Housewife Bliss Shares a Variety of Guest Book Journal Ideas

I’d like to welcome my special friend and guest to RE today. Coryanne is the author of Housewife Bliss, staff writer for, special contributor to The Daily Meal and has appeared on number of radio and TV shows sharing her passion for domesticity. We are teaming up together for a Memorial Day project later this month, but for now she has some great “guest book” tips for us. I started a guest book 5 years ago, but have I been very good at keeping it up? That’s another story :) For now …

… here’s Coryanne …

The spring holidays are upon us: guests are ringing door bells, hostesses are clicking their heels and before we know it, the merriment will pass and the memories of those festive spring celebrations will fade….unless you have a guest book on hand to collect them.

Call me a traditionalist, but I adore reading guest books and leaving guest comments. However the tradition of having a guest book in your home disappeared with the milkman. The timeless guest book is a catalogue of your guests name, address, date and comment…however there are many ways to update this classic memory journal and reintroduce them as a staple of your home celebrations.

Photographs are timeless, but adding another layer to your memories, one that you enjoy upon reflection or share at your next party brings everyone together and keeps your memories alive longer. Here are a few of my favourite guest books that hold the memories that make our house a home:

The creative journal—Perfect for family parties, invite your guests to draw a picture of the gathering, people attending or choose a theme for them to get creative with. It keeps the younger guests entertained and surprisingly, after a few glasses of wine, the older guests get a burst of creative genius too.

The wine journal—Knowing what your guests think of the bottle you shared will help you in decide your wine menu for your next dinner party, and give you a further chance to understand the complexities of wine tasting.

The conversation journal—This acts as a great ice-breaker and really opens up the conversation when you are entertaining a group of guests who are newly acquainted. Pass the journal around and ask people to capture quotes from the evening.


The Joke Journal

The joke journal—Great for cocktail parties, encourage your guests to note down their favorite joke in the book, everyone will love sharing new entries and reading past ones.

The recipe journal—Great for coffee mornings or casual luncheons with friends, encourage your guests to share their favorite recipe. This is the perfect opportunity to not only collect new recipes but allow your guests to share their culinary favorites.

Do you keep a guest book or journal in your house for guests to sign?

Coryanne lives in Arizona with her husband, 3 small children and rather mischievous miniature schnauzer. And that’s a stylish Hip Hostess apron that she’s wearing – so classy! To learn more about Coryanne’s view of domesticity, visit

17 comments on “Housewife Bliss Shares a Variety of Guest Book Journal Ideas”

  1. What a lovely idea!! My mom used to have a guest book and every once in a while she used to paste some photos of the past events (she used to so it before an upcoming event- such that every one will enjoy both reading their impression and enjoying their photos as well) You reminded me of a great childhood :) Thanks so much!!

  2. I came across my guest book while dusting the other day–I need to get it out and USE it. :) This was a FUN post…great ideas!

  3. We always had one in our home growing up and were given one as a wedding gift…I love the idea! Thank you.

  4. I just adore being on RE today, thank you for allowing me to grace your lovely pages and meet your fabulous readers! Wishing everyone much enjoyment during the summer entertaining season.

    All the best, Coryanne

  5. I inherited my husband’s grandmother’s guest book and since I grew up close by to her, it a neat recorded history….I can recall different guests in the area as I read the entries… It is special to me! My mom would look in her guest book to see when some one last came, then go to her diary on that date and see what she fed them last time, so she wouldn’t repeat the menu. I still use a guest book and it is amazing how it brings back memories as I look back over the years and see all the people we have hosted in our home.

  6. Thanks for helping me remember that I wanted to do this for our summer cottage! But I forgot about it. Such good times are shared there and it would be so nice to have a memory of those guests and our fun weekends. And I sell paper, too so I’m thinking this book will be handmade.

  7. Great post. I’ve never thought of keeping a guest journal in our own home…but I love reading them and writing them when I go elsewhere…usually vacation.

  8. So delighted to see the lovely Mrs. Bliss here! The conversation journal is an incredibly great idea! Will do. Thank you so much.

  9. I do have a guest book… parents always had one, so it certainly wasn’t a stretch or new idea to me. Theirs is pretty much just a strict record of who attended which dinner. My friend Kelly had a rule at her house that if you stayed longer than 30 minutes you had to sign the guest book….every single time you visited her house! I love it!! I don’t always remember to pull mine out when my parents are in for a visit, but enjoying remembrances of every dinner party and girls weekend are so fun!

  10. I love the idea of a guest book. I had a wine journal and a regular guest book but did not keep up with either. BUT, I do have a bowl of wine corks where I write the date and I shared the wine with. It’s simple, quick and I can remember to do it. Love the ideas!

  11. I do have a guest book in our garage apartment where guests stay. It is fun to go back and read what they say years later. I have a joke that I love to tell:

    Where do alligators keep their money?

    First one to answer correctly will get two free books from What to great gifts for the expecting and or for the new grandmother to refresh her mind on toddlers.
    Email me at

    Thanks yall,

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  13. I do have a guest book. It was my grandmother’s, she got it as a wedding gift. I love reading the comments from her past guest. I have to say I am not as persistent ( I should say diligent) about guest signing it as she was. But when I do bring it out and “suggest” people sign it I feel like I’m bringing my grandmother to the evening. Even though she has long sense passed.

    I smile every time I read the entry
    “The fisticuffs in the garden were such a delight”

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