How to Create a Centerpiece Using Lavender

When our friends came for dinner, I didn’t get around to setting the table until 10 minutes before they arrived.

I used my standard gray tablecloth, that has become my all-time favorite now. I quickly set the table, and grabbed the black and white napkins off of the back patio area. And of course my Dollar Store goblets.

I looked around my yard to see what was in bloom. Right before me were 2 gorgeous lavender bushes.

How to Create a Centerpiece Using Lavender

1. Fill a low-line vase with water.

2. Cut lavender at different lengths, around 6-8 inches long.

3. Lay the lavender around the perimeter of the vase.

4. Enjoy the beauty.

The table came together in less than 5 minutes.

By the way, I just love lavender and green together. It reminds me of my bedroom as a little girl where I grew up right outside of Medford, Oregon – green shag carpet and purple walls. I shared my room with my sister – she had the clean side, I had the messy side – but the good thing is we each had our own closet.

The closet at the house we grew up in still has the brown label with my name inside. :)

I know many women say they are “not” creative, but really, you just have to look around at nature and see what you can snip and capture in a vase of water.

Sometimes we don’t have the time to sit and enjoy our backyards and summertime plants, but when we bring them a little closer, like to our dining tables, we can’t help but enjoy the beauty.

I often find myself staring at the centerpiece, as simple as it can be!

When’s the last time you looked around your yard and brought something beautiful to the table?

14 comments on “How to Create a Centerpiece Using Lavender”

  1. Definitely will try this out. Thanks for sharing such awesome lavender centerpiece DIY tutorial.

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  4. I absolutely LOVE this!
    There is no better scent than lavender!

  5. It’s been awhile (C:

  6. Your lavender is just beautiful! Late in the spring I found a great deal on gladiolus bulbs and planted about 50 of them, not really expecting anything to come up this year. To my surprise we have had the most beautiful flowers that I have topped my table with several times lately. Fresh flowers from the yard are my favorite!

  7. Love this!!! Love your name in the closet too.

  8. Oh Sandy! I just love lavender and we have lots of lavender farms in our area. You are so right about bringing nature into the house. I always thought of myself as not creative with crafts, etc. They I just started bringing in things from the outside to decorate my tables and everything started looking nice. It took no more creativity than clipping some branches and putting them in water and vase!

    Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration. Your sight is a delight!



  9. Sandy, it all looks lovely…refreshing! I love fresh cut flowers and enjoy grabbing whatever is blooming to add some color…even if they wither by the end of the day. :)

  10. I agree it doesn’t take a lot to make a pretty table….I think some of my best centerpieces are the ones so simple straight from the garden. Thanks for sharing… love it.

  11. Oh I just love this! I have a lot of lavender in my garden, so Imma gerna give it new life!

  12. I love lavender and this is so pretty and simple. I am sharing this now

  13. Ahh…we have no yard and haven’t since we left NC in 2008…but I’m taking care of that lawn long distance! Your table looks lovely and I love the label!!

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