How to Host a Valentines Dinner Party and LoveFeast Plush Velvet Pumpkins Giveaway!

Love is in the air! And most of us think about only spending Valentine’s dinners with our significant others. Which for me, is what I love.

But how about also hosting a party the “week of” Valentine’s Day for the friends you love?

Read more, below, but first of all I really want to thank LoveFeast Table for being a part of RE today!

I’ve done this several years in a row, and last year we were invited to our friends’, where we got to meet 2 new couples! It was awesome because I didn’t have to be the hostess, but got to be the guest!

Here are some simple tips for hosting a Valentine’s Dinner Party:

-Get together with your spouse and decide who you want to invite, and remember that just because it’s Valentine’s Day, the list doesn’t have to include couples! Think about your single friends as well.

-Make it as easy on yourself. Invite early so everyone can get the “date” on the calendar. Use for new friends, because you can attach a map to your house. You include party details, add your guest list, click and send. It’s that easy!

-Is it possible to move your table to a new area? In my case, not really (though for summer outdoor entertaining, yes!) Change it up a bit and make it special!

-I used my wedding dishes (standard white) and of course, Dollar Store goblets, and added in red accents. And I also added the adorable HeartGrams (giveaway today, read more, below). Pretty decorating.

-Think of a simple meal you can either make ahead of time like lasagna or even spaghetti (Lady and the Tramp?), or one that only takes a few minutes like my QUICK Angel Hair Shrimp Scampi recipe found in my book (and so easy!) Buy fresh pasta and bread and you’re set!

-Ask your guests to each bring a bottle of wine or beverage of choice, or a light appetizer. You could even ask for a platter of strawberry-dipped chocolates to pass around while you’re rinsing the dishes and preparing for the next course: dessert!

-Store-bought desserts can be tantalizing if fresh and unique. IE, we have a store in Ashland, Oregon called Market of Choice. They have killer desserts that are perfect for last-minute parties, to just bring home, and serve on your own beautiful glass pedestal or serving platter.

-Conversation will just roll … it always does. Remember this dinner party is not designed for Valentine’s Day (you should be out with your sweetie!), but for the “week of.” Spread love, through encouraging words, and make your guests feel special!

Mix it up, both couples and singles, and just enjoy a great night together, with all the hearts, red and white touches, and a “love is in the air” attitude.

One set of LoveFeast’s heart shaped velvet pumpkins (The HeartGram set comes with a 5in. Crimson and a 4in. Rose velvet, plush heart pumpkin. Each package contains apersonalize-able vintage inspired postcard and is tied with a satin ribbon. They are an excellent idea for an anniversary or any time you want to send a bit of love. You can read more about them, HERE.

Answer this question in a comment on this post.

If you were hosting a Valentine’s Dinner Party for 6 or 7, what would you serve?

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68 comments on “How to Host a Valentines Dinner Party and LoveFeast Plush Velvet Pumpkins Giveaway!”

  1. The Valentine’s week dinner is such a great idea! I’ll have to put it on the calendar for next year …

    If $ were no issue I’d serve individual filet Wellingtons with asparagus. I love the chocolate dipped strawberries, but for a light dessert after such a substantial dinner. Not sure about appetizers, I’d have to think on that one!

    I also love the angel hair shrimp scampi idea, it feels indulgent! Maybe with a meyer lemon creme brulee for dessert.

  2. I would serve a beetroot soup with homemade bread for the starter since the color would be perfect for Valentine’s Day! The main course would probably be filet mignon cooked medium rare with a side of smashed red skin potatoes and heirloom carrots. Dessert would have to be something pink, of course, so I think I’d choose a beautiful red berry pavlova with pink meringue! Gosh I’ve made myself hungry!

  3. I would probably make a zucchini and eggplant parm with salad. Easy and yummy :) I would ask the guests to bring dessert. Drinks would be simple juice, soda, coffee or tea. Have a wonderful day! Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. I would serve pistachio crusted chicken strips, steamed broccoli, roasted red potatoes, and mini cherry cheesecakes for dessert!

  5. Individual chicken pot pies and chocolate lava cakes!

  6. Steak and potatoes. Chocolate covered strawberries and wine.

  7. I would probably serve a beet soup for the red colour, a steak with some yummy roasted potatoes and asparagus and chocolate mousse or souffles for dessert. Has to be chocolate on Valentines.

