How to Decorate at Christmas With Rose Hip Branches

What I love about this time of year is bringing nature into the house for decorating, because it’s beautiful and mostly free.

Don’t you love rose hip branches? Pottery Barn sells them, and they are beautiful, but I bet you can find a local biz that will sell the fresh live branches to you. Or, better yet, find a local bush that you could trim some from yourself.

Nothing is better than real (I’m not a big fan of the faux red berry branches).

In our town, Pennington Farms sell the branches from their property, or Terra Firma Home in their store.

Last year I had fun arranging them in our home.

This year I bought double the amount of branches and used them in different ways.

It’s also elegant to decorate a simple table.

How about the window sill?

Little bit of dessert stylin’.

Add to your beverage area if you’re hosting a party.

One simple branch along with a curly willow branch.

Hang glass tea light vases from the branches.

Last night I took a quick picture of my kitchen counter.

I wrote about bringing the great outdoors (and greenery) in last year.

And look what my friend Kristin made and brought to my house. Beautiful. I love handmade gifts!

But this year I’m all about the rose hips.

What kind of natural items do you use for decorating at Christmas?

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11 comments on “How to Decorate at Christmas With Rose Hip Branches”

  1. so pretty – love the simple but stunning table!

  2. So pretty, Sandy. Think I’ll borrow your idea of the vase filled with greenery and rose hips for my beverage area this weekend.

    I always like to have amaryllis blooming at Christmas – if I can time it right. Red, always red of course. This year’s bulb is about a week away from blooming so it should be in it’s full glory for Christmas Day.

    Take care

  3. Beautiful rose hips. I bring pine cones from the Mts to the Bay. We have a LOT of pinecones, LOL! I put them in a basket with a few greens tucked in here and there. Some rose hips tucked in would make a great addition.


  4. Here in the south we have no shortage of pinecones, pines and cypress trees. I love using them as they last quite awhile. I love the rose hips but worry about our pup eating the berries should they fall to the floor.

  5. Oh I LOOOOVE rose hip branches! I want to put them in my hair. But I won’t.

  6. Wonderful- I love using things from the yard- I think 90% of my Christmas decorations this year are from my yard.
    Thanks for sharing- it’s always so lovely here

  7. I have never hear of Rose Hip. I looks very pretty, especially the one with the curly willow branch.

  8. We went for a walk on Sunday and passed by a whole field of beautiful read berried stems….all placed in neat piles…no doubt on their way to the local nurseries. I was thinking of walking by with a few dollars in my pocket today to see if I could purchase right off the field. You have inspired me once again…I’ll be pulling out my runners.

  9. Me too! Every year I find a field in which to pick some. And even in my new town I found a bush along the road side. Unfortunately was wearing the wrong jacket and if someone had a hidden camera they would have had all kinds of fun. My jacket got caught in the prickers and I was literally caught in the rose bushes and almost couldn’t move. I got some nice scratches out of it too. But….I came home with some lovely rose hips…and yes it was worth it. Yours look like the thorns have been removed. That makes things so much easier.

    Love your arrangements. Your photos are always so beautiful!!!

  10. Simple and elegant. And festive! Looks like a winner to me!

    Your photos are so beautiful, Sandy. I think you need to come to North Carolina and visit me. You could take magical photographs while you were here, and I could just sit in your presence and soak up some of your aura. What do you think?

  11. Look at you go girl! I love all of the different ways that you used your branches to decorate. Your house must be full of cheer right now :D

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