kids are from lower income families and might not get to buy these ice cream goodies as their parents try to put dinner on the table!

  76. I’m thinking an ice cream bar might be a great addition to my son’s high school graduation party this spring. I really can’t believe he’s that old!!! (But, he still loves his ice cream!)

  77. I would have a Girl’s Night Out with all my friends!

  78. I wish I had them for this evening. My daughter is having a deployment party for my-son-in-law this week-end at the lake. He leaves the 6th of July. I guess the next best thing would be have an ice cream party for him when he gets back.

  79. I love ice cream! I would host an ice cream party for all my bible study friends!

  80. I’d have an ice cream party!! Went to one when I was a teen and it was so much fun! We just played games and ate ice cream; lots of it. I’d invite everyone I know.

  81. We would have a new condo housewarming party for our closest friends and children! We move in a week! This would be just the event to have to kick off living in our new abode!

  82. I would love to be able to do this for my daughter’s upcoming birthday!! We would invite all of our family and friends and make it an “ice cream sundae” party!! I think it would be a wonderful birthday party idea!!

  83. My Mom is recovering from a stroke and loves playing board games….I would gather up her grand boys and some games and we would have a gaming ice cream party! Fun, food, and occupational therapy…a win win!

  84. My parents are coming to visit soon, so I would host an ice cream party with them and some of the new friends we’ve made (we recently moved to a new state) so my parents could meet the new people in our lives.

  85. I work at a school, so I would invite teachers and office staff over for a “it’s the end of the year – we made it!” ice cream party!

  86. I would have a lakeside summer birthday bash for my two youngest sons and invite all the kids from both of their classes. (2nd & 4th grade) and their parents. We live on a lake so outdoor parties are extra special around here.


  87. I would host an ice cream party for my girlfriends. If that isn’t who you eat ice cream with, who is? Oh yea, my grandkids!!

  88. I would have a summer ice cream party and everyone would bring there favorite ice cream toppings.

  89. Celebrate my son’s 6th birthday! Or have friends over on a Sunday evening. I grew up eating Breyers. That was THE ice cream my parents bought. Otherwise, it was home made. Yum!

  90. My daughter recently asked if we could have some of her co-workers and their families over for movie night… it would be lots of fun to serve Breyer’s for them!

    Thanks for this opportunity!!

  91. We would borrow a projector, hook it up to the laptop and some speakers, and invite our new neighbors over for an outdoor movie night topped off with a delicious ice cream bar. It’s my turn to host something (I’m always reluctant) and this would be the incentive I need.

  92. Nice and delicious food. It is tasty but it has extra calorie. After take it you can drink a cup of tea with green tea powder.
    Thanks for sharing.

  93. I’d do this for my son’s 3rd birthday party! He’d love having family and friends over for an ice cream party :)


  94. My son’s birthday is coming up, I always look for fun ideas since it’s a summer birthday but too hot to do much outside as we live in Phoenix. I would need lots of chocolate as that’s his favorite! Thanks for the opportunity!

  95. A build-your-own ice cream sundae party.

  96. I’d have a family get-together! Perfect weather for an ice-cream night.

  97. We’re throwing a big shindig for my nephews when they come to town and are inviting all the people who befriended them when they used to live here with us for a year. It would be sticky & messy & perfect to include Breyer’s ice cream! :)

  98. I also pinned on Pinterest.

  99. I love the idea of an old fashioned ice cream social with my friends! Homemade waffle cones and ice creams. The last thing i need is an easy way to squeeze toppings onto my ice cream (or directly into my mouth…) but I think I could deal with it!

  100. I would love to throw an “after work” ice cream party with friends- on a warm, Friday evening – when we’re celebrating the end of a work week with a great beginning to much anticipated weekend! Weekends are great. Weekends with ice cream are even better!

  101. I would have a backyard bbq on our deck my husband is building! It would be great to invite all of our friends and family to hang out for the first time at our new house.

  102. What a fun party! We’d have a cookout and then go crazy with ice cream!

  103. BBQ with a make your own sundae bar.

  104. It would be a build ur own sundae party and I’ll invite my 8 yo’s friends..:)

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