    Wishing I was in the US to win one of those cute pillows. Oh well.

  8. I might try a pork tenderloin that we recently enjoyed at a New Year’s Party. It was so delicious! Of course, there would have to be some kind of chocolate dessert. =)

  9. Oh Sandy! The Valentine’s Day Dinner is such a good idea. I would have never thought of doing something like this but it sounds like so much fun!

    Hmmm…what would I serve…well, your shrimp pasta dish sounds luscious! I might also try a whole salmon fillet surrounded by large prawns – very “heart” healthy! :-) Then I could also add asparagus and may little fingerling potatoes. I think that would make a lovely platter.

    And your idea about bringing store bought desserts is perfect. They are so beautifully prepared this time of year.

    You have really got me thinking – I am going to check with my husband and see if he would be up for this. It is such a nice idea – – – since many married couples can fall into the routine of kids, work, activities, etc. and not make time to celebrate this special day…and inviting some single friends (who might not otherwise have plans) is perfect. And I have someone in particular in mind as I type this. Who knows…I might even play a little bit at being a matchmaker :-) I’ve done this before with success…I have a little bit of a yenta in me! LOL!!!

    Have a great day.

    Much Love,

  10. I would have some appetizers of which they would be spinach balls and some cheese and crackers. Then the main course would be a pasta carbonara and some garlic bread or rolls with a tiramisu for dessert.

  11. I would serve warm stew…we enjoy a ham, carrot, potato stew, with fresh, hot, crusty rolls from the oven-pink strawberry lemonade, a lovely fresh salad and strawberry shortcakes in a jelly jar…yum…I think that’s a plan!! :) Thank you, :)

  12. I would serve beef tenderloin with a beautiful chocolate cake.

  13. Oh my what would I serve: Veal piccata; asparagus with lemon buttered toasted breadcrumbs, angel hair pasta and a lovely toffee creme brulee. Thank you for hosting this gracious giveaway! Love love love these sweet velvet concoctions.. They would make lovely take home gifts for the dinner guests.. xo marlis

  14. I would serve ham and cheese dip as an appetizer, lasagna as the main course, and maybe a cherry cheesecake for dessert. Sparkling strawberry lemonade would be my beverage of choice. :)

  15. These are beautiful!! We have hosted a Valentine’s week dinner in the past – I served lasagna and on the top was a heart shaped made with the sauce. Perfect for families with kids. This year I’m making heart shaped pizza and of course a wonderful chocolate dessert.

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  21. If I were having 6 or 7 people over for dinner I would serve either marinated flank steak or stuffed chicken breasts. I serve pilaf and salad with the steak, and I can’t remember what I have served with the chicken.

  22. I “like” you on FB. (I hope that is the same as following you.

  23. I like Love Feast on FB and am hoping that is the same as following.

  24. Oh, goodness, that’s a tough one. Maybe beef bourguignon with spinach and homemade dinner rolls – and making sure everyone saves room for red velvet cheesecake for dessert.

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  26. Also, I follow SandyCoughlinRE on Twitter (@allthingsjane)

  27. And I like RE on Facebook.

  28. I’d serve chicken wrapped in bacon with rice. But the shrimp scampi sounds great too!

  29. I would serve fettucinie alfredo with a lovely, crisp salad and homeade dressing and some fresh bread. Something chocolate for dessert, maybe homemade pudding or a chocolate cake.

  30. I would make rocket salad with pomegrenates sprinkled on top, red lentil soup, a veggie pie and serve olives, cheese and red wine. Nothing but tiramisu for dessert :)

  31. My Valentine’s menu would be my go-to recipes for Mediterranean Grilled Grouper, Greek Rice Pilaf,
    Marinated Asparagus, a salad of some sort and rolls! Yummy-yum-yum. Oh, and cupcakes. Can’t forget the cupcakes.

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  33. I follow RE on FB. Wow a dinner party for only 6 or 7 now that would be oh so nice, usually we have 15 to 20! For that intimate of a group, we would start off with a glass of wine and a cheese ball and crackers to get the evening started. We would then move to the table where we would start with a shrimp cocktail. Then a spinach, asparagus and tomato salad drizzled with a yummy balsamic dressing. This would be followed by fresh baked bread and dipping sauces. With the main course being a choice of Lasgane, or Manicotti, or both!!! We would end the evening with a crem brulee, because we just bought the little torch to cook the sugar on top!!! lol. After dinner we woud offer a nice port, or late harvest white.

  34. I would serve 5-cheese lasagna, salad, and bread. For dessert I would make a new recipe I found on pinterest called Chocaholic Cake…….it is delicious!

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  36. I would serve lasagne, garlic bread, salad, wine, and some fabulous desserts — several in fact. It’s all about the desserts.

  37. I have an awesome slow cooker beef roast that is always juicy. It’s cold here this week, so I’m thinking comfort food. And a nice fresh rosemary bread (from the grocery), asparagus (why not, it’s a fictional menu and I don’t have to save $), a salad with candied pecans and goat cheese. For desert I might get an assortment of cheese cake slices…or do a trifle. I’d like to do a cake, but I don’t have a pretty one.
    Now you’ve got me thinking about all of my pretty dishes and what I could serve to use them! :)

  38. I would serve a delicious Seafood Casserole, nice spinach salad with fresh fruit and a good french bread. Would love to have the “plush hearts” to complete the table setting. Thanks for the opportunity.

  39. Something simple like Steaks, twice baked potatoes and roasted brusell sprouts!

  40. Roasted beet and pear salad (my favorite) for starters, salmon, risotto and grilled asparagus for dinner, and tiramisu (husband’s favorite) for dessert!

  41. Following you on FB! Thanks bunches!

  42. What would I serve- Hummm….. probably- smoked salmon {my hd got a new smoker from costo}
    some kind of dark rice- salad and cherry no bake cheese cake.

    Thanks for your tips-
    Happy Day

  43. If money were no object, I would start with a light salad with mandarin oranges and a vinaigrette. A shrimp bisque soup followed by an entree of steamed lobster tail with drawn butter , steamed broccoli and baked potato. Dessert would be rich chocolate mouse served in a delicate glass with a whip cream topping and chocolate dipped strawberries on the side. Champagne with raspberry chambord.

  44. I am hosting our gourmet dinner club on Valentine’s Day and serving Beef Tenderloin Roast, Vegetable Tian and Black Bottom Pie. No calories of course!!

  45. Hmm, if I were having 6-7 people over added to my 6 family members that would be 12 people, so I would make a chili or soup.

  46. CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  49. I think the idea of spaghetti is a great one! I just might do that!

  50. I would serve Steak au Poivre, a salad with baby greens, some crusty French bread, and chocolate molten lava cake for dessert..

  51. I would serve my easy lasagna that I make with cheese ravioli noodles, meat sauce and mozzarella. Add some Italian bread and salad, and serve some of my delicious home-made chocolates, in heart shapes, of course, for dessert.

  52. I think I’d serve “drunken pasta”… pasta cooked in red wine so that it takes on a burgundy hue. If served on white dishes… how pretty!!

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  54. Spaghetti, salad and garlic bread!

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  57. If I were hosting a Valentine’s Dinner Party for 6 or 7, I would serve a tender, herbed infused brisket cooked to perfection in a crock pot, corn casserole that takes comfort to a whole new level, and a beautiful spinach salad with ripe, blood-red, sliced strawberries, and walnuts topped with a poppy seed vinaigrette dressing. Bite- sized cheesecakes crowned with a chocolate heart and drizzled raspberry sauce served on mini plates would embellish the place setting for an after dinner sweet, as anything heavier would be pure gluttony! Iced mint tea for dinner and a nice Italian dessert wine to accompany dessert would be in order. This is the most excellent way I can show love at dinner to friends and family!

  58. Your table looks gorgeous! And those Velvet Hearts are just adorable :D I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day.xoxo

  59. I would serve spinach manicotti. Something about lots of cheese and warm red sauce just oozes love!!

  60. I follow you on Facebook! So glad I do

  61. I am now following LoveFeast on FB

  62. My husband enjoys grilling carne asada for parties, that’s probably what we would serve. Love it!

  63. We are having a dinner party! 6 of us are meeting in our home this Sunday. The men are grilling steaks, simple sides of potatoes and yummy veggies. Desert will be mocha cheesecake (I hope!). Looking forward to it!

  64. Hmmm….that could be a tough one…I make a mean 4 cheese fettucini so I might make that with grilled chicken and veggies to go on top of it, garlic bread and something yummy for dessert.

  65. I might try a pork tenderloin that we recently enjoyed at a New Year’s Party. It was so delicious! Of course, there would have to be some kind of chocolate dessert. =)

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